Sunday, March 7th, 2010
Issue: 18   Editor: Mika

Editors note Mika

Welcome to Bootleggers Buzz Issue number 18!

Another Sunday, another Buzz, business like usual here on Bootleggers. It is doubtful anyone missed it, but just in case, the main event of the week was of course the shooting organized by Eternal Labyrinth, supposedly over what had happened last round. By adopting a style used by multiple underground crews, Eternal Labyrinth attacked and wiped Virtual Reality and Strictly Business. Whereas it initially seemed as if The Invisibles would survive the attacks and even retaliated, this crew eventually bit the dust as well.

Furthermore, this week meant the one year anniversary of Riserva and Nyxxie as Elite Guard Moderators. The Buzz caught up with the first to reflect on his past year. In addition, VooDooDoll was also interviewed for 'Lifting the Veil', an article we hope to introduce as a weekly segment. The Senior Moderator was asked to share her thoughts on several questions from one of our writers. Yet, that is not all for as far as interviews go, the Buzz has also zoomed in on one of the bars that can be found on the Off Topic Forum and caught up with its creators.

Apart from all our usual weekly segments, 'Behind the Name', which actually features three players this time, no worries, 'Buzz Sound Off', 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' and of course 'The Weekly Flash' we are also featuring a column which takes a look at the name this round was given when the game was reset; Bootleggers Round 6: The Original. Last but certainly not least we also have a freelance article in store for you, written by Drokken who, in an attempt to combat unfair OC percents, decided to do some math and share the results with you.

As always, anyone who is considering to join the Buzz Team is asked to submit an application article on the bottom of this page, make sure your article is about a Bootleggers related subject and bear in mind grammar, punctuation and overall style. If you do not feel like applying but would like to share your views with the Bootleggers public then do what Drokken did and submit a freelance article. They can be about anything you like as long as it is game related and are a great way of starting a discussion or to simply share your thoughts. We look forward to reading from you!

Before I conclude these notes, please feel free to rate articles and to provide feedback to our writers so they can continue to improve and maybe adjust their articles to the likes of the reader. Article comments are there for a reason, so do not hesitate to discuss or give a general comment.

That would be all. Enjoy the read, take care, and stay safe.

The Grudge Seannypoo

Earlier this week Eternal Labyrinth shot at Virtual Reality, Strictly Business and The Invisibles wiping all three of them off the statistics.

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COLUMN: Bootleggers: Back to the Original? Mika

Prior to the reset, a thread by BSF2000 provided everyone with more information regarding the event. For the first time in Bootleggers history, carry a name: Bootleggers Round Six: The Original. However, has the game really gone back to the old days?

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Lifting the Veil feat. VooDooDoll. Neverender

VooDooDoll is the first Elite Guard member who has been interviewed for this new weekly segment in which Elite Guard players can give their opinion on matters presented to them by the writer.

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The Weekly Flash JokeTheEMT

The week in a nutshell!

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Behind the Name Mika

A new week and three new victims!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics JokeTheEMT

The statistics of this week, gathered in one article.

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The Buzz Team Mika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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A Year in Green Mika

About a year ago, Riserva was invited into an MSN conversation with 5litre and Sabin in which the latter told him, “Your yellow color will no longer be needed.” Riserva switched his yellow coat for a green one and this week, he has been a member of the Elite Guard for a year.

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Bootleggers Off Topic Forum: Bars Neverender

The Buzz takes a look into one of the bars that can be found on the Off Topic Forum: OMG!!! Like OMG!, created by GamePro and BloodSexandCandy.

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Buzz Sound Off! Nyxxie

Take a look at what the players think about this week's controversial topic!

Read the entire article... Altrozero

Visit the site at
OC Builder available at

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Buzz Comic Nyxxie

Feel free to rate and comment inside!

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Freelance Articles Mika

Organised Crime Percentages Drokken

Organized Crime percents can be divided in a fair way, Drokken shows you how to as he thinks some of the current day leaders are "being way to greedy." Make sure to check it out!

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