Sunday, May 17th, 2009
Issue: 126   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

WELCOME to a rather late number 126 issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

While we apologize for the late publishing, we hope you can understand how real life takes a toll on players. With school coming to a close and summer starting, that only means one thing (no, not ice cream sandwiches); exams! Although we try our damnedest to provide you the best Buzz we can weekly, we hope you do not fret when it is sub par for the week. We will, in no time, get our groove back! But in the meantime, we hope you enjoy what we have for this late night read for all of you!

This week's articles consist of the welcoming and wipe of Perpetual Elysium. Although we still have yet to understand the meaning of the two words in conjunction with the other, we never really ever had long enough to figure it out and can't bother now. We hope they make their return soon because we are rather intrigued about their crew name. None the less, we have welcomed other new crews this week such as Foot Soldiers (Soldiers with feet, obviously) and The Taedium (Tay? Tie? How do you pronounce this?) and we can only hope the best for them in the future. Other crews in the news are, yet again, the silent but deadly (like a fart) Syndicate! What they did this time around? Perhaps it's about time you click "READ MORE" below and find out!

We are also welcomed to see a freelance article and hope you all take the time to add one as well about anything game related. Your opinion matters and it will be plastered her all over the Buzz as long as you have a spare minute to write it up! Don't know how to submit? It's easy! Click the Bootleggers Buzz page, scroll down and click the second drop down menu and choose "FREELANCE ARTICLE." There, you will be able to submit your articles. Be sure to also add a title!

This week we have two weekly segments in store for you. 'A Year Back' and 'The Weekly Flash' are there again for your entrainment. We have good hopes to have 'Behind the Name' make its comeback somewhere in the next couple of issues, especially because the team understands this was a popular segment. We also have a fun and mindless contest for you all to take part of! You know, to make up for the lack of articles and inactivity of our tired and worn out writers (I hate school). Due to our large team there has been decided to stop our active search for writers. Of course, those who wish to become a writer may still submit an application article and these will still be reviewed, however unless we feel you have an exceptional talent, all applicants will receive a reply about their application when we have a new need for writers.

Thanks and Enjoy the read, ya'll! YEE HAW!

The Syndicate Exists? Mikamon

Hardly a week after appearing on the statistics, The Sacred Empire found itself shot straight off as The Syndicate woke up from its slumber and decided it was time to unleash death upon TSE. Two TS shooters started their searches and prepared for the wipe. With one of them inside the crew at the time, there was definatly an option for a takeover, however the insider was shot by the Nation Don before things could take a turn for the worst.

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New Crew: The Taedium PerseveranceV2

Many Bootleggers users aspire to own a crew, and plan for many months before they are able to successfully execute a movement onto the stats page. However the most recent addition to the stats, The Taedium, which when translated into English means The Boredom, made their sudden arrival onto the statistics page for different reasons.

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

This week in a nutshell!

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Advertisment AVAILABLE! Nyxxie

Perpetual Elysium: There and Gone Again Mikamon

After the wipe of The Sacred Empire, the empty spotted was picked up by a crew called TGIF. However, with only three members it was of course a matter of time before someone would shoot for the spot. When the dust of the shoot outs had cleared and the bodies had dropped dead on the floor, it turned out two crews had attempted to shoot for the spot at the same time. Both The Sacred Empire and Perpetual Elysium had attempted to get hold of the spot.

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New crew: Foot Soldiers IAmAldarion

This week, we saw a new name in the list of crews: Foot Soldiers. It appeared not be an entirely new crew, as they were The Notorious Gangsters. They originally used that as a name when they returned to the statistics, after buying the crewspot from The Usual Suspects, but they later decided to change its name into Foot Soldiers. The Bootleggers Buzz had a little chat with one of the bosses, TwiceAsNice. The crew is primarily run by GuanDied and his close friend The4400. We at the buzz caught up with GuanDied to find out about the new crew, its goals and why they decided to bring The Taedium to the stats.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics IAmAldarion

Check out the statistics of this week!

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Bootleggers Buzz Competition! Nyxxie

Enter to win this mindless competition for great prizes!

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A Year Back Nyxxie

The status of the game, this time last year!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our family here at the Buzz, and the team that brings you the news!

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Freelance Articles Mikamon

Franny's Lost WHG Journal KugFuFranda

Have a look in the article of Franchise to see what has kept him busy the past few days!

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