Sunday, September 13th, 2009
Issue: 143   Editor: Iditarod

Editors note Iditarod

Welcome to issue 143 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

A heavy week it has been for some of the crews of Bootleggers, with a lot of bullets flying everywhere even the crewless players had to duck and be careful not to be hit when they witnessed a kill. Kills of which there were many. The 'alliance' formed between The Syndicate and several statistics crews had its first test this week as Event Horizon and Eternal Labyrinth combined their powers and attacked.

The result? Well, I already covered it, really. The crews that were targeted survived for the biggest part, even though the boot camp version of The Invisibles bit the dust and Virtual Reality needed a bit of help to get back up, but in the end only a lot of accounts were lost. However, it is drama, and that is what we, as Buzz team, love to see. Dead bodies hitting the floor and fights over crewspots and properties; it is part of the way Bootleggers should be played according to most, nevertheless only very few do it at such a large scale as the crews who's members were dragged into a lot of shoot outs this past week.

Apart from the crews that were shot, or even wiped, this week, there were also those who changed name or were sold. Former HDO and Winter Hill Gang crewboss Franchise felt it was time for him to say Bootleggers goodbye for now. While we will remember him and his crew, the ones still in the spot went on as NinjaStar changed Winter Hill Gang into The Tribe, with which he will continue now that Franchise had quit. More crews resigned this week. 23rd Gunslinger Co. boss Coastie and his council felt it was not wise to continue the crew until he got back from Iraq, thus the crew was sold, transforming into Yakuza at the end of the week.

Buffalo Soldiers also got onto the statistics as well as Wish Master. The latter managed to get hold of the TI: Boot Camp spot that was taken over by Eternal Labyrinth. However the crew is now protected by The Invisibles. Of course we have the weekly articles you are used to seeing such as 'Crew of the Week' which features The Invisibles, 'The Weekly Flash', 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' and 'A Year Back'.

As always we are looking for writers to come and reinforce our team. If you feel you have got what it takes to become a Buzz Writer then please submit an application article about a recent, Bootleggers related subject and you might be finding yourself being offered the digital pen of the Bootleggers Buzz writer. It may take a while before we reply to your application, but rest assured, we will reply.

That is all, folks! See you all next week.

Joint Operations: EL and EH Iditarod

It has been a tough week for almost every crew that is currently allied with The Syndicate. After losing their powerhouses, follow up attacks followed, resulting in more death and even the loss of some crewspots, even though this loss did not last long. Virtual Reality, The Invisibles and the boot camp edition of the last crew found themselves under attack by a joint effort of Event Horizon and Eternal Labyrinth. The shooters of these two crews managed to take over Virtual Reality and The Invisibles: Boot Camp by the use of insiders.

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The Tribe: Dressed Down WHG, or new crew? TheTsjMustGoOn

So the musical chairs on the statistics page continues with the addition of a brand spanking new crew, The Tribe! Or is it? The Buzz had a little sit down with the boss, NinjaStar.

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Welcome Buffalo Soliders SeanIsBored

Early in the week, a new crew called Buffalo Soldiers took the plunge into making it as a Statistics crew. The crew is run by two real-life friends, IdleBong, and babywip3s.

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The Weekly Flash PizzAldarion

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact the Buzz.

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A Year Back Iditarod

Check out the state of the game, this time last year.

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EH Strikes Back At Last Iditarod

After having seemingly disappeared since the crew got wiped by The Sydnicate, Even Horizon seemed gone. The Buzz, and probably many others with us, wondered when the members would show a sign of live and when they would come down hard on those who had wiped their crew. With the new allegiance between TS and several other statistics crews the targets seemed not that hard to pick. Apparently it was time for action this week, as State Dons started dying at the hands of Suzuki and TehOwnage. Even the Nation Don bit the dust.

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Yakuza Returns PizzAldarion

This week, we witnessed the return of a crew that existed in the very early days of Bootleggers. Back then, the crew was well known and even today, the crew’s name is still respected by the Bootleggers community. Most of these people would, nevertheless, not expect a return of this crew.

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23rd Gunslinger Co. on Leave or Out? Ignitaz

This week, 23rd Gunslinger Co.'s crew boss Coastie announced the retirement of his crew, due to several reasons real life reasons. The Buzz contacted Suzpaz, a 23rd Gunslinger Co.'s council member.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics PizzAldarion

The Bootleggers Game Statistics is a weekly article, which will basically contain data of the past week. State Dons, crews and various other statistics are being featured in this article.

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Crew of the Week SeanIsBored

The Invisibles is this week's crew of the week!

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The Buzz Team Iditarod

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Freelance Articles Iditarod

MrHansaMann NewsReporterGuy

Some players still remember MrHansaMann.
But some other's player wonder who MrHansaMann was.

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