Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Issue: 121   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

WELCOME to issue number 121 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Another week has come and gone and here we are, yet again, on this glorious Sunday morning (or afternoon for you Europeans) to present to you another fun-filled, information-packed issue! Our team is getting rather large at the Buzz, the largest we have seen it all round with a total of 14 members, myself and Mika included. It's a thrill for myself to see such a large team and the Buzz to flourish in this way and I hope only the best can come out of such a large team. Are we still recruiting new writers? Of course, but for the time being our requirements towards such writers will be a little stricter than usual. We want the best of the best, but we aren't going to shy away those who prove to be a diamond in the rough. So continue to send in your applications and none will get overlooked!

Now, onto the top news this week. With a complete wipe of the entire State Don+ rank, the empty slots that once held such high ranked players remained desolate for the beginning half of the week. What did this mean for the week ahead? Our hypothesis pointed in the "boring" section as we clung to our computer chairs and waited for the first sign of life. AmaurisV2 brought the rank back to life, once again, with him being the first player to rank since the entire wipe and many other players followed suit. What are we to see in the coming weeks ahead? Are the State Dons the victims or are they the prey?

Continuing this week's issue is information on MPOGD. The bullet reward change caused quite a stir in the forums from players rather upset with it, while players on the game weren't the only people upset. Back at the headquarters, editor Jodie McIntyre, seemed to be a little peeved herself when she slashed both top competing games votes in half. Never the less, we can only hope Bootleggers will become victor to it's less-than-perfect knockoff competitor.

As always, we have our "A Year Back," informing you of the state in the game this time last year in a neat and compiled list, and "The Weekly Flash," informing you of this week in the same fashion. Our "Behind the Name" is still on "Maturity Leave" as we give this feature some time to rest and change a bit. With it being one of the OLDEST weekly additions, we think it is time for a new layout to the beloved article. Finishing this week is a mini egg hunt where you can win awesome prizes. This and so much more make issue number 121 what it is today!

Enjoy the read, everyone. See you next week! Have a blessed Holiday to those who celebrate!

The Worth of a Fair Vote Nyxxie

Whats the worth of a fair vote? To, it's a heck of a lot and they sure do not appreciate cheating!

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The Crown of Nevada zTarquiNz

After the mass shooting of State Dons, including the newly promoted Nation Don, the positions slowly began to fill back up this week. Which player was the first to take the throne?

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Bootcast phone-in: A Week Later Chiron

Players and Staff's thoughts one week after the big Bootcast "Phone-In" release. Have you tried it yet?

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Rocket Pocket is my Thing iXVI

In which way do you spend your wealth? With money-on-hand on the rise, one feature is making a not so surprising comeback!

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Makeover Our Missions! PerseveranceV2

The missions have been there since the dawn of Bootleggers, and many users are becoming tired of completing the same old tasks.

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The Buzz Mini Egg Hunt! Nyxxie

Time for you to win some prizes and time for us to give some away! Good luck!

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Telling It Like It Is. BrickTamland

LW talks about various issues and events with his own personal touch...

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A 10th State? ABVQv2

It appears the Bootleggers community is longing for a new state. Whats your cup of tea? Florida? Alabama? Hawaii? Boston-- Wait, that's not a state!

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The Black Hand shot! BrickTamland

Around the time of last week's publishing, The Blank Hand was mercilessly shot and an unsuspected crew returned in their place.

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New Crew: The Regiment iLuMP

The Regiment takes over The Seven Hills crew spot on April 7th, yearning us to want to know more!

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New Michigan State Don! ILiketoCheck

After yet another massive slaying of all of the State Don’s last week, we meet the fresh meat! The first State Don of the week.

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Separate MPOGD Bullet Bank Wesleeey

A new addition to the MPOGD voting system reward process. What do you think? Are you in favor of this change?

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

Check out what happened on Bootleggers this week, all events can be found in this article.

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A Year Back Nyxxie

The status of the game this time last year!

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