Sunday, January 16th, 2011
Issue: 64   Editor: ApocalypticAldarion

Editors note ApocalypticAldarion

Hello and welcome to issue number 64 of the Bootleggers Buzz! We once again can present you a nice issue with several articles covering the latest events in the game as well as a nice contest to give you guys an opportunity to win some money.

So, what do we have this week? We have an article from Vanish covering the all aspects of the recent spree that took out Legion. Furthermore we have a very interesting interview with Sky, who got recently promoted to Help Desk Operator. He shares his views on the current state of the game, his position, and about being shot all the time. Then we have two great articles from Poison, one covering the unique event of one person holding forty casinos. The other article is a column about whether bans should be openly discussed or not. It seems to be a very hot issue these days, so check it out and don't forget to post your own views!

Last, but definitely not least, we also have a contest where we'll give away $5,000,000 to three people who manage to solve the puzzle. Also, there is an additional $10,000,000 available for the first person to answer all questions correctly! It isn't really very easy, I should say, but the prizes should make it a bit more interesting. Now, of course, we may have made it too hard, in the end. If no-one sends in a correct answer, the prizes will be doubled and the contest will continue in issue 65. Best of luck!

That'll be it for this week. Remember that we are always looking for new writers to help us publish these issues! You can apply using the official form at the bottom of the Bootleggers Buzz, where you can send in your application article.

Enjoy the read!

Interview with Sky! ApocalypticAldarion

This week, we had an interview with Sky, who recently got promoted to HDO. More importantly, however, he also replaced David as the most killed HDO.

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Decisive attempt on Legion vanish

This week, Legion, who had barely recovered from their previous attack, were the victims again of a reckless shooting.

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COLUMN: Bans are not to be discussed SomethingWittyPoison

With the recent bans of players shooting crews such as Legion, and the banning of ex-HDO CrissAngel, the old rule has come up again. But why can’t bans be discussed?

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The Buzz Team AnotherAldarion

Our team here at the Buzz!

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The Weekly Flash ApocalypticAldarion

This article contains the highlights of the previous week...

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FourSeasons- Casino Royale SomethingWittyPoison

This week we saw FourSeasons purchase and hold more than forty casinos! We got in touch with him to find out more details, perhaps ten for each season...

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Buzz Contest! ApocalypticAldarion

Your chance to win a nice amount of money as we are giving away $25,000,000 in this week's Buzz contest!

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COLUMN: No Users Online List at all? ApocalypticAldarion

The past few days a discussion raised on the Game Forum, where several people made suggestions to stop the current bots from gathering data from people’s profiles.

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A Year Back SomethingWittyPoison

The status of the game this time, exactly one year ago

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Lewie

Statistics of the past week on Bootleggers

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Behind the Name SomethingWittyPoison

After the abhorrent response last week’s colour got, we’ve tried a new one!

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Freelance Articles AnotherAldarion

people Do it xDavis

A freelance article from xDavis

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A suggestion towards balance Shi

A freelance article written by Shi about the current balance in the game.

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