Sunday, July 26th, 2009
Issue: 136   Editor: MikaTheGoofball

Editors note MikaTheGoofball

Welcome to issue number 136 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

The Buzz team is back, and guess what, we brought you the newest issue of the Buzz. After starting with the first part of a Buzz contest in the previous issue which ended earlier this week, our new issue of course features the second and final part; the actual Grand Theft Mania. More information about both the first- and second part can be found in the articles regarding them. A congratulations to those who already won prize money and good luck to everyone who will be competing.

Of course we have had a lot of other action, similar to previous week. However, the way Event Horizon was the subject of previous week, The Syndicate was our main source of bullet showers for this one. The week of The Syndicate started with an attack on The Order. Despite receiving a blow, the long standing crew did remain on the statistics and is still there to see the light of a new dawn. With the help of allies, Event Horizon was taken down, ending the sprees and the entire crew. That same Syndicate was quick to wave bye bye to Eternal Labyrinth. For only a couple of hours after replacing The Deadly Alliance, Eternal Labyrinth was wiped and condemned to a place that is not shown on the statistics.

Death Row also saw a lot of death as the crew was insided by Young and Dangerous after having been on the statistics for barely, or not even, a week. Of course with death comes new life when crews are concerned. Main Street managed to get a hold of the spot previously owned by Death Row, Absolute Zero decided to sell and give a chance to Winter Hill Gang whilst The Syndicate occupied the spot the crew had taken over from Event Horizon.

We are almost running out of people to interview but luckily we still have some, for this week we sat down with Help Desk Operator David in an attempt to get to know him just that little bit better. We also decided to feature the Sound Off we promised you. After not losing this one to the auto prune the Buzz is proud to present you with a Sound Off. As promised, and mentioned before, the outcome of our Buzz contest part one is in this issue, alongside an explanation of the hints that is featured in the same article. We hope everyone has been working on their GTA skills, because this week marks the kick off of the second and final part of our Buzz competition. All the information you need can be found in the Buzz article dedicated to this second part.

As always we have all our weekly segments for you. Apart from the earlier mentioned 'Sound Off' we also have 'A Year Back', 'The Weekly Flash' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' lined up and ready for you. We hope you will enjoy them and would like to remind you that feedback is always appreciated. Although our hyperactive search for writers has come to and end, those with talent and a good article might still find themselves being offered the digital pen of the Bootleggers Buzz writer. You might want to give it a try. After all, who knows? You might be talented and thus... lucky! Either way, please have patience after submitting an application, since our very active search is over it may take a while before you receive a reply to your application.

Once again, good luck to all you car thieves out there. Hopefully you are going to enjoy the next couple of days. We will be here again next week with a new Buzz, and who knows, maybe with some contest results! Until then, take care.

Sun sets on the Horizon! IAlwaysPersevere

After prolonged periods of shooting and peace, Event Horizon eventually met its end as the week drew to a close, being wiped off the statistics page by the combined efforts of The Syndicate and 23rd Gunslinger Co.. This feud had provided entertainment all week, with shots coming from all parties in fits and spurts.

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Caught in the Crossfire! IAlwaysPersevere

As shootings progressed throughout the week, The Order found itself in the unfortunate position of ally to Event Horizon, as The Syndicate unleashed its bullets on the unsuspecting members. Many members were shot, and Bullet Factories dropped, however the spot stayed strong and did not drop. Why was The Order shot?

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The Deadly Alliance Wiped! lordwellv3

It was during a fairly peaceful time in Bootleggers when suddenly, three Eternal Labyrinth shooters started killing member after member of The Deadly Alliance. This was quickly followed by kills for the California, Colorado and New York Bullet Factories. Why did Eternal Labyrinth pick TDA as a target to obtain a crewspot on the Stats once more?

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Buzz Contest Part 1: The Results MikaTheGoofball

With the contest account being found and shot, part one of the Buzz contest has officially ended. After four days of searching, the players finally managed to locate the contest account. In the end it did not take long before the account was killed, allowing the winners to claim their prize.

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An Interview With David! FrickenChicken

Being a Help Desk Operator on Bootleggers can carry many burdens, but also many advantages. The Buzz got in touch with KamikazeDavid and asked him a few questions on what it is like to be a HDO.

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The Weekly Flash lordwellv3

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasnÂ’t covered in one of the other articles. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact the Buzz.

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A Year Back MikaTheGoofball

Check out the state of the game this time last year.

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Grand Theft Mania MikaTheGoofball

Round one is over and it is time to commence round two. After warming up by finding an account and earning yourself some Bootleggers dollars the real prize can be won now if you are the lucky person to steal that rare car. All information on the second part of our Buzz Grand Theft Mania is inside.

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Death Row Insided! lordwellv3

Earlier this week, having obtained a crewspot the week before, Death Row lost it to Young and Dangerous, giving it two spots at the same time. Interested in finding out more, the Buzz team contacted representatives from both sides; SmokinMuppets from Young and Dangerous and Thunderbish from Death Row to find out more.

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Welcome Main Street! lordwellv3

After Young and Dangerous' successful insiding of Death Row, the crewspot was up for sale. The chance to finally obtain a crewspot was taken by the Bosses of Main Street after a substantial period of recruiting. Formed after The Rapture was disbanded, we wanted to find out more about the crew and so we contacted a Boss of Main Street, MasterSamFTW.

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Welcome Winter Hill Gang! lordwellv3

Earlier this week, Abzolute Zero was in control of a crewspot, bought from Event Horizon following their 4-crew wipe. It was then put up for sale and Winter Hill Gang decided it was the ideal time to make an entrance back to the Stats. We were able to spend some time with NinjaStar, to find out more about the return.

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The Burning Legion Insided and Wiped FrickenChicken

A runner up from last week, but do not make that spoil your reading fun!
After being on the statistics for just one week, the players of Bootleggers witnessed Event Horizon inside and wipe The Burning Legion.

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Bootleggers Buzz Sound Off! FrickenChicken

Check out this week's subject and the discussion around it.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics lordwellv3

The Bootleggers Game Statistics is a weekly article, which will basically contain data of the past week. State Dons, crews and various other statistics are being featured in this article.

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