Sunday, April 15th, 2007
Issue: 19   Editor: iAir

Editors note iAir

Although a pretty boring week it has been, The Buzz is here yet again to serve you some of this week's events. On Sunday, the weekly readers of the Buzz (and their friends), took part in a Easter hunt of a life time all with that fat $10,000,000 prize stuck in the back of their minds and in the front of their list of priorities. We have the winners as well as the answers to that Easter hunt. Congratulations to the winners!

We witnessed the crew takeover of Gangsters Sanctuary thanks to Jordan and crowned a new crew. Steelback discusses one of the most recent feature ideas posted in the Game Forum and critiques it, while whitestar sticks true to the BIGGEST feature of this reset and interviews some of the State Dons.

As always, there are our weekly articles of the "Behind the Name" and "Franny Being Franny." And I hope you enjoy those.

This week we are going to concentrate on your own opinions about The Buzz and hope you take part in the article titled "Bootleggers' Buzz Report Card." We'd love to hear what you think about the Buzz, the writers and what you would like to see (or not see) in the Buzz!

A big "THANK YOU!" is in order for the four people who donated $250,000 this week to the Buzz for any of its future contests! Thank you Touch, Redgie, babybean and shootmenow1! If anyone else is interested in donating cash for the future Buzz contests, please feel free to contact either AirIV or MsNyxxie!

A big thanks to all people who sent in a freelance article this week as it definitely makes the Buzz better each week when non-writers send in their own stories, so please send in those freelance articles! Talk about anything Bootleggers related, give us your opinions on the week's action!

If you wish to become a writer for the BL Buzz then please send in a sample article to keeping in mind your spelling, grammar, punctuation and your choice of topic. Also, please read the article "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum" in Issue#10 for more helpful tips on how to become a writer. If you have already, please give Air and I one to two weeks to get back to you!

To: GS. With love, From: Jordan MsNyxxie

Gangster's Sanctuary was the newest crew to lose it's crew spot and Absolute Zero took it's place. Are they strong enough to stand the heat, or is Absolute Zero as cold as their name?

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Easter Contest Winners/Answers MsNyxxie

Congratulations to the winners!

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Franny Being Franny fastfoodfranchise

He gives it straight to ya! The truth, with a kick (although he may be losing his touch)! This is this week's Franny Being Franny!

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Bootleggers' Buzz Report Card MsNyxxie

How are we doing? It's your turn to tell us!

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Buzz Contest #6 MsNyxxie

Are you creative? Wacky? Zany?
Be apart of this week's contest to win $200,000!

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The Pro's/Con's of a State Don whitestar

Being a State Don isn't fun 24/7. It comes with some troubles. If you ever get the chance to become a State Don, are the troubles worth it?

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A Possible New Feature? Steelback

Suicide, BL style? What do you think of this possible new feature?

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Arm Wrestling is Back! MsNyxxie

Welcome back "Arm Wrestling," you've been long awaited and much missed!

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Behind the Name MsNyxxie

A new week and three new victims! Could you be next?

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The Buzz Team MsNyxxie

Keep an eye on our current writers in case one attempts to contact you claiming to be one.

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Freelance Articles MsNyxxie

These are the Freelance Articles for this week!

Catch 22 SexehKate

Does Franny have his match? SexehKate puts aside the "sexeh" and gives you her cold, hard opinion! Stop the swelling of your head and remember your roots!

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Where Are Those Drivers?! MisterLawrencex

EQE, Check. WE, Check. Leader, Check! Driver.... Driver... DRIVER?

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The Truth About the Staff kLeaZz

His own version of the Did You Knows, this time, about the staff of Bootleggers. Hey! Better him than me!

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Failed Easterhunt? MisterKH

iAir's short-lived Easter hunt killing spree for Revelation came to a screeching halt only five minutes before it began. Better luck next time!

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