Sunday, April 29th, 2007
Issue: 21   Editor: MsNyxxie

Editors note MsNyxxie

Welcome to Issue number 21 of the Bootleggers Buzz. Wow! 21 issues. I must say, I\'m impressed. I feel that this reset, the Buzz has brought back some of its old readers and gained a lot of new ones and the team is very proud of that. We are glad you, the reader, enjoy the Buzz and read it every Sunday. We hope that you continue to read and continue to support the Buzz by reading each and every week. Enjoy!

This week, we have a new columnist, replacing FastFoodFranchise\'s Franny Being Franny. Clovis, columnist for the \"Crew of the Week,\" will be \'interning\' with the Buzz for ten weeks. His job is to interview one crew a week in depth. This week, The Invisibles is where his journey begins. Like his work? Let us know! Your feedback might make this columnist a full time writer in the weeks to come.

This week and many weeks to come we are going to concentrate on your own opinions about The Buzz and hope you take part in the article titled \"Bootleggers\' Buzz Report Card\" shown in issue 20 of the Buzz. We\'d love to hear what you think about the Buzz, the writers and what you would like to see (or not see) in the Buzz! Send all your opinions, criticism, feedback and ideas to

As always, we have our weekly addition to the Buzz and I hope you enjoy the \"Behind the Name\" this week. Good luck being our victim for further weeks to come. Remember, \"Behind the Name\" is a random choosing. Do not BM any Buzz writer or editor asking to be part of it. We also have our winner to last week\'s contest for $200,000. If you like the Buzz contests, we ask that you donate! If you wish to do so, please contact MsNyxxie.

Freelance articles are what we strive for in the Buzz. We want you, the reader, to be able to have a place to rant and state opinions in an intellectual and mature manner. Have an opinion on something game-related? Dislike a new feature or are happy with the new staff? State so! It is FREE to submit your articles. All you have to do is scroll down this page and click \"Submit a Freelance Article.\" Remember to include a title as title-less articles do not make it to our database of articles and all your work will remain lost in the web-world for eternity. Sound scary? Then make sure your title your work!

If you wish to become a writer for the BL Buzz then please send in a sample article to keeping in mind your spelling, grammar, punctuation and your choice of topic. Also, please read the article \"Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum\" in Issue#10 for more helpful tips on how to become a writer. If you have already, please give Air and I one to two weeks to get back to you!

Anyway! On ward to the articles. Enjoy!
-Buzz Editors
Nyxxie and Air

Nohau, Sabin and a Door. darkenedorb

Nohau's admin-red turned to blood-shed this week, as he was dismissed, removing the knives in his back.

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Going Once, Going Twice... DejaVu

Next up in the Bootleggers auction we have this lovely Colorado Bullet Factory! Let's start the bidding at one point...

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Absolute Zero - Here to stay? Clovis

Absolute Zero is here to stay, so for all you crews waiting for a spot-- better luck next time!

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Buzz Contest Winner MsNyxxie

Winner of the $200,000 prize is....

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Behind the Name MsNyxxie

A new week and three new victims!
Could you be next?...

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The Appeal Process Clovis

Many complaints came in about appeals not being answered quickly enough and were beginning to get frustrated, understandably. This was until Sabin decided to break this silence and finally inform us of the reason... hurray!

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Moderator Activity whitestar

Moderators holding casinos? It's called ACTIVITY!

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Crew Of The Week - The Invisibles Clovis

The Invisibles made visible. Find out more about the State Dons' secret hide-out, as The Invisibles bare all!

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Happy Third Birthday TDA! SnakeyBoy

April 25th marks The Deadly Alliance's 3rd Birthday.

Congratulations, guys!

The Buzz Team MsNyxxie

Keep an eye on our current writers in case one attempts to contact you claiming to be one.

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Freelance Articles MsNyxxie

These are the Freelance Articles for this week.

Anonymous Hits, Respected? SexehKate

The hitlist is a key way to gain some money using one of the key features in Bootleggers. But what happens when you wish to use it and unsure of what may seem or expect to be more image-worthy? SexehKate digs into the worry around Anonymous Hitlisting.

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An Addiction Above Drugs! beerdrinker

What makes something an addiction? Is Bootleggers one of those? Maybe we should decide before it's too late!

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Absolute Zero - A Joke MsNyxxie

There's someone out there who dislikes Absolute Zero. Here is their rant about this "undeserving" crew.

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This Reset is Enjoyable! uberrox

Uberrox gives his opinion about this reset. Do you agree? Disagree? Feel free to make your own Freelance Article to let the game know!

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Top 10 “Useless Facts" Braineater

Bored? Want something useless to read? Read on!

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State Don Crusade Pucker

State Dons too powerful? Join the crusade!

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