Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
Issue: 124   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue 124 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

May, month of exams and revision. It's a neverending cycle that comes back to Bootleggers year after year. Around this time of the year, a lot of players are forced to spend less time online to answer to their school duties and insure themselves of a good exam result. Although most of them would prefer having free time, exams are of course a necessary evil as passing them is one of the things that will eventually get you somewhere in life. We at the Buzz would therefor like to wish everyone who has to prepare for their exams the best of luck, and hope that all of you will pass with the best possible results.

However, lets get back to business; this week's issue of the Buzz.As promised we have of course covered the attack on Gentlemen of Fortune, alongside with everything else that has happened this week. In short we also covered the spree of the wealthy, brought to you by Michigan State Don Amaurisv8. Of course we also have the first place Bootleggers obtained in the MPOGD Game of the Month contest and the return of The Sacred Empire as they bought the spot that was put up for sale by The Notorious Gangsters.

We also have a couple of other articles for you this week, as we provide you an insight in - and some opinions about the crimes. On top of that we are also proud to present you an interview with almost the entire Elite Guard and the birth of a new Bootleggers help site, made by our very own Sean. Sadly we did not have any freelances articles to publish, which is too bad as they are a very good way to share your opinion with the general public. As long as the subject is game related your article will be published and up for everyone to read. Why don't you give it a shot?

Our weekly articles 'A Year Back' and 'The Weekly Flash' are there again as always, and we can also tell you that we hope to bring you 'Behind the Name' very soon. We have good hopes to make it make its comeback somewhere in the next couple of issues, specially because the team understands this was a popular segment. Due to our large team there has been decided to stop our active search for writers. Of course, those who wish to become a writer may still submit an application article and these will still be reviewed, however unless we feel you have an exceptional talent, all applicants will receive a reply about their application when we have a new need for writers.

We sincerely hope this issue of the Buzz meets your expectations, and as always, enjoy the read, stay safe, and see you all next week!

Successful Attack or Failed Wipe? Mikamon

On April 26, on a Sunday afternoon The Clericuzio, in cooperation with Club Boogie, unleashed havoc upon Gentlemen of Fortune. What appeared to become a total crew wipe ended in what seemed like a massive attack. R.I.P. threads were all over the Game Forum as people wondered why GoF had been attacked and whether or not the crew would be dropped. Some called it a successful attack while others claimed it was a failed wipe. The Buzz did its very best to look into the shooting and present you with this promised article.

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The Return of TSE Mikamon

With the spot of The Notorious Gangsters for sale, it would of course only be a matter of time before a buyer would show up to bring a new crew to the statistics. However, crews that tried to sell in the past found this to be rather difficult, seeing crewspots seem to have lost their value and are hard to sell. It came as quite a surprise to see a quick replacement of The Notorious Gangsters by The Sacred Empire, as the crew had not been for sale that long.

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Just Another Help Site? iZone

This week, we welcomed the introduction to another Bootleggers help site. The website was created by Sean an ex-Bootleggers Buzz Writer. The new website looks very stylish and has a very sleek design, it has lots of very important and useful information that some players may not have known; it also has a brand new and updated FAQ!

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An Insight in Crimes Mikamon

We have had the new crimes for a while now, but the Buzz has raised the question to a few players. Are they better than the last?

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A Year Back Mikamon

The status of the game this time last year!

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Wealthy Wipe IAmAldarion

A couple of weeks ago, the total ingame money was getting close to eight-hundred billion. However, this amount lowered a stunning five-hundred and fifty billion over the past few weeks. That was partly caused by people shooting the Notoriously Rich users. After they were attacked by Resistance, last week, they were the victims of another spree, just one day ago. Amaurisv8, State Don of Michigan and CyberLucoTorio killed twenty-six accounts, using over six-hundred thousand bullets and removing over fifty billion dollars.

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MPOGD Victory Mikamon

After one month of voting, Bootleggers has been declared winner of the MPOGD Game of the Month contest. All in all this is the fourth time Bootleggers has won this contest that bases its winner on votes of the general public. Bootleggers has managed to emerge victorious, of course thanks to all the great players who voted every 24 hours.

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Elite Guard Interviewed! OvermindEV2

In this issue of the Buzz, we caught up with almost the whole Elite Guard! Frankly, two Moderators and an Admin didn’t reply at all, which is why they are not in the article. However, if you’re interested in what the other Moderators and Admins said, please read on. As said earlier, we caught up with the whole Elite Guard, that means, the Admins; Sabin and 5litre, Senior Moderators, VooDooDoll, Sweetie and Andy and the Moderators, Riserva and Nyxxie.

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

Check out what happened on Bootleggers this week, all events can be found in this article.

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our Buzz Team that brings you the Buzz, week after week.

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