Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
Issue: 26   Editor: MsNyxxie

Editors note MsNyxxie

What an eventful week! We not only witness yet another takeover on a crew from which seems like a weekly occurance at the moment but we also have our very own Rock Horry Picture Show! (The Time Warp problem for those that are a tad slow on musicals)

So in this week\'s issue of the Buzz we cover the takeover of a crew and the weird Time Warp errors. We also look into a mark on responsibiltiy that comes with power and if crews are still hot. Another issue that recently struck Bootleggers in the past week was that a known Bootleggers help site was found to have a script on the home page. Be sure to check the article regarding that matter for some more information on it. On that note, we strongly encourage you to keep your account as safe as possible. Never give out your password to anyone!

The official IRC server is also back and of course, we have our freelance articles. We love seeing them come in each week so please do keep it up. It\'s good to see the readers sending in there opinions on things.

I would also like to take this time to wish Nyxxie a get well moment. As some of you may be aware she recently came unwell and should be back to normal for next week. As I\'m sure you would agree, she has proven to do a great job with the Buzz. Although due to her recent departure we will not be having her weekly segments but they will return next week!

Pl4kkie recently donated $500,000 along with zebraman for $750,000 towards the Buzz Contests. We hope to get a big reward in next week\'s issue so be sure to check it out!

We are always on the constant lookout for new writers so please send your sample articles to keeping in mind your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of article. In last week\'s issue there was also further help into how to make the most out of your samples. Please be patient for a responce as we usually check through them every few weeks.

We hope you enjoy the read and happy gaming!

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility Mithaeron

With the recent death of many State Dons, it is at last becoming clear that to be at the top is to be targeted.

Read the entire article... Mithaeron

It's with great disappointment that we have to announce that a former Bootleggers Help Site has in fact, turned into a vicious hack site.

Read the entire article...

A SUBstitute for hard work? darkenedorb

It wasnÂ’t just the administrators who were red this week, the bootleggers community saw red with addition of sub, the moderator from the non-helpdesk.

Read the entire article...

Crews, still a hot item? Arda

They seem to be somewhat forgotten since no one is requesting more spots. Meaning all Bootleggers are content with 10 crewspots?

Read the entire article...

TIME WARP darkenedorb

There is no need to visit the new tour of the Rocky horror show, because Bootleggers has its own time warp for your enjoyment.

Read the entire article...

The Invisible Killer DejaVu

With Spine keeping true to his word, The Invisibles are invisible in more ways than one.

Read the entire article...

Genesis 1:1 iRetributei

Our Bootleggers Bible. The beginning that we always forget.

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team Air

Keep an eye on our updated list of the Buzz team in case someone contacts you claiming to be one.

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Official IRC Air

Feel like talking instantly to other users on Bootleggers? IRC is instant messaging at its finest. With the new IRC server up and running, everything is back to normal. You can use the jIRC Chat link on the left under 'Messaging' or you can download mIRC at / You can also go to for a basic guide on how to use IRC. You will find various staff members in there and of course, everybody else you may wish to chat to!

Server to connect to:
Main channel: #bootleggers

Freelance Articles Air

Below are our freelance articles for this week!

How do YOU talk? SexehKate

Ever thought a bit more about the way in which everyone speaks on Bootleggers? It identifies the individuality!

Read the entire article...

The Forums: Spam Heaven? Lizzard2

Are the forums becoming just another way to spam the annoyance out of everyone?

Read the entire article...

Scammers or anything close to scammers ARSEFLYv2

A quick 'shout-out' style article where Arseflyv2 gives his low-down on the scammers.

Read the entire article...

Corruption Part Drei MsNyxxie

An anonymous reply to FastFoodFranchise's reply to an anonymous article. Will these two ever come to an agreement?!

Read the entire article...

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