Sunday, December 28th, 2008
Issue: 106   Editor: NyxxieIn3D

Editors note NyxxieIn3D

Welcome to Issue 106 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

I'd also like to welcome you to the last Buzz issue of this year! Another year on Bootleggers has passed by very quickly. Hopefully the new year will bring us more excitement, new friends and more things for us to enjoy. Let us also start this issue by hoping each and everyone of you has had a lovely Christmas or holiday time with their families and loved ones. Hopefully your Holiday was everything you wished for.

Then, to make a complete turn, we go from times of peace to the status of Bootleggers that has been rather violent. A word that would definitely be suited to describe this week would be “death”! With the entire killing system revamped, killing has been dramatically changed and is more exciting then ever before.

Now, a little longer then 24 hours after the update, the results are still visible. With several crews that got wiped and other crews that lost members due to this update. All of it is in this week's Buzz. Ranging from information on the update itself to it's brute and violent consequences.

Of course, the Buzz also has other articles for you to enjoy, such as the results of the Buzz Contest! Everyone has been busy buying cars in an attempt to win one of the fabulous prices. Due to all the killings, some cars may have been lost. However, as promised, new cars will be put up for sale if that has happened. Check out the contest article in this issue to see if you've won and how you can claim your price if you have!

This week, we have 'Behind the Name', 'Telling It Like It Is' and 'A Year Back' waiting for you. Alongside with the single freelance article we received. It's a sad thing that we haven't gotten more. Especially with the new updates and opinions that seem to be different for every player. Remember, they are a chance for the normal player to have share his or her thoughts on the game or something that happened in the game.

We are still looking for writers. If you are interested in becoming a writer then read the re-printed version of "So You Think You Can Write?" in issue 97. Please submit a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event via selecting Application in the "Send a" located on the bottom of each Buzz. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are dead before we've contacted you, please submit the same article all over again. Your articles will be reviewed as quickly as possible but please have patience, we won't forget about you.

The entire Buzz Team would like to wish you a happy New Year and hopes you'll get through it all without getting into trouble. Say safe, crack the champagne and have fun on New Year's Eve!
Enjoy the read!

To kill? Or to be killed! DJSquidee

To kill or to be killed seems to be the new question that's dooming over the Bootleggers community. On a quiet Friday night Sabin made an announcement.

Read the entire article...

Saturday Night Massacre Mikamon

With the introduction of the new kill page, many Bootleggers players loaded their guns and had their own bit of fun with the update. This also caused two crews to be attacked.

Read the entire article...

Cold Blooded Monday OvermindEV2

It was a very normal Monday on Bootleggers, nothing out of the ordinary. However, around 16:00 PM Bootleggers time, our 28th Nation Don SixtySix unleashed his spree

Read the entire article...

The Black Out Returns IAmAldarion

In all havoc of yesterday's sprees, The Black Out managed to return to the stats. They bought the spot from xAMD who had created a new spot.

Read the entire article...

Buzz Contest Results Mikamon

It's time to announce the results. Check in here to see if you've won!

Read the entire article...

A Year Back Mikamon

Check out what kept Bootleggers busy a year ago!

Read the entire article...

Red Christmas Day IAmAldarion

On Christmas Day, we witnessed the second spree of a Nation Don this week. ImsDal completely wiped The Rapture, killing thirty-six accounts and causing chaos.

Read the entire article...

CB Grabs Pole Position IAmAldarion

This week, the kill page was updated. Club Boogie was the first crew to test the updated feature in a spree. Even though everyone was talking about the havoc...

Read the entire article...

Collateral Damage Returns IAmAldarion

After The Plague being wiped by the Nation Don, last Monday, we saw the return of Collateral Damage. This is not the first time they appear on the stats.

Read the entire article...

Nation Don: ImsDal OvermindEV2

After a bloody start of the week when SixtySix committed suicide. The new spot for Nation Don was taken within 24 hours by ImsDal.

Read the entire article...

Telling It Like It Is UltimateDestiny

LW talks about various issues and events with his own personal touch...

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name Mikamon

Check out this week's victims!

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our little family. The team that brings you the Buzz each week is in here.

Read the entire article...

Freelance Articles Mikamon

What Does it Take to Keep Players? MrMiser

The amount of people the game seems to be losing is at an astronomical level. We lose HDO's, moderators, and most importantly, players.

Read the entire article...

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