Sunday, March 18th, 2007
Issue: 15   Editor: MissNyx

Editors note MissNyx

It's been a bit of an interesting week, this one. We've even managed to witness a crew get bought, sold and bought within a space of an hour or two.

We have also witnessed the newest addition to our Bootleggers gaming experience with a new update from BSF2000 himself. So we take only a brief look into this new feature as telling too much will ruin the whole point of a new feature... to be discovered by the players.

So this week we also cover a look into how a BL-Marriage can turn disastrous, another small addition to the saving time, our weekly Behind The Name and of course the weekly segment from Franchise.

We would also like to take this moment to give a big thank you to ShootMeNow1 for donating money to the Buzz to continue with our Buzz Contests! So check out Buzz Contest #4 for a new chance to win some free cash!

And of course another thank you to those who sent in their freelance articles, especially those that reached publication. Keep them coming!

If you wish to become a writer for the Bootleggers Buzz, please send a sample into keeping in mind your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of topic. Refer back to Issue#10 for extra help in the article named Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum. If you recently sent in a sample and never received a reply back, then we are sorry for the delay. It has been hectic in real-life and resulted in further delay in going through those samples, but they WILL be seen to within 1 day as of now. Thank you for your patience and enjoy this issue!

The New Update iAir

One big update... how many more to go? We see a new addition hit Bootleggers but how much of it do we actually know?

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Show Some Backbone, Spine! MissNyx

The crew spot once known as Famiglia Tiratore has been passing from one crew to another, finally ending with Gangster's Sanctuary. But what the heck happened in between?

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Behind the Name MissNyx

This week is "Crew Week!" Three crews have been chosen so you can learn the crew behind the name.

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Did You Know? MissNyx

There are a lot of weird things you don't know about the game and it's players. Like the fact that Andy enjoys selling Mansnake pictures for BL cash!

What else don't you know?

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Franny Being Franny fastfoodfranchise

Crew purchases and new updates are where Franchise inserts his controversial opinion this week!

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Progressive Progress MissNyx

Downtime was given a little lift Sunday morning and if you happened to miss it (due to doing that thing humans do when they're tired), shame on you and read on!

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A Lover’s Quarrel—BL Style! MissNyx

"To have and to hold, from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death us do part."

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Buzz Contest #4 MissNyx

The winner to last contest was Broken with the funny picture of:


This week's contest is of a different tune and takes a bit of brain power! But if you succeed, you could be $150,000 richer!

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Happy Mothers' Day! TheSnake

Mothering Sunday, also known as Mother's Day, is celebrated today in Europe. Did you get your Mother a present, what about your BL mother? Shame on you! Shoo! Skidaddle! Wait-- read this first, then go!

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Freelance Articles iAir

Below are our freelance articles for this week.

Why is my money worthless? Inflation, of course! LordBaelish

We all wonder why our money becomes pointless in the late months of a round in Bootleggers but we all actually know the reason. LordBaelish takes a look into how one simple feature in Bootleggers can/has ruined the economy of the game.

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World of the Mafia FeyRegy

Interested in the real history of the Mafia? Read on, FeyRegy has given us an indepth article about the past this game depends its future on!

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Ranking 4L3X

We see topics asking when someone will make the next rank so maybe it's worth implementing a rank bar to stop with the vast amount of topics on the matter.

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Is Bootleggers Too Addictive? dondirevenge

Ever thought you were addicted? I think we all do. So why don't we take a look into a few examples of being addicted and question them.

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Ranking Threads TritiumSeal

"How many OCs to get to..."
"When should I be ranking to..."
"How many crimes till..."
"What helps me rank quicker..."
Do these questions bug you? Do they make you scratch your eyeballs out with an ice pick after each one is posted in the Game Forum? TritiumSeal agrees with you!

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