Sunday, October 31st, 2010
Issue: 53   Editor: oSean

Editors note oSean

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you're enjoying your time tricking, treating and everything in between. Why not take a break to catch up on all the gossip of the last week? We have everything for you this week, from shootings, to columns to a competition. And, of course, we have our weekly articles. Also, this week marks one year since the last reset so we've brought back A Year Back, which was written by Nyxxie for this article only.

So, let's delve into what the Buzz has to offer you on this particularly frightful afternoon. Well, JDMs Bitches were shot off the stats by one shooter and Lachy has got all the info for you. Two other crews, Pineapple Express and Death Road Ministry, also met their match. Lachy's got all the juicy facts for you on those shootings, too. Lachy has ALSO been kind enough to run his own 'Find-a-word' competition for you lovely Buzz readers. Go and read all about it!

Marlon's got a particularly controversial article about a topic that was on the forum a few weeks back. Players were speculating over whether they think they'll still be here in a year's time. What do you think? Go comment and debate, etcetera!

We've got a lot of weeklies for you, too! The Buzz Comics make a return, courtesy of Noir. Behind the Name finds two new victims (one of which is myself!). We're looking to improve Behind the Name in anyway you see fit so please don't hesitate to message either myself or xShane with ideas for improvements. The Obituaries and Game Statistics are here, as usual, thanks to Lew and I've provided your weekly dose of news flashes.

You may have also seen our topic on the forum earlier this week entitled 'The Buzz Suggestion Box'. We're looking for any ideas that YOU the reader have for us. This is your paper, after all. We are collecting the information you're giving us and hopefully you can see that implemented into the Buzz very soon.

So until next week, that's it from us. Enjoy the read and don't rot your teeth eating too much candy!

JDMs Bitches Taken Down! TheLachy

This week we saw JDMs Bitches taken off the statistics by one lonely shooter, which opened up a spot for another crew to jump in and gain access to the statistic world.

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Find-a-Word Halloweeney! TheLachy

Partake in this week's Halloween-themed contest and you can win yourself some amazing prizes provided by The Buzz bank and Nyxxie!

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COLUMN: Will you be here? xShane

“Why is it that so many people don’t think they will be playing Bootleggers this time next year?” I thought I would take the time to talk about this and give my opinion on why people are not staying. Come on in and have a read/think.

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WEEKLY: Obituaries xLew

RIP to all fallen accounts.

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WEEKLY: The Weekly Flash oSean

All the smaller news of the week!

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A Year Back Nyxxie

The status of the game this time, last year.

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Attacks Increasing?! TheLachy

During the early days of this week we saw a few crews get shot and/or taken completely from the statistics page! Pineapple Express and Death Road Ministry were blasted with the bullets!

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MOOD oSean

WEEKLY: Behind The Name xShane

This week, The Buzz is featuring two victims of our notorious "Behind the Name." Are you, or your friends, one of them?

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WEEKLY: Bootleggers Game Statistics xLew

Welcome to the Bootleggers Game Statistics article. This article basically contains data of the past week. Feel free to contact Sean if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for improvement.

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WEEKLY: The Buzz Team oSean

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Buzz Comic Noir

Click "Read More" to submit comments and rate!

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