Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
Issue: 137   Editor: MikaTheGoofball

Editors note MikaTheGoofball

Welcome to issue 137 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Sunday evening, at least here in Holland but with Bootleggers being played all over the world it might very well be morning where you are right now. Anyway, before I began sidetracking I wanted to point out it was time for another Buzz. So yes, that would be what you are reading now. The Editors note of our newest Buzz issue. Of course we did our very best to cover all events as best as we possibly could, as always.

There is good news and somewhat bad news, and let me start with the bad news. At the time of me writing this, two crews have just hit the statistics and The Deadly Alliance has been there a bit longer. Despite our best efforts we are unable to report on their appearances right now, however rest assured for we will make that up for that next week. For now, welcome to all of them!

The good news? Well, there were more things that happened this week which we did report on. Of course the spree of The Invisibles has been hard to miss as the crew decided to try and make players who were guilty of 'rankism' think twice as the crew shot a lot of players that had been found making others pay for OCs or had refused lower ranks.

The 23rd Gunslinger Company. was attacked by an underground crew that called itself Plan B and of course the Buzz contest ended early in the week. In addition, Sabin introduced a new Help Desk daemon, but its introduction proved to be somewhat of a bumpy ride. There is also more sad news, Elite Guard Moderator Raztaz felt it was time to hand in his resignation. Although we do feature a short article on this, I would also like to use this Note to wish him the best.

As always we have all our weekly segments for you. We have 'A Year Back', 'The Weekly Flash' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' lined up and ready for you. We hope you will enjoy them and would like to remind you that feedback is always appreciated. Although our hyperactive search for writers has come to and end, those with talent and a good article might still find themselves being offered the digital pen of the Bootleggers Buzz writer. You might want to give it a try. After all, who knows? You might be talented and thus... lucky! Either way, please have patience after submitting an application, since our very active search is over it may take a while before you receive a reply to your application.

That is all, folks! Stay safe and take care.

Elysium no more! IAlwaysPersevere

This week began with a bang, as Perpetual Elysium met its end, courtesy of a combined effort by The Syndicate and 23rd Gunslinger Co.. After the first shots had been fired, it soon became clear Perpetual Elysium would make no attempt to prolong its existence on the stats, seeming to accept defeat immediately. What has provoked the wipe of Perpetual Elysium?

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The Invisibles Vs. Rankism MikaTheGoofball

A new crew takes central stage this week as The Invisibles open fire on people who were considered 'rankists', meaning they refused to let lower ranks join their Organized Crimes or asked a lot of money from the lower ranks in order to join. Believing this was not the way things needed to be done, The Invisibles members KamikazeDavid and XBrowneyesX opened fire with the support of the pink guard in an attempt to combat the phenoma some call rankism.

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Advertisement HannahSeantana

Welcome Pee Wee's Playhouse HannahSeantana

Earlier this week, we welcomed Pee Wee’s Playhouse onto the Statistics page. The Buzz delved deeper into just how Pee Wee’s Playhouse acquired its crewspot. In order to do this, we approached ThizzlingCelsil. After asking how it got the crewspot from The Stoned Thugz, it came to light that the previous owner gave it away because he couldn’t find a seller before going to Amsterdam for his birthday. Talk about “right place, right time”! After further questioning into Pee Wee Playhouse’s goals and aims on Bootleggers, ThizzlingCelsil told us that its goal was simple.

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Buzz Contest: The Conclusion MikaTheGoofball

The Buzz contest has ended for several days already, but we did not want to keep the screenshots we received and the name of the winner to ourselves. Check out this article that officially marks the conclusion of our Grand Theft Mania.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics MikaTheGoofball

The Bootleggers Game Statistics is a weekly article, which will basically contain data of the past week. State Dons, crews and various other statistics are being featured in this article.

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A Year Back MikaTheGoofball

Check out the state of the game, this time last year.

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Hello! I noticed that this ticket has not been updated recently MikaTheGoofball

Say what? That is what some people might have thought as they received a BootMail telling them their ticket had been updated. Another reply in a ticket that has already been taken care of? It would be strange. However, it is not. For with the most recent update to the Help Desk it is perfectly possible for you to receive a reply to a Help Desk ticket you thought had already been attended.

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Twenty one, Twenty two, Twenty Third... MikaTheGoofball

After having been the actual aggressor, being the one to suggest a target and simply having donated funds to other players to attack the roles were reversed this time as 23rd Gunslinger Co. was attacked and had to watch how several of its members were killed before others managed to end the life of the killer, BadumShhh. The Buzz caught up with both sides in order to find out why the attack had happened and what had actually occurred.

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Roll Up! Roll Up! It's A Crew Spot Giveaway! FrickenChicken

Earlier this week, Bootleggers players spotted The Usual Suspects crew spot being given away in a free dice game. IdleBong eventually emerged as the winner of this giveaway, after winning, he sold the spot to Evocati. The Buzz got in touch with The Usual Suspects council member, DonTelfman, and Ferral, a boss of Evocati.

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Goodbye Raztaz MikaTheGoofball

After having been an Elite Guard Senior Moderator and Moderator for over two years, Raztaz decided it was time for him to step down and offer his green coat to the willows. In a Game Forum thread made at the start of this week he announced his decision.

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Advertisement Space Available MikaTheGoofball

The Weekly Flash MikaTheGoofball

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact the Buzz.

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The Buzz Team MikaTheGoofball

Our family here at the Buzz.

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