Sunday, May 27th, 2007
Issue: 25   Editor: Air

Editors note Air

Welcome to Issue 25 of the Bootleggers' Buzz. This is actually the first issue after Air announced that I will be the head Editor of the Buzz and I'm actually rather excited. I hope everything goes as planned and the issue is a chock-full of information for our readers.

This week we discuss Elysium's final days and M.I.N.D.'s first baby steps as a statistic-crew, the new and improved Bootleggers' photo album, as well as correct a mistake we printed last week. Along with those are our weekly additions to the Buzz, such as the "Behind the Name," and "Bootleggers' Soundoff!" However, this week, we are missing the "Crew of the Week" and "Settling the Rumors", but will be featuring it again next week! Also in this issue is another Buzz contest following the winner of the Louisianna Race Track last week!

A big "THANK YOU!" is in order for ZebraMan, who donated $250,000 TWICE this week to the Buzz for any of its future contests! Thank you! If anyone else is interested in donating cash for the future Buzz contests, please feel free to contact MsNyxxie!

A big thanks to all people who sent in a freelance article this week as it definitely makes the Buzz better each week when non-writers send in their own stories, so please send in those freelance articles! Talk about anything Bootleggers related, give us your opinions on the week's action!

If you wish to be a buzz writer and think you have the experience and skills necessary (minding your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of article), please send your article sample to Air and I through our email address, Please be patient as we look over them once very two weeks. Also, read the "Ticket to the Buzz Forum" article in this issue for a crash course on how to be the best writer you can possibly be!

Thank you for reading and enjoy
Nyxxie and Air

A New Crew? DejaVu

Another crew has fallen, but two well known crews have put their mind to staying on the stats page.

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Deathship - Friends are our Downfall? iRetributei

There came little warning. Retribution swift...

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Bootleggers' Sound Off! MsNyxxie

Ever wanted your opinion to be read by more than those who only pay attention to the Game Forum? What's your opinion on this week's "Sound Off!"

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Buzz Contest & Winner! MsNyxxie

Behold! The winner to the Louisiana Race Track and another easy contest for $200,000!!

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Elysium Correction DejaVu

Yes, we do make mistakes and we're big enough to apologize and make the truth known!

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Elysium Suspended and.... Arda

It was a good 5-6 days that Elysium was under (Suspended) mode. Forum posts arose from every corner and finally-- our questions were answered.

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Say cheese! darkenedorb

Will you be able to read this article amongst the camera flashes that are blinding players?

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Behind the Name MsNyxxie

Three new victims, are you next?

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The Buzz Team MsNyxxie

The Buzz Team. List updated to avoid fake reporters.

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Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum MsNyxxie

The Bootleggers Buzz: whoa! Many people forget about what you should really be focusing on when applying to become a writer, so let's take a real in-depth look into how you can become one.

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Freelance Articles MsNyxxie

These are the Freelance Articles for this week.

Self Made Millions: Un(visa)ble? Gabranth

Being a self-made millionaire on Bootleggers' takes nothing more than your handy-dandy Visa or Mastercard!

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What Makes a Good Leader? uberrox

In your eyes, what separates the bad leaders to the good? Sometimes, the difference of how a leader acts upon its crew determines how long the crew lasts! Uber interviews two crew bosses to see what they think.

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Stock Market, Profitable Feature! Maqdah1

The Stock Market on Bootleggers is the 100% sure fire way to make money. Maqdah1 is going to show you exactly how to benefit from it!

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Getting on the Stats! InfamousKH

There are three ways of obtaining a crew spot. Old "skool" takeovers, new school takeovers and buying them. InfamousKH helps you weigh out the good and bad in all three!

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Corruption Part Deux fastfoodfranchise

Last week's issue had a VERY controversial anonymous article in it that cause so much stir in the Game Forum, that fastfoodfranchise just HAD to post his own opinion on the matter. Do you agree, disagree with what the WHG crew boss has to say?

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Feel safe? Think Again Coastie

Do real stat-crews give more grief than gain? Feel safe and immortal being in a crew? Think again!

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Mods and Admins Notoriouz

Do you think the moderators and administrators are ban-happy and jump to conclusions? Notoriouz does!

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