Sunday, September 6th, 2009
Issue: 142   Editor: Iditarod

Editors note Iditarod

Welcome to issue 142 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

A busy week this has been for the Buzz, especially a lot of last minute work with quite some action on this Sunday which actually forced us to come out of our lazy writing chairs, grasp our Buzz writer heads and get out to do some field work so we could write our articles. At times like these it is that some happen to be on the right place at the right time and are able to do a lot of work, so I would like to use these notes to thank the Buzz's Head Writer Aldarion for making is possible to bring you all this last minute news. He has been working very hard today, gathering information and writing the articles. We could not have done it without you. I am afraid I will not be sending in a SAW picture, but I trust this way of showing appreciation is suitable as well.

Onwards! It almost sounds like some general on a battlefield, does it not? Anyway, I will not be moving towards battle, but am heading in the direction of the news of this week. After a long reign, our Nation Don, KamikazeDavid, finally bit the dust. A faked fight on the game forum, and bang, a dead Nation Don. It was all carefully planned out and in the end he actually wanted to die. I guess he had not included Kamikaze in his name for nothing. However his death turned out to be the beginning of a very unfortunate chain of deaths as almost every State Don that was part of The Invisibles got to check how well their life insurance was.

Before their death, though, they had been able to shoot for their crew one last time, as both Made Men and Mobb Figaz were taken down by The Invisibles, both for being some kind of threat to the crazy pink crew that is still claiming that it cannot be seen as it is invisible. Ah well, like they say, they are crazy and they like it that way, right? More action involving crews took place this week, as The Deadly Alliance was wiped by The Syndicate and as The Commision was insided by two its own members this Sunday as what appeared to be an act against cheaters, according to the aggressors. And in addition Main Street was wiped by our newest Nation Don, Jiwb.

Because of all this action I would almost forget the second annual Staff Appreciation Week (or SAW) that started September first, it is in this Buzz as well, alongside our usual weekly articles such as the recently returned 'Crew of the Week', 'The Weekly Flash', 'A Year Back' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics'. As we did not receive any comment on the absence of the obituaries we have decided to leave them out of this issue as well.

As always we are looking for writers to come and reinforce our team. If you feel you have got what it takes to become a Buzz Writer then please submit an application article about a recent, Bootleggers related subject and you might be finding yourself being offered the digital pen of the Bootleggers Buzz writer. It may take a while before we reply to your application, but rest assured, we will reply.

That would be it for this week, I hope to see you back for the next issue of the Buzz. For now, take care and stay safe!

The Deadly Alliance Gone PizzAldarion

In the very beginning of this week, when the previous issue of the Buzz was released, The Deadly Alliance was attacked. The past few months the crew didn’t get a good chance to settle itself on the statistics. This time the stay didn’t last long either. After the holder realized his crew was being attacked he soft kicked most of his members to prevent any further losses. ImNotBreeze told us, “As soon I came to the realization we were being shot at, I had all accounts soft kicked to prevent any further losses.”

It was said that The Syndicate was behind the attack, however, ImNotBreeze couldn’t confirm that. She said, “According to some only a couple of their members were involved. The ones who shot said they was TS though so I’m rather unclear on it all.” The crew was renamed several times, one of the names being -M- The Syndicate in YO FACE. The crew was later renamed to Heaven and Hell. Novus Ordo Seclorum claimed to have wiped half of the crew. This was, however, never confirmed. Whether or not this is the end of The Deadly Alliance remains to be seen, however the crew has once again disappeared from the statistics. From its past we have learned that The Deadly Alliance often returns, after it has been wiped. However taking blows costs a lot of resources, so now we wait and see if this old crew has what it takes to return yet another time.

The Invisibles vs Mobb Figaz SeanLovesTS

This week saw The Invisibles using its abundance of strength again this week. This time the attack was not only aimed at the usual rankists, Mobb Figaz felt the brunt of KamikazeDavid’s bullets, too.

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The Commission Insided PizzAldarion

Today we saw The Commission got insided by two of its own members, Ih4x3dU and Student. We tried to summarize the happenings in this article. As this was written just a few hours before today’s issue was released, we did not have any official information from the crewbosses of The Commission. Information posted on the Game Forum by Ih4x3dU was used.

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Crew of the Week! FrickenFriedRice

Virtual Reality is this week's crew of the week! One of our writers joins the crew of the week to give all other Bootleggers an idea of what the crew is like and how the atmosphere within the crew is.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics PizzAldarion

The Bootleggers Game Statistics is a weekly article, which will basically contain data of the past week. State Dons, crews and various other statistics are being featured in this article.

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CrewID 253: Hot Spot PizzAldarion

This week, we witnessed several changes among the crews. The Deadly Alliance, Mobb Figaz and Made Men were wiped. However, no spot endured as many changes as spot ‘253’. This article contains a summary.

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Deadly Co-operation PizzAldarion

After a very intriguing week with a lot of action, things continued this Sunday. The Commission was insided and now, just one hour after mid-day, Main Street was insided by the Pennsylvania State Don, pvt30049023. He got the spot after the holder and the successor were killed by Nation Don Jiwb and Michigan State Don MyLadyX4.

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Advertisement Iditarod

Do you have what it takes?

SAW One till Six, and 2009? Iditarod

It is not about the movies, the Bootleggers version of SAW. No scary horror movie but something far more positive, unless you would consider watching horror movies positive of course.

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The Weekly Flash PizzAldarion

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact the Buzz.

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A Year Back Iditarod

Check out the state of the game this time last year.

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The Buzz Team Iditarod

Buzz Editors:
Mika (Iditarod)

Head Buzz Writer:
Aldarion (PizzAldarion)

Buzz Writers:
OvermindE (Minded)
ABVQ (FingerPrints)
iZone (AwakenTerrorist)
tsj (TheTsjMustGoOn)
Sean (SeanLovesTS)
Lew (LewIz18)
Rekstar (Rekk)

Freelance Articles Iditarod

Bootleggers Preservation BLADE09

i have played for a few years, started back up 5 months ago, and i have set up a new project 'bootleggers preservation' and basically guys, its me helping all of the new guys (total new players like first account) I am working on getting them to stick at it to improve the daily amount of players.

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The effectability of UG crews BigDaddyZ

Since the dawn of bootleggers we have been acustome to crews on the board, we have been blessed by such crews as The Legends and the Winter Hill Gang.

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Updating the Crew Headquater. AeriusV8

I have been playing this game for a long time now and often held a crew, but the options as crewholder still are the same as years ago. Other features like the stockmarket, Gta and bootlegging have been updated, but the crew feature has remained the same.
I asked the opinions of the bl players/ and they all think the crew feature should be expand and give holders more control and options.

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