Sunday, May 24th, 2009
Issue: 127   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue 127 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

We apologize again for the lateness of this issue, however with exams getting closer and closer, real life is turning quite hectic, and thus we are forced to spend time elsewhere to ensure a good result on the upcoming exams. Still, this has not discouraged us and we continue to put as much effort into the Buzz as possible, furthermore we can't wait until the months of exams are over so we have our full team back and can give you the usual Buzz. Anyway, so much for the explanation, on to the news, because we have a couple of things in store for you this week.

First of all there is of course the news from the land of crews. Strictly Business and Eternal Labyrinth decided on a ceasefire and will henceforth be continueing as friends. That same Eternal Labyrinth signed their part of the truce by donating the earlier shot for spot of Lucky Tensions to Strictly Business. As far as the crews are concerned, the Buzz also took a look into The Sacred Empire to provide you with information on the crew.

The Establishment page of Pennsylviana was used by Event Horizon as the initials EH suddenly appeared on it, formed by spots of land. An attempt of the crew to show what they can do and to unleash its creativity into the game. The Buzz also covered the appearance of BootTV, two weeks after the initial start. Of course we also have all small items and a summary covered in our 'Weekly Flash'.

Sadly the announcement of the Buzz contest winners has been postphoned for at least a week due to real life obligations of our staff. However, the participants can rest assured, a winner will be selected! After this bad news, we are proud to tell you we have one freelance article for you to read and would like to encourage everyone to send one in if they feel like writing about anything that is Bootleggers related. Just give it a try!

This week we have three weekly segments in store for you. Apart from 'The Weekly Flash' we also have 'A Year Back' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' for your entrainment. You know, to make up for the lack of articles and inactivity of our tired and worn out writers. Due to our large team there has been decided to stop our active search for writers. Of course, those who wish to become a writer may still submit an application article and these will still be reviewed, however unless we feel you have an exceptional talent, all applicants will receive a reply about their application when we have a new need for writers.

As always, enjoy the read and stay safe!
See you all next week!

Lucky Tensions Wiped! ABVQv2

Another day, another shooting. Crew Loyal Tensions, previouly Bad Intensions, was insided yesterday by K3NTBLUE, ForEverDeaDRabbitS, SOLEDADX3 and JRRE, who wiped them a few minutes later.

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BootTV is an unofficial bootleggers news-cast voiced by many reporters. It was created and is run by by long-time Bootleggers member, KugFuFranda, previously known as Franchise. Franny (or Franchise) told us why he created BootTV by saying, "I thought it could bring something new to the game and would be fun as well. I designed it like the old bootcasts were it was a news program."

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Behind Closed Doors: The Sacred Empire ABVQv2

The Buzz takes a look into The Sacred Empire!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics IAmAldarion

Check out the statistics of this week!

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Business Resumed! PerseveranceV2

With a long-lasting war between Eternal labyrinth and Strictly Business, many were surprised when the spot that DeadRabbits and other members of EL had in sided was handed to Strictly Business. However all was to become clear as we at the Buzz caught up with MissTrigger.

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Owners of Pennsylvania? Mikamon

Almost everybody knows the colored spaces on the Establishment page, showing the land is owned by a player who is part of a crew. Usually these spaces are random and have no significance, apart from reminding you the player is in fact in a crew. However, all of the sudden the Pennsylvania Establishment page said, EH. Not in actual text, but in Estalbishments. After a couple of weeks, Event Horizon had succeeded in forming the crew initials on the page.

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

This week in a nutshell!

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A Year Back Mikamon

Check out what kept the game going, this time last year!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Buzz Editors:
Mika (Mikamon)

Head Buzz Writer:
Aldarion (IAmAldarion)

Buzz Writers:
LW (BrickTamland)
OvermindE (OvermindEV2)
LuMP (iLuMP)
TarquiN (zTarquiNz)
Perseverance (PerseveranceV2)
iZone (WarZone)

Freelance Articles Mikamon

A State Don - Nevermore! Ethy11

After having been shot, Ethy1 says goodbye to the State Don position... and it rhymes.

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