Sunday, September 26th, 2010
Issue: 48   Editor: SeanGoesToUni

Editors note SeanGoesToUni

Welcome to the 48th issue of the Bootleggers Buzz! Yes, that's right, you haven't missed a week, this is the 48th issue. The 47th was published earlier in the week by myself when I lived up to my name in this 'Year of Fail' and accidentally hit the 'Publish Issue!' button.

But no fear because this issue has been worth the wait! We have a fun-packed newspaper for you with a lot of different articles. Firstly, the highlights. Rod was removed as a Moderator earlier this week but no one noticed for over 12 hours. Altro covers that. Immortal Ghosts and Enigmatic Fury knocked heads and some pops did indeed get capped. You can also read about that further below. As we've come to expect, Smoke and Mirrors popped up on the Game Forum with another game, only this one had a twist. No one was killed, players were simply rewarded for a bust competition! Yet again, they have livened things up for the Bootleggers community.

Following on the Bust Parties theme, new writer TheLachy takes a look at how they seem to have recently come back into fashion. If you're a regular participant in the competitions or just curious as to what they're all about, make sure you give it a read. Always a hot topic, Nyxxie's past is exposed as Marlon details her journey from humble beginnings to her current Moderator status. Has player opinion changed? Give the article a click and find out. Another hot topic this week was mybl, a bot that has been in production for several years. Outrage was caused this week when Brad was, yet again, refused the rights to use it on Bootleggers. Altro lets us know what happened as well as letting us know how a new bot on Bootleggers might effect the game.

Noir continues his trend of letting the entire community know just what he thinks with TWO columns this week. In the first, he takes a look at the game for what it is; a game. Do we expect too much of a browser based internet game which we play for FREE? Discuss it in the article below. He also talks about the current issue of inactive moderators. Who deserves their spot in the 'Elite' Guard? Be sure to read what he has to say.

As always, our weeklies are here. Behind the Name, covered by Refu, the Obituaries, thanks to Lew. I've brought Bootleggers Game Statistics and The Weekly Flash back this week, too, for your reading pleasure.

I hope you enjoy the issue. On behalf of the entire team, thank you for reading.


Farewell Rod oAltro

Rod left the Elite Guard this week, has this been on the books for a while? Or was this a spur of the moment choice?

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S&M – A Game Without Bloodshed xLew

Smoke and Mirrors, once a statistics crew, now spend their days in a quiet retirement home, are planning games and still managing to cause chaos within the Bootleggers community.

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BOTS oAltro

This week a Bootleggers age old debate started up about the use of Bots in the game. Could this become a battle of the scripts?

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Bust Parties on The Comeback!? TheLachy

Bust parties seem to be on the rise these past few weeks. A wide selective audience take part in these bust parties. We recently caught up with RebornKami about this issue.

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COLUMN: Just Another Column. Noir

Noir takes a look at the current staff and whether or not he believes they should still be there.

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WEEKLY: Obituaries xLew

Rest in Peace to all the virtual lives that were lost this week.

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WEEKLY: Bootleggers Game Statistics SeanGoesToUni

Welcome to the Bootleggers Game Statistics article. This article basically contains data of the past week.

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IG v EF MarlonB

Finally! We got some action on Bootleggers. This week two crews went at it and one emerged the victor. Who was it? Read on to find out.

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Nyxxie: The Players opinion. MarlonB

Love Nyxxie or hate Nyxxie, this article is about her last few years on Bootleggers. We at the Buzz got you, the players of Bootleggers, opinion and we also got the opinion of the moderator herself, Nyxxie. So we invite you to come on in and read the article.

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COLUMN: Just a Column. Noir

Noir talks about Bootleggers as a game and what we expect from it.

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WEEKLY: Behind the Name! Refu

Refu finds himself some new victims and interrogates them on their reasons behind their current usernames.

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WEEKLY: The Weekly Flash SeanGoesToUni

A short summary of all the events of note that happened this week.

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WEEKLY: The Buzz Team SeanGoesToUni

Our team here at the Buzz!

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