Sunday, February 7th, 2010
Issue: 14   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie


We hope you had a fun filled week and are refreshed and ready to read your Sunday news! This week, we witnessed the crew takeover of "A Call of Death." The reasons surrounding this takeover and people behind it were rather cloudy to us, even to this day, due to the fact that the Buzz couldn't get in contact with everyone. But do not fret, this only leaves great opportunity for those who DO know what happened to write a freelance article regarding the takeover and have it featured in next week's Buzz issue! However, as far as crew takeovers, "A Call of Death" was the only "death" that was "called" for. Har Har, get my pun?

A lot of talk in the Game Forum this week swirled around whether or not there should be 30 crews, or less. The opinions were pretty one sided as most favor a smaller group of crews, and we were pretty intrigued with your opinions regarding this. Can the voice of the players change the way of this game? If you feel strongly one way or another, please feel free to make a Help Desk ticket suggesting this new setup, or even write a freelance "Dear BSF" article. Can the voice of the players be the guiding light of this game? Try it out!

As always, we have our Weekly Flash for those of you who are not interested in dedicating some time to reading an entire issue. We also have our beloved Behind the Name, Buzz Comic edited by Nyxxie and The Bootleggers Game Statistics for anyone interested in comparing and contrasting information from one week to the next.

We also have our winners to last week's rather popular contest and hope everyone had a blast doing it. Yes, parts were hard, but it's always good to get your noggin' joggin'! All winners please contact Nyxxie ONLY when both you and Nyxxie are both online. If your name is listed and you are now dead, please contact her with your new name and verification will take place. Unclaimed prizes in a week will be put back into the Buzz bank for future contests.

If you would like to become a Bootleggers Buzz writer then feel free to submit an application article on a recent game event via the 'Application' option on the bottom of this page. Bear in mind choice of subject, grammar and punctuation. We will try to review and reply all applications, both former and future, in a timely manner.

Feel like writing an article of your own, but not willing to actually join the team? Submit a freelance article! You can write about whatever is on your mind, as long as it is game related. A great way to voice your opinion or to start a debate. To submit a freelance article, simply go to the bottom of this page and select 'Freelance article' in the drop menu.

Please rate and comment on the articles you read so our writers are provided feedback they can use in the future. We love when you take part in conversations within article threads and we are interested in what you have to say. If you rate an article, please also include a comment as to why you believe the article deserved that rating so we can fix any problems for future issues.

Enjoy the read and see ya next week! We hope it is more eventful than this week!
Nyxxie, Mika and the Buzz Team

A Call of Death JokeMD

This week Call of Death was wiped. The Buzz had some difficulty with regards to getting in contact with every party believed to be involved and the truth is a little cloudy.

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Crew of the Week! Seannypoo

This week, Crew of the Week focuses on Southern Cross Soldiers.

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The Weekly Flash JokeMD

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasnÂ’t covered in one of the other articles.

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Behind the Name XVI

A new week and three new victims!

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Wanted: Buzz Writers Mika

Do you like writing and feel like giving the Buzz a try? Write about a recent Bootleggers subject and make sure to mind your grammar, punctuation and overall article. We will try to get back at you as soon as we can!

Behind The Crew Name iCypha

Ever wondered what's behind a name, more specifically, behind a Crew name? We ask two crews a week how they came up with their current name, what they stand for and why they run the crew spot.

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Buzz Contest Winners Nyxxie

The winners of last week's crosssword puzzle!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics JokeMD

This article basically contains data of the past week that can be used for future references.

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The Buzz Team Mika

Our team, here at the Buzz.

Read the entire article... Altrozero

Visit the site at

Buzz Comic Nyxxie

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Freelance Articles Mika

The Kill Feature REVIEWED AeriusX

The "new" killing feature has been here for a while. It was introduced a few months into round 5. But what is exactly good or bad about this new version of the kill feature?

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Crew Boss Routine Rebuttal. sloppy

"A crew boss is the lowest member of the crew. he's the first to die, the first to have to re-rank, and if he's a good crew boss, thinks of himself last." ~ sloppy

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