Sunday, April 1st, 2007
Issue: 17   Editor: MissNyx

Editors note MissNyx

First, I'd like to start off by saying this is this way for a reason. No, we did not mess up. Perhaps we are just trying to mess around with you a bit on this prankster's delight of a day!

This week, we saw a decent amount happen in the game, most revolving around the new promotions of three HDOs. Congratulations, followed by speculation, doubt and assumptions filled the Game Forum during this time about the promotions-- nothing new there.

Also, for the first time this reset, have we had a huge lottery winner such as the winner this week, wining a prize reward of over $20,000,000!

As always, we have our weekly additions to the edition (har har, what a play on words! I love homophones!) This week, Nyxxie has chosen 3 victims for her "Behind the Name" and Franchise blurts out his blunt honesty and opinions in his "Franny Being Franny" column.

$150,000 was sent to Beggsy today after winning Buzz Contest #5 and there is a new contest this week with the same prize amount!

If you wish to be a buzz writer and think you have the experience and skills necessary (minding your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of article), please send your article sample to Air and I through our email address, Please be patient as we look over them once very two weeks.

Sabin's Resignation whitestar

Using the BL Buzz to say his Goodbye's, Sabin resigns as Bootleggers Administrator as of next week!

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And the winner is.. DonSteelback

Congratulations to the Lottery winner! Winning well over twenty million dollars, the winner is revealed!

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WHG to Change its Name MsNyxxie

The Winter Hill Gang's Crew boss is to change their name the beginning of next week. The news even unknown to the members until now!

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Top Ten April Fools in History TheSnake

TheSnake gives us a top 10 on the world's most notorious April Fool jokes.

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Franny Being Franny fastfoodfranchise

How dare the new HDOs become HDOs! They're e-married to mods! Blasphemy! Franny gives his 2-cents and tries to shove his opinion where you spew your from-- where the sun definitely don't shine!

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Buzz Contest #6 MsNyxxie

Congratulations to last week's winner, Beggsy! Answers inside!
This week features a similar contest! Enter to win $150,000!

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Buzz Team iAir

Keep an eye on our current writers in case one attempts to contact you claiming to be one.

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In Sickness and in Health and HDO-ship. Mithaeron

Congratulations are in order for the three new HDOs appointed, especially after the complains on the Game Forum about their e-marriages.

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White October to the Stats! MsNyxxie

Congratulations White October for the name change and welcome to the statistics. Tell us a bit about yourself.

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Picmaking, a good way of making money? whitestar

How to make quick money? Purchase (or download) Adobe Photoshop, whip up a profile or two and you will be Notorious Rich in no time! Lazy? You will wind up with a picture of your own and an empty wallet.

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Hidden Prizes from BSF TheSnake

With Easter on it's way what can we expect from the power that be? Something fun maybe? Well we can this year with a good ol' fashioned hunt... with a twist!

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New State! Mithaeron

There was an unusual empty space on the States page which many thought were to be for a new state. Well those who thought so, were right! We are expected to see one very soon.

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Behind the Name MsNyxxie

Learn more behind the names of three normal Bootleggers players than just their rank and wealth status.

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Freelance Articles MsNyxxie

These are the Freelance Articles for this week!

Guide to Busting! MisterLawrencex

Busting, although hard at first, will eventually (with practice and patience) get a lot easier! MisterLawrence invites you to read his Guide to busting!

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Determining a Legend DejaVu

What makes a legend? Who do you categorize to be a legend and why? DejaVu wants your responses after he gives his own opinion!

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A Man on a Mission Tball

He's buying accounts-- all to attack Gangster's Sanctuary and White October. Who is he and why? Does GS and WO have a problem on their hands?

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