Sunday, October 21st, 2007
Issue: 45   Editor: Nyxxified

Editors note Nyxxified

Welcome to Issue #45 of the Bootleggers Buzz! First, I would like to apologize for the late publishing. Air and I have been busy and with me out of state for the weekend, my ability to publish an issue at anytime before now was at a zero. None the less, late is definitely better than never so here is the Editor notes and the Buzz for this week, enjoy it!

A new feature was added this week and if you pay close attention to the left side of the page, anyone can tell you that the new link available is the "Family Accounts" link! This new feature will allow you to know those who are using the same IP address as you, allowing you to avoid unfair bans due to "duping" with accounts that aren't even yours. Although there are definite pros, there are some cons which one of our writers have went over in his article.

We said hello to a new crew this week, Virtual Reality, but soon after, said goodbye. Due to only ten spots allowed for crews, only the strong survive and the weak soon diminish. It's only obvious if you pay attention to the statistics page, which of those crews are strong enough and which aren't.

As always, we have our Behind the Name, Buzz Sound off and Weekly Tidbits that we hope you like and enjoy fully. Remember, the Behind the Name is a random choosing of three players, boot mailing Nyxxie will NOT get you a spot on the Behind the Name. The Sound Off is posted on the forums once a week at a random time to ensure random opinions are added. The Weekly Tidbit section is still very new and we want your opinions on it. What do you want featured there, what do you want removed? Post your opinions on the Buzz official thread in the GF or bootmail Nyxxified.

We'd love to hear what you think of the Buzz thus far. We have almost published our 52th issue (marking ONE FULL YEAR OF BUZZ!) and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make it enjoyable to you. Many have came to Air and I stating that they love the Buzz and think it is the most popular it has ever been since the Buzz started way back and that brings smiles to our faces. We work hard for you and hope you are happy with what we publish. So feel free to post your opinions in the official Buzz topic upon publishing or notify both Air and Nyxxified your opinions. Since we are both editors and lead busy lives, sending your opinion to one of us will leave the other in the dark. So make sure to forward it to both of us-- or just make your life easy and use the Game Forum post! Good, bad, neutral opinion? Ideas on contests or articles? State it! We want to hear it!

As always, we are looking for writers! If you are a talented writer (like all our others!), please feel free to send in a sample article to as soon as you can. Mind your grammar, punctuation, spelling and choice of article! Read issue # 36`s article titled Wanted: Talented Writers! on how you can get your way to the Buzz forum as an official writer!

Thank you, Enjoy the Read and Happy Gaming!

Family Accounts Page; A Useful Feature or Too Much Information? MrMoatilliatta

With the addition of a new page to your left we have a controversial installment of one of the most notable ban problems.

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Crew Of The Week - The Supremacy TheIllusionist

This week I decided to skip the usal crew visit and go to a comedy club instead.

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Behind the Name Nyxxified

A new week and three new victims.

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Virtual Reality up- and underground again MikaVerLeth

This week another crew peeked around the corner when Virtual Reality found out how it's like to be up-ground!

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Buzz Sound Off! Nyxxified

Sound off your opinion about this week's Sound Off debate! Look for a GF thread to post your opinions!

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Weekly Tidbits Nyxxified

Horoscopes and our Weekly comic are waiting for you inside!

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Freelance Articles Nyxxified

Freelance Comics Nyxxified

Freelance comics sent in. For the player, by the player!

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Buying Bullets The Beneficial Way Bballxxlover

What is more beneficial? Buying points with money or points? Let the math decide!

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This Weeks Killing Spree Andy41

Get N.Don, go on a killing spree, die and repeat?

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Supreme killer revpwnedme

A message about the State Don, Supreme, written by KarmaReturns, sent in by RevPwnedMe.

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