Sunday, April 13th, 2008
Issue: 69   Editor: NyxxiPoo

Editors note NyxxiPoo

WELCOME to issue number 69 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

My writers have been extremely busy, as have I, with real life and we are sad to inform you of the rather small issue this week. However, we do have some articles that may be of interest to you, especially the one naming the winners of the competition!

The "Behind the Name," "Buzz Sound Off," and "The Underground Crew Review" will all be back next week once we start up the Buzz once again full throttle. As you all know, the "Behind the Name" features three players with their information regaurding their Bootleggers past. This choosing of players is completely random, so please do not message Nyxxie (current name: NyxxiPoo) asking to be part of this article. The "Buzz Sound Off" is a player-opionioned article. Each week a new controversal topic is brought up and players are asked via the Game Forum of their opinions! Finally, "The Underground Crew Review" is an undercover, anonymous rating of current statistic-page crews. We take the opinions of their own members, council and bosses to get what they REALLY think of their crew. Each opinion is taken and placed in the Buzz, kept anonymous at the same time!

I seem to be slacking lately on my job, and it isn't because I dislike the Buzz. I enjoy what I do fully (even though the job is completely rewardless and highly critized by the players). It's mainly because of my busy schedule and persona life. I have thought, on many occasions to stop being a Editor and passing the job onto another player to take on. However, I haven't ever come across someone I would fully trust passing this job off to. I love the Buzz and I think it's a great feature if used correctly. I really did some thinking this week and was considering pulling myself as editor-- but was later talked down by friends and fans of the Buzz. So I am on the scout for a co-editor to help with the editing process as well as publishing when I cannot do it to do personal issues or a busy schedule. This may be a grueling process for me because I want someone I can trust fully with my "baby," persay. It will take time, but I promise it will do nothing but better the Buzz. For all you haters, no, I am not quitting the game or passing down the Buzz Editorial-ship. I am just simply looking for help. I have been doing this on my own for a good year now (week in and week out). It's a tough job, despite what people may believe.

We are, as always, looking for writers. Even more now that most of mine are being kidnapped by their teachers with excessive homework (ew!) and tests (ew!). So if you have what it takes to become a writer, feel free to read the article below titled "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum." Please send a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event to our email address at and I will personally look into it within two weeks. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Make sure to include your current Bootleggers' name. If you are dead by the time we contact you, we will do it via the e-mail you used to contact us, so keep checking on that as well!

Happy Gaming and Enjoy the Read

Easter Egg Hunt Winners! NyxxiPoo

Take a look inside to see if you or your friends won!

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A Dying Breed NyxxiPoo

A dying breed in this game... what could it be?

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The Buzz Needs Writers NyxxiPoo

With this rather little issue, it's no wonder why the Buzz is currently looking for new writers. Please help us out!

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Defeating the Lag? NyxxiPoo

BSF2000 has been on quiet a lot within the past week, what could that mean for the future of this dreaded lag!?

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A Year Back NyxxiPoo

The status of the game this time, last year.

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The Buzz Team NyxxiPoo

The Team here at the Buzz

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Freelance Articles NyxxiPoo

The story about Xcore MrSaliari

The truth behind the anonymous hitlister, XCore?

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Essay about Bootleggers WantedMovie

A rather large essay on WantedMovie's opinion of the game.

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