Sunday, March 8th, 2009
Issue: 116   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

WELCOME to issue number 116 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

With yet another week behind us, we are proud to present you another jam packed Buzz. With multiple promotions and demotions, crew feuds, crews returning or appearing on the statistics and of course a Buzz Contest that was rolling, we surely had a week with a lot of magnificent events.

First off, the Administrators decided it was time for several changes within their team. With Nyxxie and Riserva being promoted to Moderator and Andy, VooDooDoll and Sweetie being promoted to Senior Moderators, the Elite Guard has new faces to help them moderate the game and old faces with new tools, so they can do even more. In addition, the majority of the Help Desk Operators was shocked to find out they had been relieved of their duties. With only two operators left, it seemed logical that there would be new ones. As a result, three new faces were added to the Help Desk: SplitPersonality, DrZoidberg and myself.

Apart from the changes of the staff, the crews on Bootleggers have been busy as well. The feud between Eternal Labyrinth and Strictly Business continued as both sides donated bullets the hard way, resulting in death and a crewspot that quickly changed hands twice. Furthermore, we have seen a rather unexpected return of The Invisibles and a somewhat expected return of The Legends.

I already mentioned it in the beginning of the Editors Note, the Buzz contest has come to an end. After a week of voting, this issue contains an article with the results and the winner of the grand 200 million dollar price. It was close, but eventually the Buzz Team did come up with a winner. Of course, there are also second and third places and a writer who will receive $100,000,000 for the highest rated article.

As always, we have our weekly segments 'Behind the Name', 'A Year Back' and 'Telling It Like It Is' lined up and ready for you to read. The 'Weekly Flash' is there again as well to provide you with a rough overview of the past week.

Of course, we still welcome new writers with open arms. If you love to write and like to get to the bottom of things that happen on Bootleggers than you might be interested in becoming a Buzz writer. Read the reprinted version of 'So You Think You Can Write?' in Issue 97 and get your keyboard going. Submit your sample article via the 'Application' option in the drop menu and give us a week to get back to you. We love new colleges, so we will make sure not to forget you!

As always, enjoy this week's read and stay safe.
Take care and see you all next week!

Eternal Labyrinth Vs. Strictly Business! iSmurf

Strictly Business opened fire at Eternal Labyrinth on Wednesday and claimed their crew spot. Eternal Labyrinth, however, did not take this lightly and were quick to line-up their shooters.

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Sudden Staff Shake-up! iLuMP

This week, the Bootleggers public saw a big change in staff. We said goodbye to four Help Desk Operators, and welcomed two new moderators, and three new Help Desk Operators.

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Riserva Receives a Green Coat Mikamon

At the beginning of this week, major decisions were made by the Elite Guard. This did not only mean Help Desk Operators were removed from the Help Desk, it also meant a promotion for two of them.

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Mikamon Joins The Yellow Line-up! iSmurf

For a while now, the Help Desk has been changing. Initially, its appearance was altered, this was then followed by the rating system being added and finally, Bootleggers saw some HDOs return to white, two moving up to green, and a new name appearing, Mikamon.

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Three More Promotions! JDv1

With a week that had been dominated by promotions and demotions in the Elite Guard camp, saw three moderators promoted to Senior Moderators, and one demoted to Moderator.

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The Invisibles Return! JDv1

In the midst of all the promotions last week, we saw The Invisibles make a return to the statistics page after such a long absence.

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Buzz Freelance Contest: The Results Mikamon

The contest results are in!

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

The main events of this Bootleggers week in a nutshell!

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A Year Back Nyxxie

See what kept the game going this time, last year.

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Return of The Legends! iSmurf

This week, Bootleggers saw the return of The Legends, along with a short appearance of Asian Penguin Mafia on the stats, who “like true friends, passed the crew back,” on Monday.

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Crimes Get Revamped! BrickTamland

You may remember the Buzz ran a competition where you got to have your say on what new feature update would be implemented into the Game. The winner was decided and earlier this week.

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Welcome to the Elite Guard: Nyxxie! OvermindEV2

On Tuesday, third of March, at 3:00 AM Bootleggers time, Nyxxie promoted to Moderator on Bootleggers! The Buzz had a little interview with her after she was promoted.

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New HDO: SplitPersonality IAmAldarion

This week, the Help Desk got a makeover; several Help Desk Operators were demoted, two were promoted to moderator, and three players were promoted to Help Desk Operator. One of them was SplitPersonality. The Bootleggers Buzz contacted him right after his promotion...

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Interviewing Dr.Zoidberg! iSmurf

As soon as the Buzz learnt that Dr.Zoidberg had become a HDO, we quickly grabbed him from his new busy duties in hopes of an interview.

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New Crew: Made Men iLuMP

Earlier this week, we saw a new crew enter the stats: Made Men. Apart from welcoming the crew, the Buzz contacted one of the bosses to ask him a few questions.

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Telling It Like It Is... BrickTamland

LW talks about various issues and events with his own personal touch...

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Behind the Name Nyxxie

A new week and three new victims!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our happy little family, here at the Buzz

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