Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
Issue: 41   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Editors note MadamNyxxie

Welcome to Issue number 41 of the Bootleggers Buzz! Wow! only 11 more issues to go before our 1 year anniversary! How exciting!

This week, however, it seems as if the game came to a standstill as far as action goes. A couple of weeks ago, we were faced with the same problem when one Bootleggers player suggested the idea that on a boring week, the Buzz writers go on some crazing killing spree for the sake of that week's Buzz. Now, although the idea seems pretty tempting, we'd get killed in return and have to wait to find out the new names of our writers, wait for a moderator to give Nyxxie her editing status back, in order to give her writers their writing status back. The whole process is a pain, to say the least, and if we did go on a killing spree every time this game showed no sign of action, we'd be dead before we made it to Boss, never mind the fact that the Buzz would never be out on time!

But anyway, this week is full of some useful information on the game as well as a wide range of Buzz freelance articles, which I am always glad to see!

As always, we have our weekly articles, "Behind the Name" and "Buzz Sound Off!" This week, the "Behind the Name" chose three players at random and still wound up with three men! I guess that goes to show you the men to women ratio on Bootleggers. The "Buzz Sound Off" was done via random Boot mail to players. We got three great responses. This week however, look for a Game Forum post for the "Buzz Soundoff" because this one means a lot to the Buzz in peticular.

The Buzz contest is continuing this week for the $10,000,000 prize! Last week, the prize was set at $500,000 and to end last Thursday. But thanks to Tolkien and Riggs, a set of $5,000,000 donations were sent to Nyxxie, whom then sent it to the Buzz bank account, all for this peticular contest! So get to reading the article and send in as many comics as you like before the deadline! Good luck!

We'd love to hear what you think of the Buzz thus far. We have published our 41st issue and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make it enjoyable to you. Many have came to Air and I stating that they love the Buzz and think it is the most popular it has ever been since the Buzz started way back and that brings smiles to our faces. We work hard for you and hope you are happy with what we publish. So feel free to post your opinions in the official Buzz topic upon publishing or notify both Air and MadamNyxxie your opinions. Since we are both editors and lead busy lives, sending your opinion to one of us will leave the other in the dark. So make sure to forward it to both of us-- or just make your life easy and use the Game Forum post! Good, bad, neutral opinion? Ideas on contests or articles? State it! We want to hear it!

As always, we are looking for writers! If you are a talented writer (like all our others!), please feel free to send in a sample article to as soon as you can. Mind your grammar, punctuation, spelling and choice of article! Read issue # 36`s article titled Wanted: Talented Writers! on how you can get your way to the Buzz forum as an official writer!

Thank you, Enjoy the Read and Happy Gaming!

A mutiny within Winter Hill Gang? JustDrew

Current and former Winter Hill Gang members made Franny walk the plank.

Read the entire article...

Crew Of The Week - Apocalypse JustDrew

In the return of Crew Of The Week, we take you inside Apocalypse, a forum whore's dream come true!

Read the entire article...

BBC Off Air! Refugee

No, not the The British Broadcasting Corporation, but our very own Bootleggers BootCast!

Read the entire article...

Buzz Sound Off! MadamNyxxie

Sound off your opinion about this week's Sound Off debate! Look for a GF thread to post your opinions!

Read the entire article...

Buzz Team Air

Keep an eye on the Buzz Team just in case someone messages you claiming to be one, for certain information.

Read the entire article...

Heated cars cooling down? MikaVerLeth

Isn't there a law that forbids stealing stolen goods? Car cooled down and disappeared. Dude, where the hell is my car?

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Poker - A Guide. Moatilliatta

Poker; ItÂ’s the worlds most popular card game. This is a basic guide on how to play.

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The State of Illinois Welcomes You! Trippy

If there was ever to be a tour around that city, on that day, you would've had a nice sight of... kills, kills and yes you guessed it, more kills!

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Bootleggers Buzz Contest MadamNyxxie

Create a Bootleggers Comic for your chance to win $10,000,000!

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name MadamNyxxie

New week and three new victims. Watch out, you could be next!

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Freelance Articles Air

Check out all of the freelance articles for this week, below!

Statistics Database Altro

Statistic database helps players get a new understanding on how crimes, OCs, booze runs and any other logged action helps ranking! So get to sending in your statistics! (This is a paid advertisement!)

Read the entire article...

Jordanian Dupes Logikv2

The new banning system doing more wrong than right for the Jordanian players?

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Religions on the Off Topic Forum. RaydinLovesGab

Religion on an online game? Should topics that will eventually cause hurt, pain and racist remarks be abolished?

Read the entire article...

DoctorZ - The whole story TheRevealer

The final story behind DoctorZ, with this information out, will we see anymore of DoctorZ in our future?

Read the entire article...

Gambling, Good or Bad?! Kartel

Kartel gives away some of his Gambling strategies!

Read the entire article...

Stuck With Crews?!? Answers... GenX

Glory's in the interview spotlight this week as GenX takes a deeper look into the crew.

Read the entire article...

Noobs and how to deal with them. liverpool711

How to tell the difference between a noob and a newbie!

Read the entire article...

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