Sunday, August 22nd, 2010
Issue: 42   Editor: SeanFailKnox

Editors note SeanFailKnox

Welcome to issue 42 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Woo! My first ever publication! I feel so special! All these brand new shiny buttons to press make me feel so powerful. I have control over Bootleggers' only form of 'Media'. Muhahaha.

Now my power trip is over, I should probably let you know what to expect in this edition of the Buzz! Well, Smoke and Mirrors back with another one of their games, this time involving some very special vests. Virtual Reality also showed their faces this week when they attacked two crews; Forbidden Angels and Peewee's Playhouse. Still crew-related, Refu turned to the players to get some suggestions in for just how the Crew feature can be improved. It's a topic of considerable debate and we've got an article featuring the outcome of the discussion below. While us Buzz writers turn to the players for help on a regular basis, it's not often that the government enlists the help of us regular folk to catch a criminal. I guess this was as extreme case, though, as Nyxxie's competition to kill a man who had wiped out his crew and whole family. The bounty? $15,000,000 dollars and 250 points. Check out the full details in Marlon's article. Finally, Ndrangheta were wiped this week. Not only do we struggle spell the name of that crew, we also struggled to get information on what happened. It was covered, but we apologise for the lack of information we were able to collect.

As well as that, we have our whole host of weekly articles to keep you all entertained. KittehX is back with their weekly ramblings, this time the abbreviations used over Bootleggers get misinterpreted. We also have re-launched Crew of the Week and Immortal Ghosts are the first crew forced into the limelight, courtesy of Refu. Poison has also reintroduced the Profile Reviews with a slightly different format and we also catch up on what The Syndicate have done with themselves since retiring; karaoke. Ten interesting facts about Bootleggers are revealed by Altro just like last week so be sure to give that a read and become educated by our very own myth buster. As well as Altro's comic wishing me good luck on my first publication (or not), we have our Behind the Name and my finally segment of Staff Member of the Week for the time being.

We have one freelance article thanks to GPNRG. This player uses the Buzz as a medium to let us discuss their feature idea. Make sure you comment on it and let them know what you think of their idea. Do you have an idea you want to share with the game? Maybe an issue you need to get off your chest? Why not send in a freelance article of your own in for next week?

As always, we encourage you to leave feedback on all the articles so we can improve as a team. Thanks for reading!

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Shiny red Buttons and S&M MarlonB

Love them or loath them, Smoke and Mirrors are back with a new game and this time they have vests, smoke and big red shiny buttons.

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Ndrangheta Are Wiped And They Teach us All a Lesson.. PoisonBullet

Well at least we know the personal bullet factory isn’t being wasted, on Thursday SixToes showed us all the benefits of sitting at the top of the states page when he wiped Ndrangheta!

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COLUMN: Delicious Thoughts KittehX

Everybody who plays Bootleggers will come across abbreviations; BL, OC, RL, BM and LGF to name but a few. I'm ashamed that I actually know what all of these abbreviations mean.

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Crew of the Week: Immortal Ghosts Refu

Refu brings back the popular Crew of the Week article and begins by focussing on Immortal Ghosts.

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Did you know? Pt.2 Altro

10 things you may not have known about Bootleggers.

Read the entire article... Altro

Visit the site at

Staff Member of the Week! SeanFailKnox

BettyB was the choice for the final part of the first series of 'Staff Member of the Week'.

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Don’t Forget us Altro

Virtual Reality reminds us they are still very much active, with an attack on Forbidden Angels and Peewee’s Playhouse.

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Public Opinion: Crew Updates? Refu

Refu turns to the players for ideas on how the Crew feature could be improved.

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Your Country Needs You! PoisonBullet

If there’s a killer on the loose, in your neighbourhood, who the government gonna call? The Mobsters!?

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Profile Reviews PoisonBullet

Hurrah! It's what you've all been waiting for, but Profile Reviews are back! With some innocent victims and our judgemental eye, how will they fare?

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Bootleggers Buzz Kareoke PoisonBullet

More than two weeks have passed since The Syndicate disbanded and quit Bootleggers, what are they doing with themselves I hear you ask. Than answer is simple; karaoke.

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Comic Altro

Please feel free to rate and comment inside!

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The Buzz Team HowlingMadMika

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Behind the Name! Refu

A new week and three brand new victims!

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Freelance Articles HowlingMadMika

Re-doing Bootlegger; Rank, Money and Death GPNRG

For now the last article in the ‘Re-doing Bootleggers’ series. I actually wrote most of this article a few months ago when I was still alive on Midway, just never submitted it back then. Today I’m going to suggest a feature.

Read the entire article...

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