Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
Issue: 140   Editor: MikaTheGoofball

Editors note MikaTheGoofball

Welcome to issue 140 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Here it is, issue 140! Only ten issues are remaining before we hit the grand number of 150. An issue for which we are already attempting to create a grand competition. Nevertheless that is still in the future, whereas this issue is in the present. Unless of course you will be reading this issue a couple of weeks later, in which case it would be in the past, or if you are me and are writing this Note, making this Buzz issue something that still lies ahead. I think it would be best for me to stop thinking of exceptions. Maybe I should just continue with the content of this Buzz, right? Right!

Even though this week saw its share of action, contrary to previous week, the Buzz is not as action filled as we had hoped it to be. With writers witnessing Internet problems, real life issues and a disease called “Vacation” we were suddenly left with a very limited staff, pretty much ending where the 'Writers' list begins. Together with Aldarion, I did my best to get information into the Buzz, and both of us hope the result is satisfactory, though maybe somewhat small.

Regardless of that, I said I would get to the events of this week, so I will be. Or I should, or... never mind. I will just carry on. Where was I? Oh, right, action. Of course the crewspots were the center stage for it, as they seem to be most of the time something happens. They might be less expensive than they have been in the past, the players in spots still make brilliant targets for those who have bullets to spill. The uprising and demise of an old crew, the Natural Born Killers, was only one of these events in which bullets were shot, by The Legion in this case, and said bullets were shot effectively I might add. Another one would of course be the insiding of Twisted Soldiers and the spree of The Invisibles. The crew targeted Industrial Anarchy and, with some unexpected help of former The Invisibles member Pelli, the crew was taken down relatively easy.

Furthermore there was The Syndicate. Again. Sadly there was not much more for us to cover, seeing the created Game Forum topic pretty much explained it all, and no major targets, as in crews, were shot. Aldarion did his best to bring you a short and sweet summary, in which he specializes, seeing he also takes care of our 'Weekly Flash' every week. A little statistics expert, so you wish, responsible for most of the short news and the statistics.

Due to the earlier mentioned problems we are unable to bring you 'Crew of the Week', to our great regret. Nevertheless we will of course try to have it in the issue for next week. You will get to read it, and it is being worked on; not to worry. Apart from the earlier mentioned 'Weekly Flash' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' I also prepared another 'A Year Back' for you to read. Sadly that is all you will have to read for this week, and as we strive to bring a larger Buzz next week I have reached the end of this Editors Note, but not before mentioning that those of you who wish to try and become a Bootleggers Buzz Writer may always submit an application article about a Bootleggers related event. It may take a while before we get back to you, but we will!

On behalf of Aldarion and myself I hope that you will enjoy this Buzz. We will be there again next week with more of the team. Until then, take care, and stay safe!

The Syndicate, Once Again EmmAldarion

Following last week’s spree, The Syndicate continued its shootings this week. Condello and Viagra wiped The Heroes, after The Syndicate was wiped by Haer, last week. Several Legendary Dons and rich accounts were killed as well. Condello stated this to be the reasons of the spree, “The Heroes were shot today because some wannabe decided to kill a few of us following the TDA takeover. Not that we weren't expecting it but still, if you mess with us, we take your crew. Some people around here seem to be slow learners. We shot at the L Don's because we felt like it, same goes for the rich accounts.”

No More Anarchy MikaTheGoofball

It was relatively late in the week when Bootleggers witnessed the demise of Industrial Anarchy. The crew was shot by several members of The Invisibles who suddenly saw their job become a lot easier as it turned out that they had an unexpected ally who was willing to hard kick IA crewmembers, making the wipe a lot less difficult as low amounts of bullets would now suffice to send the members to their graves.

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Advertisement Space Available MikaTheGoofball

The Weekly Flash EmmAldarion

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact the Buzz.

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Advertisement. Turbolego2

A Crewspot as hot as a Potato MikaTheGoofball

A lot happened to the spot that was owned by Industrial Anarchy after the crew had been insided. Initially it remained in the possession of Pelli, however he had no intention of keeping the spot for himself and thus it was put up for sale to be eventually traded for a Slots Machine, but that was not the end of it yet. There was much more. At the end of the road, it seemed The FataL Wounds was back as the crew still owns the spot and seems to be heading in the right direction.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics EmmAldarion

The Bootleggers Game Statistics is a weekly article, which will basically contain data of the past week. State Dons, crews and various other statistics are being featured in this article. It is intended as a way for users to keep up with crew changes and to be able to track what crews were on the Bootleggers statistics at what time of the game. As well as being able to note significant changes in in-game money.

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A Year Back MikaTheGoofball

Check out the state the game was in a year ago. It might surprise you how long ago some events were that still seem so close. Do you have a perfect memory? Check it out, maybe you can still recall it all.

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The Buzz Team MikaTheGoofball

Buzz Editors:
Mika (MikaTheGoofball)

Head Buzz Writer:
Aldarion (EmmAldarion)

Buzz Writers:
OvermindE (Minded)
ABVQ (FrickenChicken)
iZone (AwakenTerrorist)
tsj (TheTsjMustGoOn)
Sean (SeanLovesTS)

Freelance Articles MikaTheGoofball

Crew Extortment PjutBull

Crew Extortments are annoying, yes we know. But what to do about it? PjutBull had an opinion on it. Short and sweet, just like this Buzz issue.

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