Sunday, April 5th, 2009
Issue: 120   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue #120 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

I must say that this week was rather dull until it reached its end. Up until Saturday, nothing really special had happened and it wasn't until Sunday that we saw some real bloodshed as all our State Dons ended up getting shot by Diesel and Sensei. Of course we had the several events to cover and our writers did their very best to do so as best as they possibly could.

This week, Bootleggers became eligble to win the MPOGD Game of the Month contest again. After having won this contest for several times, Bootleggers will try to win once again and all players are asked to help. In exchange for our help, Petty Crimes will now earn you bullets. Alongside with the MPOGD update came the BootCast Call-In feature that was added this week. Players can now call-in and record a message for the DJ to air during his or her show.

Like every week, the crews seem to keep us busy as well. Lynx and Winter Hill Gang seemed to be the unlucky crews of this week as they either got insided or wiped. World of Domination replaced the inside Lynx after buying their spot and The Black Hand replaced Winter Hill Gang. However, they got attacked themselves now and could just be in trouble.

Of course the major shooting of this week occurred only a few hours ago, as Diesel and Sensei opened fire and killed all the State Dons. By doing so, they ended all discussion regarding a possible new Nation Don and may have fired up a new discussion about who will be the lucky ones to reach State Don.

And as always we have our weekly segments lined up for you and ready to read and enjoy. We have 'Telling It Like It Is', 'A Year Back' and 'The Weekly Flash' lined up for you and hope that you will like reading all of them. As you might have noticed, 'Behind the Name' is not in this week's issue. The reason for this is that we have decided to revise the segment as it has been the same for quite a while now. Any suggestions regarding how we can improve this segment are of course appreciated and can be send to either Nyxxie or Mika.

We still welcome new writers with open arms. If you love to write and like to get to the bottom of things that happen on Bootleggers than you might be interested in becoming a Buzz writer. Read the reprinted version of 'So You Think You Can Write?' in Issue 97 and get your keyboard going. This same article can also be used as a handy guide for those of you who wish to submit Freelance Articles. The Buzz was happy to publish two of them this week and we hope that you will enjoy them as well. If you want to submit an application article then please do so via the 'Application' option in the drop menu and give us a week to get back to you. We love new colleagues, so we will make sure not to forget you!

As always, enjoy this week's read and stay safe.
Take care and see you all next week!

The Fall of Winter Hill Gang iSmurf

Bootleggers was shaken towards the end of the week, when we saw one of the crews which has been on the stats for a while wiped for reasons unknown to us so far. WHG was wiped by XxHamzoooZxX and Iresist.

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Free Bullets? justtocheck

Bullets... get your bullets! That’s right folks, its game of the month time, and Bootleggers is eligible to win once again!

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Welcome to the Statistics World Domination OvermindEV2

On Sunday 5th April, we saw a new crew popping up at the statistics, we welcome World Domination.

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Bootleggers Tutorial - Using Skype to call-in to the Bootcast. Chiron

A Buzz Tutorial that will explain how YOU can call-in to the BootCast to have your own voice broadcasted.

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

Check out what happened on Bootleggers this week, all events can be found in this article.

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A Year Back Nyxxie

Check out what was happening to the game this time last year.

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Sunday Shootout! BrickTamland

Just as we, here at The Buzz, thought the week had come to a close as we all finished up articles, two people had something to say about this.

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Lynx Insided! BrickTamland

As quickly as they arrived last week, Lynx was taken away this week. The event occurred on April 1st and the crew was insided by what seemed to be The Vanguard.

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New Ruler of Illionois ShitneyAgain OvermindEV2

In today’s episode of the Buzz, we saw ShitneyAgain being promoted to the new ruler of Illinois.

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Operator? Get me the Bootcast! Chiron

Bose, Hertz, Marconi. These three names are historically remembered as people who have contributed to the invention of modern radio in the 1800’s.

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Telling It Like It Is BrickTamland

LW talks about various issues and events with his own personal touch...

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

The current team of writers that works hard to bring you the Buzz, week after week.

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Freelance Articles Mikamon

Is It Worth It? CarlosG

These days you see s dons who you may have never heard of, they spend day after day ocing and doing crimes and gta’s just to gain experience, whereas some people would argue that its much more fun to join crews and get into fights.

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Crews iXVI

The people that have played Bootleggers now for a while certainly will have noticed that there are not only lesser crew spots on the game, they are half filled as well if not even less than that.

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