Sunday, May 31st, 2009
Issue: 128   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue #128 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

It is Sunday and the week is almost over, which means it is time for another issue of Bootleggers' very own newspaper! Our writers are still occupied with all kinds of real life events, mainly they concern exams or revision, however they have done their very best to bring you this latest Buzz issue. An issue which, to our regret, is relatively small and for which we apologize. Due to the exams of our writers, the active Buzz staff is shrinking and thus we cannot always cover as much as we would like to. Regardless of exams and revision, let us get on with the Bootleggers related news the Buzz has covered for this week.

The land of crews was the main source of action this week. With Infinity being sold, a new crew stood up and was allowed to fly its colors on the statistics. The Buzz got into the crew called The Chicago Outfit to find out what this new crew is all about. Furthermore we have a report of the battle between Made Men and The Order, the latter came to the rescue of The Sacred Empire and cooperated with them to annihilate Made Men. Of course we have also dedicated an article to that same The Order which was attacked by Resistance at the start of this week. Despite the attack, the crew managed to remain on the statistics.

To our regret we were unable to fully cover the attack on Strictly Business, due to us being unable to locate the new accounts of the shooters this issue only features a highlight about the attack. Nevertheless, we would like to request anyone with information about the shooters and the shooters themselves to contact us so we can give the Bootleggers population a belated insight in the shooting of Strictly Business. As said, we sincerely hope to be able to bring you this in the next issue, providing we can attain the information we need to write the article.

Next: Contest results! Yes sir, Nyxxie reviewed the contestants and after some thought decided there was just one clear winner. After an extra week of patience, the Buzz would like to congratulate DirtyRottenScoundrel on winning the Bootleggers Buzz Picture competition. Please contact Nyxxie in order to collect your prize. Speaking of pictures, the Buzz would also like to remind those of you who wish to advertise that this is possible. Please submit a picture of 250 by 250 pixels as a freelance article and you might see your advertisement in the next issue.

As always we have our weekly segments 'The Weekly Flash', 'A Year Back' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' lined up and waiting. We do apologize for asking our beloved readers to cope without 'Behind the Name' for so long, however we still have good hopes of being able to allow the segment to return soon. Apart from the weekly segments, we were sad to see there were no freelance articles this week. As always, we encourage everyone to send one in, even if it is just used to write down what your thoughts about the game are. Share it! People love to read it, and we love to publish them. What more can you wish for?

Those of you who wish to become a writer are encouraged to submit an application article via the 'Application' option in the drop menu below each Buzz. Although our hyperactive search for writers has come to and end, those with talent and a good article might still find themselves being offered the digital pen of the Bootleggers Buzz writer. You might want to give it a try. After all, who knows? You might be talented and thus... lucky!

To all those who are in the middle of their exams, keep going! You will reach the end eventually and hopefully all your effort will have been well worth it. As always, enjoy the read and see you all next week.

Take care and stay safe!

Failed Wipe or Successful Attack? ABVQv2

Bootleggers witnessed a dramatic event last Monday, when popular crew The Order was under attack. They were attacked by Resistance members McDonalds and Addicted, who killed well over twenty-seven members. The Buzz interviewed both sides of the small 'war'.

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Strictly Business Under Attack! Mikamon

Hardly a week after the reappearance of the crew with the usual black color, Strictly Business was given a harsh belated welcome as the crew found itself attacked by Illinois State Don bootlegger1. However, despite the heavy beating and the loss of a significant amount of members, Strictly Business managed to stay on the statistics and get rid of the attacker, though losing a lot of their higher ranks.

Sadly, the Buzz was unable to locate the new account of the agressor and, as a result of that, was unable to provide anything more but this plain overview. Nevertheless, the Buzz would like to get into this and encourages anyone to provide us with any information you might have regarding the shooting. Please contact Mika or any other Buzz Writer if you have information you feel will be useful for the article.

Buzz Sound Off! ABVQv2

The Buzz Sound Off is back in this issue!

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

This week in a nutshell!

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Advertisement SeanOfTheNed

The Chicago Outfit ABVQv2

The Chicago Outfit has never reached the stats before, but they have been around longer than we thought, namely since 2007. We witnessed the crew hit the statistics for the first time, last Thursday, after Infinity decided to retire and sell its spot. The Buzz interviewed one The Chicago Outfit's bosses, Civious.

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Crew Wars ABVQv2

On Thursday this week, Bootleggers saw a fight for the Michigan bullet factory. In this battle, we lost the crew Made Men, which was wiped by The Order. The Order shares the bullet factory with fellow crew, The Sacred Empire.

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Advertisement Mikamon

The Buzz is looking for the new accounts of those who shot SB, please contact us with any inforation you might have regarding them.
The Buzz thanks you in advance!

Bootleggers Game Statistics IAmAldarion

Check out the statistics of this week!

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A Year Back Mikamon

The state of the game, this time last year!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Buzz Editors:
Mika (Mikamon)

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Aldarion (IAmAldarion)

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TarquiN (zTarquiNz)
iZone (WarZone)

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