Sunday, September 21st, 2008
Issue: 92   Editor: NYX2000

Editors note NYX2000

WELCOME to issue number 92 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

If you missed this week, thank the heavens for us! This week we have yet another issue of the Bootleggers Buzz ready to be cracked open and read by all you fine players!

Topping this week off to a bloody start was the attack of the Asylum and Winter Hill Gang by State Don, fraijv2, rocked the game and may have started off a string of crew takeovers, attacks and shootings!

Making this week what it is, we have articles on the top stories. Crew takeovers and wars usually top our list of stories. It takes a lot to bring down a crew, especially the strong ones and everytime it happens, it is worthy of a story! This week we saw the shoot up of Mobb Figaz, Winter Hill Gang, and The Imperium.

Just when you thought the week wasn't bloody enough, BSF2000 brings forth his Presidential Shootout of 2008. Celebrating the 5th year anniversary of Bootleggers, BSF2000 is giving away 5 ipods to 5 players. If you haven't heard of this just yet, make sure you educate yourself by reading the article and the IMPORTANT sticky to insure you can get a chance to win the grand prizes!

As always, we have our "Behind the Name" (which is a popular segment in the Buzz), and "A Year Back"." Through all the serious articles, there is always time for some that are just plain crazy! We also have the results to our "Bootleggers Buzz Awards" and we hope all of enjoyed the fun that came with this award ceremony! Check back in another few months for another one! We usually do the Buzz Awards every 3-4 months.

We are always looking for writers. If you have what it takes to become a writer, feel free to read the article from issue 85 to see what we look for. Please send a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event to Nyxxie's current name (NYX2000) and she will personally look into it as soon as possible. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are dead by the time we contact you, please submit the same article all over again! I currently have two articles that need to be read and approved/denied, so do not think I have forgotten about you!

Remember, anyone can write a freelance article and they are obviously free to do so. They are a chance for each of you to have a voice about the game and possibly share any thoughts that you may have with the BL community. Get moving and speak your minds! Also, be sure to check out, as advertised here.

Enjoy the read, everyone and have a wonderful next week!

Mobb Figaz and The Imperium Hit! RonBurgundy

Earlier this week, both The Imperium and Mobb Figaz were both taken over the 'oldskool' way by wiping every single Boss+ account leaving the crew spots to both drop...

Read the entire article...

Winter Hill Gang v. The Rapture RonBurgundy

Throughout this week, two crews have emerged fighting over one Crewspot seemingly more over the others. These Crews are Winter Hill Gang and The Rapture...

Read the entire article...

Presidential Shootout `08! NYX2000

In the spirit of good "game" fun, BSF2000 decided to let the players release some pent up frustration on the US Candidates!

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name MysticMika

A new week and three new victims.

Read the entire article...

A Year Back MysticMika

A look at the game, this time last year.

Read the entire article...

The rage of a State Don! JDWv10

What a way top start the week with a raging State Don who very nearly took Asylum from the stats, they managed to hang on by drafting in a few boss or higher ranked accounts...

Read the entire article...

Mobb Figaz Shot Up MysticMika

All was quiet and calm in Bootleggers until ATT, State Don of Louisiana, opened fire on Mobb Figaz (MF). Shooting MF to the brink of extinction.

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Buzz Awards! NYX2000

After two weeks of voting! The winners are in! Congratulations are in order!

Read the entire article...

Obituaries RonBurgundy

Those who have died between September 13th-September 19th.

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team MysticMika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles NYX2000

Streets of Fire DezialBrown

By the time this article is published, news of the power-struggles happening on every corner will be old news. But writing this, I can still hear the ringing in my ears of the Tommies when the reaper came to pay his last respects to my deceased crew.

Read the entire article...

WHG: Going Down in a Blaze of Glory PintoFranchise

What a week it's been for the infamous Winter Hill Gang. In the midst of 3 promotions Vibie to co-boss (joining Franchise and Gusto), as well as, Gears and Sharp to Capo, the Winter Hill Gang suffered major attacks...

Read the entire article...

Abysmal OC Feature Must Be Changed LoserSeal

With all these updates coming in the past few months/weeks, it's easy to get caught up in other areas of the game, or real life, and miss them altogether. Well here's one you need to make sure you don't miss.

Read the entire article...

Forum Whoring for Dummies Lyrixia

Forum whoring is, by far, the most competitive aspect of Bootleggers, as we are all aware. After joining for just over a month, I've managed to piss off around 8 players, but made a fair few friends using this method...

Read the entire article...

The Troubles of Being a Thug ricco

To be a the rank of "Thug" in Bootleggers is, believe or not, the most frustrating rank there is.

Read the entire article... JuanV8

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