Sunday, February 25th, 2007
Issue: 12   Editor: Nyx

Editors note Nyx

Bootleggers seems to go from a week with everyday filled with constant action, to weeks where nothing is happening. None the less, the writers of the Buzz try their hardest to bring forth new information for everyone to read and get some form of entertainment when the trigger-happy players seem dormant.

This week, our cover story entails the takeover and retaliation of The Supremacy. With only 10 crew spots, takeovers have been more common than ever and it seems any crew would put bullets through even their best friends for a spot.

We continue with Air's third edition of the "Casino: A Fraction of Fame" as per request of a member of the Elite Guard. With the maximum bets so low this reset, it has come forth to many player's attention if owning a casino is a ticket to popularity and the pleasure of seeing their name in lights rather than what is really intended for.

It was tried once in the forums and seemed to be pretty popular and at the BL Buzz, we thought it would be a good idea to add the Bootlegger's Buzz Awards. This is your chance to vote for best player, best crew boss, best Elite Guard member, nicest player and other subjects of that nature. So please read below and please send in your votes!

As always, we are looking for writers for the Buzz and all applications can be sent to with a sample article. Please bare in mind your spelling, punctuation, grammar and choice of article and refer to Issue 10's article "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum" for ideas on how to make your article the best it can be!

The Supremacy vs Gangsters Sanctuary mrpelli

The slightest bit of action on Bootleggers came from the crew war between Gangster's Sanctuary and The Supremacy for the crew spot. Coming out victorious after the banning of MoreThanSkill's inside shooter, The Supremacy plans to rebuild what was lost and secure a sought after crew spot.

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Casino: a fraction of fame, Part III iAir

With max bets on casino's decreasing even more, what can be done about it? In Part III we cover it in accordance to the responce from one of the Administrators. I think it's time to really think about what needs to be done.

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Behind the Name Nyx

This week is HDO week! I have chosen 3 HDOs and interviewed them so you can get a bit more knowledge about some of the ladies in yellow!

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Buzz Contest! Nyx

Buzz Contest #3 still underway! Be apart of this contest to win $100,000!

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First Edition Buzz Awards! Nyx

Welcome to the First Edition of the Bootleggers Buzz Awards! Nominees from all over are walking down the red carpet as we speak! There's Brad Pitt! He's up for nomination for best movie! Oh wait, wrong awards. Anyway, enjoy and let the best player win!

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Silent Killers Leave Silently Nyx

After only one week after the Silent Killer's takeover of Novus Ordo Seclorum, karma hits like a fierce lion on the prowl. In probably one of the most soft spoken crew takeovers we've seen as of yet.

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Jordan's Casino Shootings: The Aftermath iAir

Has the shootings from Jordan actually done anything to stop the low maxes? Well, by some research on casino maxes it would seem nothing has changed. A completely pointless attack on casino owners.

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Links/Pictures Comprimised! Nyx

Protect you, your computer and your account with a guide on corrupt links and profiles!

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Did You Know? Nyx

Andy, Tubelight, Roderik, Athoz, 5litre and MetallicA were the 6 men out of many "girlified" by Heidi and Nyxxie in what seems to be an apparent plan to take over the world, turning men into women one BL Player at a time!
What else don't you know?

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The Buzz Team Nyx

Keep up with the Buzz team!

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Freelance Articles Nyx

Below are the Freelance Articles for this week!

Franny Being Franny fastfoodfranchise

The boss of the Winter Hill Gang and one of the most opinionated "SOBs" around moves his segment of "Franny Being Franny" to the Bootleggers Buzz for good!

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Guide to a Successful UG Crew! Redgie999

Your wishes of creating an Underground crew seem to be scattered and mixed and you just cant seem to figure out where to start! Follow Redgie's guide to a successful UG crew to blossom your ideas into reality!

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Ranking Statistics, useful or not? Taxed

We look into one of the questions, sure to be on many player's mind on a daily basis. Could the statistics generated on the News page, known as Miscellaneous Statistics, actually be used to calculate rank?

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Fair Organized Crime Percentages Revolutionair

Many OC leaders tend to be greedy and stingy with the percentages they give out. It's important to be fair when conducting an organized crime if you want yours to go smoothly between players!

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Return of the Legend TheSkyOrBust

There are currently 12 HDOs that linger the forums and help desk everyday, but do you ever remember the past HDOs? Sky interviews MysteriousPlace, an HDO of 9 months from Bootleggers' history.

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