Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
Issue: 98   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

WELCOME to Issue number 98 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Welcome to yet another jam packed issue of the Buzz. A lot of freelance articles this week alongside with the weekly segments and the articles to give you an impression of what happened this week.

And what a week it was. It seems like having ten crewspots is finally doing what it is supposed to do, causing fights over them! Not a week seems to go by without a change in the list of crews. As can be seen in the Obituaries, it has been quite a bloody week. We witnessed the rampage of The Order and the fall of Brothers in Arms as a result of it. That same Order was later attacked by the late California State Don.

Alongside with the death of this California State Don came the death of the Nation Don, GCC. He was quickly replaced by a friend and crewmate. Apart from the new State Dons, Bootleggers also meets a new Nation Don with his own plan.

Shootings aren't the only thing we have in store for you this week. A little stir on the forums this week as a new, Bootcrews like site advertised itself. Also, the Buzz is proud to introduce the very first "Bootleggers Buzz Tutorials". This week's article will explain the newer players how to use 'Escrow'.

Of course we also have our weekly segments for you. "Behind the Name" and "A Year Back" are there in this week's issue. Sadly enough, "Did You Know" isn't there and "Crew of The Week" is postponed to next week, seeing this week's crew, Brothers in Arms, got wiped.

As said before, there are a lot of freelance articles this week and we love them. Make sure to keep them coming as freelance articles are the perfect way to tell the Bootleggers community what you think. Keep sending them in because we love them.

As always, we are looking for writers. If you are interested in becoming a writer then read the re-printed version of "So You Think You Can Write?" in issue 97. Please submit a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event via selecting Application in the "Send a" located on the bottom of each Buzz. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are dead by the time we contact you, please submit the same article all over again! Your articles will be reviewed as quickly as possible but please have patience, we won't forget about you.

Well, that was about it for this week's Editor Notes.
Enjoy the read! Take care and stay safe.

Trick or Treat Atrophy

It seems that the holidays and celebrations are normally the perfect time to strike on Bootleggers. The grim night of Halloween 2008 was no different as yet another State Don used his powers.

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The Order's Rampage! JoeyDaWhopper

We are used to seeing The Order being shot at. This time, The Order was the one shooting.

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A New Nation Don Mikamon

It was quite a shock for The Legends to find their Nation Don, GCC, killed.

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Bootleggers Buzz Tutorials LaNyxxie

If you are confused about escrow or do not know how to use it, this tutorial should help!

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A Year Back Mikamon

A look at the game, this time last year.

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Brothers in Arms And Death Mikamon

After Vistronic decided to sell his crew, Eternal Defiance, it was replaced by Brothers in Arms. Bought and owned PearlZ, Brothers in Arms started their stay on the statistics.

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A new site -- will it take us by storm? ProvertXV

Talk of a new help-site spread the forums in the early evening on the Thursday of this week.

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Obituaries RonBurgundy

Those who have lost their virtual lives during the period of last week, starting October 24th, ending October 31st. May they rest in Bootleggers peace!

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Behind the Name Mikamon

A new week and three new victims!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles LaNyxxie

The boys are back in town! DezialBrown

The screech of tyres, the clamour of car doors opening and slamming, the patter of shiny shoes.. hot whisky in my veins and I was ready for show-time!

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Revenge is a meal Best served Cold! Pt. 2 FrankxLucas

I wake up feeling like I'd just had the best dream ever, until I look around and realize that I'm still in the old tractor yard. It wasn’t a dream, I say to myself. I notice several others stirring around me also...

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Fake Hitlists , Anonymous Hitlist LegendaryBusterz

In my eyes there should be a little change to some parts of the hitlist.
Want to see if you think the same things should be changed? Read on!

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Congratulations Event Horizon LegendaryBusterz

Event Horizon managed to stay on the stats for 2 year without losing their spot!
They have been there since the crew was created just a few days after the reset !

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Are UG Crews More Usefull? HiddenDanger

As being apart of an UG crew, and being on the stats on and off, I start to wonder; Is being in an underground crew better than being on the stats?

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Visiting old ghosts DezialBrown

On a cold and gloomy autumn morn I took a drive down to that exclusive members club where 'The Imperium' still frequent. Crunch of gravel as my duesenberg rolled along the narrow path, hat in my lap out of respect for the past.

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The Order is Strictly Business. Triforce

“ What crew should I join? “ “ Who should I trust? “ “ What makes a crew stand out? “ These are all valid questions from beginners in the game and the answer is a relatively tough one to come up with.

Read the entire article... JayEff

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