Sunday, August 5th, 2007
Issue: 34   Editor: Air

Editors note Air

We thought this week would be a boring one for us at the Buzz when "BAM," the new Nation Don, TheFlyingMonkey, "kicked it up a notch." Okay, well maybe I'm watching too much Food Network, but for a week that started boring, it sure did end on a high note. With over 204 accounts dead including those of three state dons, the Game Forum was filled with mayhem and RIP threads.

We at the Buzz hope you enjoyed the Grand Theft Mania contest held last Sunday. Air worked very hard with everyone involved (The Elite Guard) to make sure this contest was perfect. The prize was the greatest I've seen this reset and we can all thank Andy, Air, 5litre and Shaggerty for contributing money, points and casinos!

This week's issue also contains an array of freelance articles. Out of this week's freelance articles, four got money prizes for their wonderful articles and hard work on them. We may even see some freelance writers (hopefully!) become official writers within the next weeks to come.

As always, we have our "Behind the Name" and the "Bootleggers Buzz Soundoff." Completing the issue is an interesting contest conducted solely by myself and sponsored by the Buzz bank account. If you are interesting in winning a clean $400,000, please try taking part in it!

I hope you enjoy this issue and find it to be informative, interesting and intriguing! Please feel free to post your opinions about it in the official topic made by myself (MadamNyxxie) upon the release of this issue or in Bootmails!

Thank you for reading and happy gaming!

A Nation Don's Power Proven MadamNyxxie

"Hell has no fury like a woma... er, Nation Don scorned"

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Welcome Back Stryfe JustDrew

Please welcome back Stryfe, our newest “old” Moderator in the Elite Guard.

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Behind the Name MadamNyxxie

New week and three new victims! You could be next!

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Bootleggers Buzz Sound Off! MadamNyxxie

Sound off your opinion about this week's Sound Off debate! Look for a GF thread to post your opinions!

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Grand Theft Mania Air

The biggest event this reset, and the winner is...

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The Imperium in for Days of Glory Mika

After some fun and a name change that shocked some players. The Imperium re-changed their name into Glory. Read on to find out the why of this sudden change!

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The Buzz Team MadamNyxxie

Our current team here at the Buzz.

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Bootleggers Buzz Contest MadamNyxxie

Click here for your chance to win $400,000!

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Freelance Articles MadamNyxxie

These are the freelance articles for this week!

A Walk-Through CavuVII

An extensive walk-through of the game, for those who need a little more help than the FAQ can provide!

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The Organised Crime Divide Azelas

Yesterday's low ranked 'noob' may be tomorrows ticket to the next rank. So treat them with a bit of respect, yea?

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The First Day Of A Scum Slice2Dice

The first chapter of hopefully many as the life of a scum. Written by Slice2Dice.

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OC topics badgerbadgerbadger

How to REALLY write an OC topic!

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Money Inflation SeanLovesFunneh

In this article I will be exploring how effective the precautions installed to stop inflation were. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various features used and draw a conclusion where I will decide whether they worked well or not.

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Stealing to Order vasago3

Winning the Buzz contest through the eyes of a fellow crew mate, Vasago3!

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Slot Machines gone BAR BAR BAR! TASmania

A bug with the dropping of Slot Machines have given some headaches and dead accounts lots of money!

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