Sunday, February 24th, 2008
Issue: 62   Editor: Nyxxinator

Editors note Nyxxinator

WELCOME to issue number 62 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

An interesting read you are in store for this week. Although barely anything happened, our Buzz is packed with interesting articles and fun quizzes.

Interesting articles this week is from mostly our Freelance Article writers. Thanks to them, this Buzz is definitely read-worthy! Along with their articles is an article written by myself about our un-official counterpart, BLTimes. Upon hearing some interesting information from players, I did a little journalistic investigation and put together a rather interesting article that is sure to cause some stir.

If you have been active this week in the game, you'll notice the game running at a turtle-like pace. This is due to a bug that was fixed a day or so after it was noticed. This bug, although annoying for those used to fast browsing speed, took the game back to when there was over 800 players online at once. Although this time, it seemed the server couldn't handle the bandwith.

The winner to the $5,000,000 contest was announced this week. Congratulations to the winner. However, to find out who, exactly, is this person... You'll have to open up the article and see for yourself.

A freelance article, written by AceAdamX, defintitelly began some creative juices stirring in my brain. Because of his article, I have created a QUIZ to find out, "What Bootleggers Player are You?" It's fun to play and offers pictures to place on your profile after you have taken them. I hope you enjoy it as it did take me a good amount of time to create it.

Along with the Quiz is the "Buzz Report Card." It is time for you to send in your opinions of the Buzz, its writers, editor and it's current status. By copy and pasting the link in the article provided, you will be sent to a poll. The poll is quick and easy and we'd LOVE if you can take part it in. I promise it will not take more than three minutes of your time!

Other articles are in this Buzz that are a great read, along with our "Behind the Name." Featuring three players this week, the "Behind the Name" is a random choosing of players, so do not Bootmail me, Nyxxie, asking to be a "victim" or "next featured player on the Behind the Name." Your time will come eventually!

We are, as always, looking for writers. Even more now that most of mine are being kidnapped by their teachers with excessive homework (ew!) and tests (ew!). So if you have what it takes to become a writer, feel free to read the article below titled "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum." Please send a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event to and I will personally look into it within two weeks. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Make sure to include your current Bootleggers' name. If you are dead by the time we contact you, we will do it via the e-mail you used to contact us, so keep checking on that as well!

Happy Gaming and Enjoy the Read

The Bootleggers Times... Regulated? Nyxxinator

After MrX has its say, The Bootleggers Times takes out their most popular feature, anonymous, drama-driven articles!

Read the entire article...

Crew Interviews are Back in Business! UnlimitedDistraction

Want a sneaky-peek at The Order? You'd better look in here...

Read the entire article...

Buzz Contest Results Nyxxinator

And the winner is...

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name Nyxxinator

A new week and three new players on the spotlight!

Read the entire article...

Obituaries Nyxxinator

Fallen players in the era starting 2.17.2008 and ending 2.23.2008

Read the entire article...

Users Online: 821 MikaVerLeth

Back to the old times? No, a bug in the users online page!

Read the entire article...

First a Mute, Then a Ban! MikaVerLeth

Getting muted on the Game Forum only to receive a ban after the mute?
Who needs mutes when there are bans?

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Report Card Nyxxinator

Tell us what you think of the Buzz by taking the Poll found inside!

Read the entire article...

What Player are You? -- THE QUIZ! Nyxxinator

Take the quiz to find out what kind of Bootleggers player you really are!

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team Nyxxinator

Our family here at the Buzz.

Read the entire article...

Freelance Articles Nyxxinator

What Player are You? AceAdamX

What kind of Bootleggers player are you? AceAdamX provided the information and Nyxxie provided the quiz that you can find in the above articles. Thanks AceAdamX! For your interesting idea, the Buzz has awarded you $5,000,000 for your efforts!

Read the entire article...

Bugs n' Glitches radixradi

The king of annoying Bugs and Glitches? The "Please Retry" message!

Read the entire article...

The Guide To Making Quick and Easy Money MikeSaprano

Feel the need for cash? Wait for a First to Post in the OTF and get lucky!

Read the entire article...

Biosoo's Gambling Tactics Biosoo

This week, Bioscoo lets everyone in on his Roulette Casino gambling tactics!

Read the entire article...

Banned without Parole! Razure

Bans can’t be discussed as everyone is aware of. However, is it right not having a chance to appeal your ban?

Read the entire article...

To Scam or not to Scam, that is the Question. SirAntony

Scamming proves to be un-honorable, but a very efficient way of gaining what you want. However, is it worth it?

Read the entire article...

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