Sunday, July 8th, 2007
Issue: 30   Editor: MsNyxxie

Editors note MsNyxxie

Firstly I would like to apologise for the postponed Buzz. This was not intentional but was due to unfortunate circumstances. So on that note I would like to wish Nyxxie a big hug and get well. She's been feeling under the blue, which of what I won't get into, but I would like everyone to just go and wish her well.

Secondly, with the postponed Buzz, it does mean we have a nicely filled Bootleggers Buzz this week. Plenty of articles, including the freelance section, which is great! We love going through the freelance articles and with the new addition of being rewarded for sending them in, I'm sure you love it too. There's a lot for this issue! However, we won't be publicly saying who won whatever prize. It will be kept private and up to the people who recieved money to tell - if they wish to. The reward could be anything from something small to something big. However we decide.

So what exactly happened in the past 2 weeks? A bit here and there. We've managed to see a feature back in full progress, the new promotion of an old Moderator, a Bloody Thursday and much more. I won't talk about it too much here as that is what the articles are for. So hopefully you'll enjoy the read!

On that note, if you wish to become a writer then please send in a sample article to keeping in mind your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of topic. If you are yet to recieve a responce from your sample, we are sorry. With Nyxxie being away for a while, there's not been a moment where we can go through them. You will, however, get your responce. So please wait and we appreciate your patience!

So please enjoy this publication of the Buzz. We hope you like the read this week, and never be afraid to send a writer your feedback or post in the topic we provide in the Game Forum. All the best and happy gaming!

Bloody Thursday Air

Atonement creates Bloody Thursday with a mass killing spree. What... How... Why?

Read the entire article...

Annihilation back in green Mika

And suddenly there was another name in green. To the joy of many; that name was Annihilation

Read the entire article...

A New Controversy On Bootleggers? JustDrew

The announcement of BootRadio becoming the BootCast, started a huge debate on the Game Forum.

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Buzz Team Air

Keep an updated view on our current team, here at the Buzz.

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Bloody Thursday Obituaries/Statistics Air

So we now know the reasons behind the kills but what about who was actually attacked and with what?

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Guess Who's Back, Back Again? JustDrew

One week removed from a full wipe, Revelation returned to the Stats Page.

Read the entire article...

Welcome Back Message Reply Text! JustDrew

After a few weeks of trying to figure out what our friends were talking about, the message reply text is back!

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R.I.P. threads – outdated or showing respect? Arda

R.I.P. threads are seen all over the Game Forum but... are they useful? Some say there aren't, others say they are. Interested? Start reading then!

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Freelance Articles Air

Below are the freelance articles sent in these past two weeks.

What else can players fit in their pockets? DoubleCream

Booze, travel, money. What if there was a different aspect to this typical Booze-Run?

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How to maximize in the stock market the fastest way possible DrugLordMaqdah

Want a quick way to profit money in the Stock Market? DrugLordMaqdah has the solution.

Read the entire article...

Hershey Stock FatherStud

Wow! One stock rises above all others, to an incredible amount to the observant few!

Read the entire article...

The Off Topic Forum, what happened? alcapeachi

Has the OTF changed? Did it get boring? We see alcapeachi take a look in the Off-Topic Forum.

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Crew holders on vacation TASty

The rule has changed, so TASty clears up any uncertainty among the players.

Read the entire article...

Protection, is it really worth it? DonG

DonG takes a look into how important protection could or couldn't be.

Read the entire article...

Rise and Moh Shooting CidVicious

CidVicious observes some of the previous shootings.

Read the entire article...

Black Out's existance - What really happened Air

An anonymous article sent in about a closer look into the crew, Black Out.

Read the entire article...

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