Sunday, March 9th, 2008
Issue: 64   Editor: Nyxxinator

Editors note Nyxxinator

WELCOME to Issue number 64 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

The Buzz is proud to present, yet again, a rather large and informative issue this week, jam-packed with a chock-full of information regarding events happening this past week. Articles include the crew war between Revelation and Event Horizon, a story on our new State and Nation Don, a continuing story on a "HOT POTATO" of a crew spot, and the Crew of the Week; as well as a ton of other articles for you to sink in and read about!

Last week's contest was a success. A lot of people joined in on the word scramble competition and our winners are announced in the proper article! Also, our Bootleggers Buzz Bunny is here to visit to give you all a tad bit of information on the "BUZZ EGG HUNT COMPETITION" to be held on March 30th, 2008. More in depth information will be given out on the March 27th, 2008 issue of the Buzz. So stay tuned and GET EXCITED!

Help Desk Operator, Kayasaurus, was helpful enough to make version 2 of The Bootlegger's Buzz Poll last week and after 111 ballots, her results are in with version 3 of The Bootlegger's Buzz Poll for you to take part in as well. Let's see that total balot number higher this time, can we reach 150?! Tell your friends and crew mates to take part and make sure you do as well!

"The Underground Crew Review" is another article in this issue. It is only describing what an underground crew review is and preparing you to brace for the worse! It's about time we get some REAL information about the statistics crews by seeing what their members REALLY think of them. JUICY!

Other articles include an informative article about, the idea of Gender-Based ranks, our experimental indepth look at one player/staff member in the "Behind the Player/Green," and an article on's "Game of the Month" award competition.

As always, we have our "Behind the Name." Featuring three players this week, the "Behind the Name" is a random choosing of players, so do not Bootmail me, Nyxxie, asking to be a "victim" or "next featured player on the Behind the Name." Your time will come eventually. Also, we have the "Buzz Sound Off," where players were able to state their opinions about a recently highly talked about competition: MPOGD GAME OF THE MONTH!

Sadly, the writer of "Chronicles of a Bootlegger," has died this week due to a high hitlist amount. Hopefully, however, he starts it back up with his new account as that article was definitely a success!

We are, as always, looking for writers. Even more now that most of mine are being kidnapped by their teachers with excessive homework (ew!) and tests (ew!). So if you have what it takes to become a writer, feel free to read the article below titled "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum." Please send a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event to our email address at and I will personally look into it within two weeks. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Make sure to include your current Bootleggers' name. If you are dead by the time we contact you, we will do it via the e-mail you used to contact us, so keep checking on that as well!

Happy Gaming and Enjoy the Read

Event Horizon V Revelation JDWv5

Two crews fighting to prove dominance, strength and power results in mayhem in the world of Bootleggers.

Read the entire article...

Resistance Again? Or Not At All? KingCoastie

Resistance Again, or not Resistance at all?

Read the entire article...

They're back! MikaVerLeth

A State Don and even a Nation Don show back up on the States page, finally!

Read the entire article...

Gender-Based Ranks? Nyxxinator

Could gender-based ranks, such as Hitman/Hitwoman, be in our near future?

Read the entire article...

The Order Hitlisted! JDWv5

A crew hitlisted, some speculate the use of exploited cash!

Read the entire article...

The Undercover Crew Review Nyxxinator

Next week, a crew will randomly be chosen and their members asked their opinion of the crew.

Read the entire article...

Crew Of The Week - Revelation MrHanky

The regular takeover attack victims are here to be analyzed...

Read the entire article...

Contest Drama Erupts! CavuLikesNyxxie

An awesome giveaway for the Michigan Bullet Factory causes some stir when there are three people claiming to be the sole winner.

Read the entire article...

BootGraphics - An Amateur Pic-Maker's Dream? MrHanky

The latest addition to an already sterling family of help sites...

Read the entire article...'s Game of the Month! Nyxxinator

This week, players are getting the chance to vote for the game we all know and love, Bootleggers!

Read the entire article...

Hot Potato - The Crew Spot Version KingCoastie

One crew spot has been passed around like the village bicycle or a hot potato. When is this spot finally going to be in the hands of it's rightful owner(s)?

Read the entire article...

Buzz Sound Off! Nyxxinator

Your opinions heard in this week's Buzz Sound Off!

Read the entire article...

The Person Behind the Green KingCoastie

We are testing a spin-off of the "Behind the Name" with this more in-depth article, focusing on one player (or staff member) per week.

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name Nyxxinator

A new week and three new players on the spotlight!

Read the entire article...

It's Egg Huntin' Time! Nyxxinator

The Bootleggers Bunny has information about a very awesome upcoming contest!

Read the entire article...

Buzz Contest -- RESULTS! Nyxxinator

Inside are the winners to last week's easy contest!

Read the entire article...

Obituaries Nyxxinator

Fallen players in the era starting 3.1.2008 and ending 3.8.2008

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team Nyxxinator

The team here at the Buzz.

Read the entire article...

Freelance Articles Nyxxinator

Bootleggers Poll v3.0 Kayasaurus

Your results from last week's poll and a new poll is waiting for you inside! Get all your friends to take part! It may change the course of this game!

Read the entire article...

Buzz Comic! CompanionCube

Taking an old school game and making it relate to "new school" Bootleggers! It's Cartoonic's (CompanionCube's) Comic of the Week!

Read the entire article...

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