Sunday, February 1st, 2009
Issue: 111   Editor: NyxxieIn3D

Editors note NyxxieIn3D

WELCOME to issue number 111 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

A lot, thankfully, has happened this week in the game! From Nation Don shootouts and Nation Don deaths to extreme makeovers of both the forums and the help desk, we all have it covered here in the Buzz for you. As a special treat this week, we also are releasing an interview we had with BSF2000! It has taken a lot of time and effort on our part to get in contact with the Head Administrator and after months and months (and even years) of us begging for an interview, the time has finally come and gone.

Including in this issue is the Nation Don killing spree chain effect, the Nation Don's demise by fafyv3, the forum and help desk revamp, tutorials on how to use the newest features applied to the forums, crew of the week, and much much more. Which article are you going to sink your teeth into first? We would like to remind you that you can reply to and rate EACH article every issue and we ask you do so. This will keep us up to date on your feelings about each article and your replies will help us gather information on why you voted this way (remember, your replies can also be about what the article is about, feel free to rant)!

BSF2000 is asking for YOUR opinions of the game. The article "What Do YOU Think of Bootleggers?" is asking for just that. Be sure to take part in this as BSF2000 is keeping a heavy eye on this article.

As always, we have our weekly articles of "Behind the Name," and "The Weekly Flash" where you can read what happened in the week in nearly a couple of minutes (if you just don't have time to read the entire Buzz right now or are just looking back on past Buzz issues to get the jist of what happened). We also have last week's contest results and winners. Good luck and Congratulations! Check back next week for a new competition!

We are continuing our hunt for writers. If you are interested in becoming a writer then read the re-printed version of "So You Think You Can Write?" in issue 97. Please submit a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event via selecting Application in the "Send a" located on the bottom of each Buzz. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are dead before we've contacted you, please submit the same article all over again. Your articles will be reviewed as quickly as possible but please have patience, we won't forget about you.

Enjoy the read and have a great week!

Bootleggers Forum Revamp Mikamon

Early this week, the Forums of Bootleggers were updated. The layout received a change and the whole set-up of the forums was altered.

Read the entire article...

Help Desk Revamped! MisterSquidee

Earlier this week, yet further additions were made to the frame of the game with the Help Desk, receiving a revamp, but with the forums playing such a big part in the game, the Help Desk update seemed go unnoticed.

Read the entire article...

Crew of the Week! JDv1

Event Horizon are the first crew this year to be named the Crew of the Week!

Read the entire article...

The Trust got Insided IAmAldarion

This week, The Trust got attacked by the Nation Don, frankm2, leaving them significantly weakened.

Read the entire article...

Interviewing WorLock OvermindEV2

This week, we caught up with New York State Don WorLocK for a little chat. Purpose was to hear his opinion about recent updates.

Read the entire article...

Telling It Like It Is... BrickTamland

LW talks about various issues and events with his own personal touch...

Read the entire article...

What Do YOU Think of Bootleggers? NyxxieIn3D

BSF2000 wants your opinions and promises to read them!

Read the entire article...

The Interview with BSF2000 NyxxieIn3D

After nearly asking for a good two years, BSF2000 has finally given in and accepted the Buzz's request for a one on one interview!

Read the entire article...

Crimes: The Public's Opinion. LuMP

Over recent weeks, people have been posting their Statistics on the forums, and I have noticed their crime attempts are very low. This made The Buzz think, are crimes really worth it?

Read the entire article...

The 30th Nation Don Killed! BrickTamland

In a chain of events that all started with Nation Don, frankm2, ended with him all the same.

Read the entire article...

The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

Need the weekly news in a flash? Read this to keep yourself up to date without spending too much time doing so! Now just how spiffy is that!?

Read the entire article...

Buzz Tutorials NyxxieIn3D

Learn how to roll the die and display videos in your profile and threads!

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Buzz Competition Results! NyxxieIn3D

Read inside to see the results to last week's Buzz Competition as well as the winners! Good luck and Congratulations!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles NyxxieIn3D

The Bootleggers Community iNaruto

This game has been running for couple of years now and it is still a successful game. We have had many respectable players on this game and many have quit...

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