Sunday, March 4th, 2007
Issue: 13   Editor: iAir

Editors note iAir

This week hasn't been filled with many article-worthy stories and it seems that because of this, the Buzz lacks in certain aspects, especially in size. When bullets aren't flying throughout the week, the Bootleggers community seems to be bored by it and there is nothing we at the Buzz can do (except send subliminal messages through our articles urging you to kill more often. Okay, okay, so there isn't any subliminal messages, or is this a subliminal message? Something to ponder about!)

This week, we take a look at that dreaded MSN hack to hit the Bootleggers Community just days ago, already taking the accounts of over 10 victims. We at the Buzz urge you to make sure you do all you can to protect yourself and your account against this hack!

Following is a segment from Bootleggers Buzz's own, Broken, about the etiquette and habits of the players of Bootleggers. Although this game doesn't require "Mannerism" as a prerequisite to play, a little etiquette goes a long way!

Our newest writer, FastFoodFranchise (aka Franchise), sent in his controversial "Franny Being Franny" article using honesty as his guide to create a piece that doesn't kiss anyone's behind! Taking the facts and his opinion, straight up, with a bit of his lovely sarcasm!

We also have our weekly articles. Such additions include the "Did You Know?" where Nyxxie takes random quotes mentioned by the person themselves, usually found in the Off Topic Forum. Remember, none of what is said in that article is made up! Along-side that is the "Behind the Name." This week, we look a little bit into the lives of some of the men in yellow, the male HDOs.

We will also be completing the "Buzz Awards." Over 40 emails were received by players handing in their own nominations and after Nyxxie spent almost an hour and a half tallying up the votes, we have our winners!

As always, we are looking for writers for the Buzz and all applications can be sent to with a sample article. Please bare in mind your spelling, punctuation, grammar and choice of article and refer to Issue 10's article "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum" for ideas on how to make your article the best it can be!

Until next week, I hope you enjoy the Buzz. Remember to send comments or constructive criticism via BM to MissNyx, iAir or to the writer themselves so we can fix what we do wrong to better the Buzz for all of you!

Happy Reading!

Beware: The MSN Hack MissNyx

Beware of the new MSN hack to hit both Bootleggers and MSN messenger! Keep yourself safe by reading up on the most recent threat to hit the BL Community!

Read the entire article...

Franny Being Franny fastfoodfranchise

He's loud, he's honest, he's got a big mouth and fast typing fingers. He will tell you the facts straight up! There's nothing watered down when this BL SoB has something to say. What's this week's rant all about? Only one way to find out! Continue reading, you ass.

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Awards MissNyx

The votes are in and the tallies are complete! The best (and worst) of Bootleggers are put together in a little package. A big thanks to all who voted. And the winners are....

Read the entire article...

Player Etiquette and Habits, Part I Broken

Old school and new school are two words through left and right in the game forum following many of the crew takeovers we've seen this reset. It seems almost like a habit of the players to look over the facts of the takeover and label it as such. But what is the difference?

Read the entire article...

Did You Know? MissNyx

Did you know all porcupines float in water? Okay, so that wasn't Bootlegger's related, but it still sounds fascinating! What else don't you know? We promise it's Bootleggers related!

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name MissNyx

This week is HDO week! I have chosen 3 HDOs and interviewed them so you can get a bit more knowledge about some of the men in yellow!

Read the entire article...

Freelance Articles MissNyx

Below are the Freelance Articles for this week!

Abuse on The Forums, still a big issue? Redgie

The amount of abuse we witness in the forums is rediculous. We see it all the time and maybe we should see another forum-whore wipeout that we once witnessed from Melabo. It's about time "something" happened.

Read the entire article...

Blackjack – One deck or more? CaptainPlanet

We’ve all seen the posts “WTF, I have 2 aces of clubs. How can this be?” Is Bootlegger Blackjack using more than one deck? I’ll help look for the answer.

Read the entire article...

Forum Wars MisterLawrencex

Spatting insults back and forth is a common thing in the forums. It seems that there is no sense of respect for players, new and old. How can we avoid it?

Read the entire article...

Casino's ... Again Irrad

Small maxbets, big complaints! Big maxbets, no gambling! What is up with that? Irrad (1rrad) goes on a ranting spree!

Read the entire article...

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