Sunday, May 6th, 2007
Issue: 22   Editor: MsNyxxie

Editors note MsNyxxie

WOW! Is the only word that can sum up this week\'s events! To think, we thought it\'d be a boring week, Affectionate and Adir saved the week (and the Buzz) with their one of a kind crew takeover of Friendship First! It\'s nice to see aspects of the old Bootleggers we came to love and seemed to miss made a return for one night old with an \"old school\" takeover. A job well done!

Concluding the week was a wipe served up by DamianBlackHeart (DBH) and Spine against Revelation. The Buzz, although glad we have material to write about and submit to all of you to read, send our \"Rest in Peace\" farewell to the players that died in both Revelation and Friendship First, we know most of you will be back and better in no time. Revenge is bitter sweet.

Bootleggers was riddled by a \"Reply-Hack\" this week as well. The hack, embedded into normal Bootmails, placed a player in vacation after clicking the \"reply\" button in an attempt to respond. Thanks to Sabin, however, bootmail is again hack-free and all players placed into vacation because of the hack were pulled out!

This week we have a new addition to the Buzz called \"Bootleggers Soundoff\" where a question is answered and players can take part in submitting their opinion about it for a chance to be featured in the Buzz the following week.

As always, we have our \"Behind the Name\" and wonderful Freelance articles written by the players for the players! Remember to send in your Freelance articles! To learn how, please read the article titled \"About Freelance Articles\" below!

Featured this week is the three to five part article titled \"Settling the Rumors\" where MsNyxxie takes rumors recently heard in the game (about the game) and goes one on one with Sabin himself to put those rumors to rest for good!

Other stories include the sell of White October, the new 15-minute rule and the Crew of the Week!

We would like to thank five players for their generous donations to the Buzz for any upcoming Buzz Contests! The Buzz would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Pl4kkie, Samu, DonKozak, Randomized and iRetributei. You too can help donate to the Buzz for its contests by following the guidelines posted in the article titled \"About Freelance Articles.\"

As always, we hope you enjoy the Buzz and make sure to use the \"Report Card\" email we have set up. If you haven\'t heard or read about it yet, please refer to the article belong!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!
~The Bootleggers Editors

Time's Up for Friendship First! MsNyxxie

Friendship First faced the barrel and over a million bullets late Friday night into Saturday morning. It's time for a new crew!

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Settling the Rumors; Part I MsNyxxie

How many rumors have you heard? Have you ever had a chance to sit down with Sabin to settle them? Nyxxie has and she's here to get the facts straight once and for all!

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Tick, Tick, Tick, Ban! darkenedorb

15 minutes is what stands between you and the wrong end of the banning stick.

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Welcome Back Max Bet Page! whitestar

The Max bet page is back up and running! I bet you're happy, aren't you- you little gambling addict, you!

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name MsNyxxie

A new week and three new victims! Could you be next?...

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Buzz Casino Giveaway! MsNyxxie

Want your hands on the Louisiana Race Track? Take part in this week's Buzz Contest!

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Revelation WIPED! Numpty

Revelation joins Friendship First as a second crew is wiped. But unlike Friendship First, the newly wiped crew is already on the statistics page once again!

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Can You Hear Me Now? DejaVu

Were you a victim of "Reply Hack" this week? Don't fear, so were some HDOs and our very own... DejaVu!

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Crew Of The Week - The Secrets of The Supremacy! Numpty

The Supremacy bares all this week in our "Crew of the Week." Supreme power or authority, do they hold up to their name?

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Bootleggers Sound Off MsNyxxie

Ever wanted your opinion to be read by more than those who only pay attention to the Game Forum? What's your opinion on this week's "Your Say!"

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Bootleggers Buzz Report Card MsNyxxie

Tell us how we're doing in an anonymous way!

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About Freelance Articles MsNyxxie

Ever wanted to sent a Freelance Article but didn't know how? Now you do!

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Buzz Team Air

Check here for an updated list of the Bootleggers Buzz team. Someone messaging you claiming to be a writer? Use this as confirmation.

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Freelance Articles MsNyxxie

These are the Freelance Articles for this week.

The Mutilation of Revelation! Numpty

Numpty, AKA Clovis, explains his reasonings towards the complete crew wipe of Revelation.

Read the entire article...

October has passed. Roll on Sparta! iRetributei

Goodbye White October, Hello The Spartan Warriors!

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Why is Bootleggers so Special? SexehKate

She's back and she has a reason why Bootleggers is the best!

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Exploiting the Human Mind? Independent

Some scammers need a more powerful source than a program, they need the power of their mind to get what they want!

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Friendship First Spot-- Hack Attacked? Cartez

Was the spot that once held Friendship First hacked from the players who bought it from the person who picked it up? Cartez explores the opinions of the ones involved.

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State Don's Unfair? uberrox

Uberrox takes the pros and cons of being a state don and shells out his own opinion on the matter! Do you agree?

Read the entire article...

Expensive Points! dinner2

Shoving in our face what he learned in his level 100 economic class, finally, a reason to why points are so expensive!

Read the entire article...

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