Sunday, January 14th, 2007
Issue: 5   Editor: Nobody

Editors note Nobody

Well here is issue #5 and a jolly one it is. We finally have our very first Buzz Contest! Be sure to check out the article on that for your chance to win some free cash.

As far as the Elite Guard Interview goes, this weeks one will have to be postponed. I never recieved the answers back from Raztaz so I hope to get his and another Moderator Interview underway next week, to get back on track.

The first of the Did You Know? section is back under the name of Nyxxie so be sure to have a giggle at that one and of course, the latest crew takeover and other articles of interest.

A big thank you to SnoopFeatDre for being the first to advertise in the Buzz and give us the chance to do out first Buzz Contest and to those who sent in freelance articles that reached publication. You will recieve your pictures in due time for having a freelance in the Buzz.

I hope you enjoy this issue and have fun!

Advertisement SnoopFeatDre

Maybe some of you might still remember me from before the reset,
I used to make quite some pics, though it has calmed down lately
so I would like to take this opportunity to get a bit back in business.

My prices always vary, it usually depends on how much time it took me.
My style is mostly grunge, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try something different.

Here are a few examples:

I would also like to take this chance to let you all know that I made the following pic:

Just something personal, ask any picmaker and they would understand.
I didn't add my name to it, because basically, the pic would be crap if I did.


Sempre Famiglia Takeover DonSteelback

Another crew takeover and another unknown story. Why did it happen this time? We ponder on the reasons of these latest attacks.

Read the entire article...

Revenge is Sweet NyxxieV4

Crew retaliation: well that's something we've yet to see this round, on a degree such as the most recent events. Go Sempre Famiglia!

Read the entire article...

No more dodgy paint jobs... TheSnake

That's right... no more worrying about your statistics after this new feature was implemented by BSF2000.

Read the entire article...

Did You Know? NyxxieV4

Andy once became BL rich by selling mansnake pictures. What else don't you know?

Read the entire article...

Current Writers Nobody

Our weekly update on the current Buzz Team. Want to know who's here and who's not? Check us.

Read the entire article...

Buzz Contest #1 Nobody

Buzz Contest: the first of many. Think you got what it takes to win some free cash? This question is all about Mathematics so get your brains working and get answering!

Read the entire article...

English/Dutch Dictionary NyxxieV4

Section 2: let's get that language tongue at the ready and learn some new words/phrases in accordance to Crews.

Read the entire article...

Tips and Strategies for a successful OC DonSteelback

Organised Crimes: the neverending story to gain rank and money. I wonder what the most efficiant help for OC's are.

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Take a ticket, please! NyxxieV4

"X moderator is sending points to people!" Ever had proof of that? Well now you've got an official system to go by thanks to BSF2000 and Sabin.

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Freelance Articles Nobody

Below are the freelance articles for this weeks issue.

How safe is your crew? ChrisX

Is a crew really that worth the hassle when you could die from being in one? Hmm, I wonder.

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Abbreviations PlatinumSeal

Abbreviations: there are so many but do you understand them all? Maybe you will after reading this list of known abbreviations.

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