Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
Issue: 3   Editor: Mika

Editors note Mika

WELCOME to the third issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

As the first players are starting to appear on the Statistics page indirectly because they reached the rank of Godfather it's time for my first issue of the Buzz. Or rather, the first issue that is published by me. No sweat, everyone still did what they always do; the only difference is the fact that I'm the one who is writing this Editors Note and the one that presses the 'Publish Issue' button. Everything else is the same. We still have our weekly articles, 'The Weekly Flash' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics'.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed this fourth week of the reset. With players still gathering resources and buying bullets there wasn't that much action going on, but nevertheless we did witness a first attack this week. The victims were the members of Eternal Labyrinth, who were set back to square one and will have to start over. A sad thing for the victims, but we at the Buzz just love to see those bullets flying and we certainly hope to see more in the future!

With points being enabled we do hope that shootings will become a more familiar sight again. Players were able to retrieve their points earlier this week and are actually able to use and sell them now as well. The result: players who had pre-bought their points from others found out whether or not they were trustworthy and those who were looking to buy points but had not done that yet were able to get started.

Our Buzz staff seems to keep growing and growing as the weeks, even though we had only three so far, pass by. With so many new writers, we zoomed in on four of the newest additions to our team to properly introduce them to you. Another player that was in the spotlight this week was Himmel, as he was chosen as Bootleggers Buzz Player of the Week due to his famous Keno wins. Those of you who have owned a Keno probably already know it, this player is a beast when it comes to winning those casinos!

Currently, the Buzz has a staff of fifteen. We are always looking for more! If you think you have what it takes to be a writer of the Bootleggers Buzz and believe you can devote your time to serve the game in a way like no other, feel free to submit an application by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose "Application." There, you will be prompted to write an article as yo would as an official Buzz writer about a recent Bootleggers event. Remember to mind your punctuation, grammar, form and spelling. Writing quality is very important to us and we will only allow the best of this game into our coveted forum. We want you, yes you! So type away and start sending those articles in!

If you don't want to devote week after week to the Buzz, there is another option for you. Anyone and everyone in this game can forward a FREELANCE ARTICLE to the Buzz. You do not have to be a writer of the Buzz to do so. Simply submit the already written article by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose "Freelance Article." We will add anything (within reason and editor discretion) to the Buzz. This includes, but not limited to, your own opinions about a certain event, promotion of Staff, action of Staff or new feature. We will not edit you. If you can bring forth your opinion in a mature manner, you will be assured to see your article in the upcoming issue prior to submitting.

Onwards to the articles! Enjoy this issue, and do not forget to comment and rate.
The Buzz Team will be back next week with another issue, and I hope so will you!

For now, take care and stay safe.

The first spree of Round 6! lordwell

This week we saw the first victim of a killing spree, Eternal Labyrinth was struck as revenge for attempting to take a Bullet Factory that was co-owned by the non existing The Syndicate. Find out more about it!

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We Welcome: Seventh Sanctum Aldarion

This week, Eternal Labyrinth was the first crew that sold its spot. Moments later, High Society followed that same path, and sold its spot to Seventh Sanctum. The Bootleggers Buzz had an interview with one of the bosses of Seventh Sanctum, as well as the boss of High Society.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

The game statistics for this week. You will be able to compare this information with other weeks gathered. This will be a great tool when the reset is well on it's way!

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Buzz Writers: The Next Generation. Frick

As you may have seen, the Buzz is always accepting new writers, well, as long as their application meets up to the Editors standards! These past few weeks, the Buzz have welcomed FOUR new writers into our little family.

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Crimes - Harder work for more returns? Sky

Crimes are a staple to climbing the ranks, and when Major Crimes were released, climbing them became much easier. Suddenly the crimes percentage became a subtle, but reliable rank indication.

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No Longer Just One TheSilentKiller

Most members of the Bootleggers community can agree that the biggest changes in the history of Bootleggers were made this round, and they will most likely have many effects on the game and it's community.

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The Weekly Flash Aldarion

The weekly flash contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles. This is a quick fix for anyone wanting to know what happened this week.

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Player of the Week! Sean

Every week, the Buzz will review one special player. The player we choose will be deserving of the position most, contact them, and set up an interview. This week, the Buzz chose Himmel as Player of the Week.

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our continuously growing family, here at the Buzz.

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Bootleggers Weekly Comic Nyxxie

Freelance Articles Nyxxie

Oh no! I've been scammed! AceAdam

Recently, I’ve seen more and more topics pouncing around the game forum based around the subject of scamming. To be honest, it amazes me how players still get scammed here but then again, not everyone is as experienced as others on the game.

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