Sunday, November 30th, 2008
Issue: 102   Editor: NyxxieV30

Editors note NyxxieV30

WELCOME to Issue #102 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

My, my, Bootleggers is getting festive this week with the holly, mistletoe, presents and Christmas pictures! With only a couple of weeks until Christmas and many other festive Holidays, players just cannot wait to get in the holiday spirit! But through the midst of Holiday giveaways, pictures and much more, someone will always put aside the Holiday Cheer to spray a few bullets across the game and into the accounts of many.

All the Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas cards must have gotten Sweetie and Andy into a Christmas mood as they decided to start an MS Paint Contest with Christmas as subject. If you want to have some fun with Paint and want to try and win Bootleggers dollars then check out Andy's article and join the Paint fun right away!

Apart from the contest, we had other events this week. As we lost two Nation Dons, the Buzz hooked up and sat down with the third one before he'd get killed as well. Between players scamming others by selling a crew spot that wasn't even theirs, crews versus crews and a new nation don, the game was pretty eventful this week, would you agree?

As always, we have our weekly segments such as "Behind the Name", "A Year Back" and our "Buzz Tutorial". As promised, "Crew of the Week" is back with a look at Strictly Business. The Buzz is also proud to launch the "Bootleggers Holiday Tree" again this year, so start decorating your Holiday ornament!

We are looking for writers. If you are interested in becoming a writer then read the re-printed version of "So You Think You Can Write?" in issue 97. Please submit a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event via selecting Application in the "Send a" located on the bottom of each Buzz. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are dead by the time we contact you, please submit the same article all over again! Your articles will be reviewed as quickly as possible but please have patience, we won't forget about you.

Remember, anyone can write a freelance article and they are obviously free to do so. They are a chance for each of you to have a voice about the game and possibly share any thoughts that you may have with the BL community. We are sad that we haven't received many lately and would like to encourage everyone to send them in. This week, we are proud to publish three of them but we would love to publish more. So start sending them in!

Have a blessed week and enjoy the game!

The Saga of a Controversial Crew Spot! Ventresca

The warm welcome received by The Grudge to the stats was only short lived as they were soon “new-schooled” their way off by none other than the notorious Resistance.

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Buzz Tutorials NyxxieV30

Learn everything there is to know about the Bootleggers Bootcast!

Read the entire article...

Christmas Paint Competition Andy

To celebrate Christmas myself and Sweetie are going to be giving away 1000 points to the best 'Bootleggers Christmas' themed MS Paint picture.

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name Mikamon

A new week and three new victims!

Read the entire article...

A Year Back Mikamon

A look at the game, this time last year.

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Nitrocide, New Nation Don NyxxieV30

Over the course of this reset, we have been graced with the present of 25 promotions from State to Nation Don, and with each passing promotion, the thrill and anticipation to see what the new Nation Don will do next never gets old!

Read the entire article...

The Grudge Against Resistance Trucido

The Grudge was yet another crew which saw its end. It all started after The Legends was sold...

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Holiday Tree! NyxxieV30

Let's come together to make the best Holiday Tree the internet has EVER seen!

Read the entire article...

Crew of the Week! JoeyDaWhopper

Strictly Business is this week's crew of the week!

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Obituaries SeanIsSRS

Players deaths through 11/23-29/08.

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Freelance Artices NyxxieV30

Revenge is a Meal Best Served Cold! Pt 5. FrankxLucas

Feeling good as Angel and I walked into the club hand in hand, We approach the bar, I motion for the bartender to get us all a round of his finest cognac and to keep em coming...

Read the entire article...

Bust Feature got Busted? Pt. 2 Aldarionimo

Last week I submitted a freelance article on busting and the difficulty which that brings along. In this ‘sequel’, I want to take some more things into consideration...

Read the entire article...

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