Sunday, November 15th, 2009
Issue: 2   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

WELCOME to issue number 2 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

We hope you enjoyed the third week of Bootleggers round 6. A lot happened this week and between the new crews, first respectable bosses and players capturing more than 5 casinos at once, we just don't know where to start! Although we STILL lack crew takeovers, Nation and State Don killings and promotions, we are happy to report on smaller rank promotions, new crews and much more.

So what is there to look forward to as far as the Buzz is concerned? We have more weekly articles in the works and with the holidays rolling around, we'll have special treats for all of you to take part in to show your friends, lovers and even enemies just how much you care about (killing) them.

But what about this week? This week, we have our weekly articles such as "Weekly Flash" and "Bootleggers Statistics" for all you players who don't like devoting the time it takes to read an entire article, but want the information all the same. We also have our newest weekly article brought to you buy our two talented writers Frick and Sean. They bring forth to you a more detailed version of our beloved "Behind the Name" in a more indepth twist called "Player of the Week!"

Currently, the Buzz has a staff of twelve. We are always looking for more! If you think you have what it takes to be a writer of the Bootleggers Buzz and believe you can devote your time to serve the game in a way like no other, feel free to submit an application by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose "Application." There, you will be prompted to write an article as yo would as an official Buzz writer about a recent Bootleggers event. Remember to mind your punctuation, grammar, form and spelling. Writing quality is very important to us and we will only allow the best of this game into our coveted forum. We want you, yes you! So type away and start sending those articles in!

If you don't want to devote week after week to the Buzz, there is another option for you. Anyone and everyone in this game can forward a FREELANCE ARTICLE to the Buzz. You do not have to be a writer of the Buzz to do so. Simply submit the already written article by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose "Freelance Article." We will add anything (within reason and editor discretion) to the Buzz. This includes, but not limited to, your own opinions about a certain event, promotion of Staff, action of Staff or new feature. We will not edit you. If you can bring forth your opinion in a mature manner, you will be assured to see your article in the upcoming issue prior to submitting.

Now, onwards to the articles. I hope you enjoy this second issue and find it to be above average to our usual. Remember to rate and comment on every article you read.

Thanks and happy gaming!

Race to Domination Frick

With the new maximum of thirty crewspots, the fight for an old crew to receive a spot isn't as vigorous as last round. Will you win the race to domination?

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Staff Intervention Policy ShadowDragon

The Buzz will attempt to iron out all of the interpretations of the new policy on Staff Intervention so that players will be able to understand what this policy means to them.

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Welcome Back, Points! TheSilentKiller

The Points page is up but not running. When will this coveted feature be back for some to wreak havoc upon is at the discretion of BSF2000, but we sure hope it's soon!

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Every Day, Black Tuesday. Aldarion

Crashing stocks, a major cause of people losing their money. The Stock Market was a well known way of earning some money, but nowadays the risk of losing your investments seems to be pretty high. The question is: is it worth the gamble?

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New Crew: The Myrmidons IShallPersevere

We welcome "The Myrmidons" to the Statistics page. The name, Myrmidon, is Greek and means "a loyal follower, especially one who executes orders without question, protest, or pity, unquestioning followers."

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

The game statistics for this week. You will be able to compare this information with other weeks gathered. This will be a great tool when the reset is well on it's way!

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We Want Freelance Articles! Nyxxie

We want your articles, your opinions and your thoughts!

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Lower OC Payouts Sean

Bootleggers banks hit by recession? Is the lower OC payouts helpful or a hindrance? You're not the only one affected, this week the Buzz did a bit of research into the lower Organized Crime payouts!

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Busting; Is it driving you up the wall? lordwell

Many people seem to have differing views on busting. Do YOU think it's got harder and why? The Buzz takes a look at the seemed-to-be revamped feature!

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Eternal Labyrinth Graces Bootleggers JoeyDaAxe

Shortly after The Vanguard hit the stats we saw Eternal Labyrinth become the second crew of Round 6. The Buzz took some time to discuss the plans and goals of EL for this round.

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Player of the Week! Frick

Every week, the Buzz will review one special player. The player we choose will be deserving of the position most, contact them, and set up an interview. This week, the Buzz chose TFKyle as Player of the Week.

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The Weekly Flash Aldarion

The weekly flash contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasnÂ’t covered in one of the other articles. This is a quick fix for anyone wanting to know what happened this week, but doesn't feel like devoting the time to read the details.

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Introducing The Buzz Staff! Nyxxie

Learn about the staff who takes the time out to present to you the Buzz each and every week!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our current Buzz Team. Some new faces and some still dedicated to continue on with the madness!

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Bootleggers Weekly Comic Nyxxie

Freelance Articles Nyxxie

Elite Guard Poem, by MediaMan MediaMan

A poem to the staff of the game. Are you as talented? Prove it!

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