Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
Issue: 20   Editor: MsNyxxie

Editors note MsNyxxie

Here we thought this week would be a boring one. But come the 18th, Sabin shocked (and saved) us with 5 promotions. It was nice to see more yellow turn green, all in hopes that over 2,000 tickets would be answered. I can honestly say, I was SHOCKED (to say the least) that within a mere two days, nearly over 500 tickets have been answered. It\'s good to see my inbox filled with ticket after ticket answered as I\'m sure the same goes for anyone else out there. Finally, those culprits are being banned and the game is a better place for all of us.

Aside from that (although that is the biggest story this week and shouldn\'t be pushed away so easily), we have a story on the crew Absolute Zero and the demotion of former Moderator, Lotus.

As always, we have our weekly addition to the Buzz and I hope you enjoy the \"Behind the Name\" this week. Good luck being our victim for further weeks to come.

This week we are going to concentrate on your own opinions about The Buzz and hope you take part in the article titled \"Bootleggers\' Buzz Report Card.\" We\'d love to hear what you think about the Buzz, the writers and what you would like to see (or not see) in the Buzz!

A big thanks to our sole member, SexehKate, who sent in a freelance article this week as it definitely makes the Buzz better each week when non-writers send in their own stories, so please send in those freelance articles! Talk about anything Bootleggers related, give us your opinions on the week\'s action!

If you wish to become a writer for the BL Buzz then please send in a sample article to keeping in mind your spelling, grammar, punctuation and your choice of topic. Also, please read the article \"Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum\" in Issue#10 for more helpful tips on how to become a writer. If you have already, please give Air and I one to two weeks to get back to you!

Promotion Day! MsNyxxie

Big congratulations are in order for Shaggerty, Air, BigMommaReturns1, LukkyBvIII and Knuckles!

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Crews, Becoming a bit of a Cruise? darkenedorb

Crew spots are like fairy dust. Their priceless to one person, and worthless to another.

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Where For Art Thou Forum? Air

One early morning in Europe, one dead forum... BAM! Sabin comes and, well, makes it interesting?

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We're Clean as a Whistle... Are You? Mithaeron

We write articles for you each week and stand as a certain part of the Bootleggers staff... but are we indeed clean players ourselves?

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Buzz Contest #6 MsNyxxie

Guess the Total Money Per Player for the date of April 29th at 2:00am. 3 guesses allowed per person. Are you up for winning $200,000?

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AZ Sold to? whitestar

With only 10 crew spots available, only the strong survive. Absolute Zero proved to not be strong enough-- or are they?

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Have You Seen This Man? DejaVu

He's more difficult to spot than Waldo. Our game of "Where's Lotus" is over.

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$15,000,000 Hitlist DejaVu

State Dons profit from high hitlistings over any other player... unless you're Cavudog and your killer is Alatariel. With the $15,000,000 pot, Alatariel was kind enough to spit it with the killer.

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Buzz Team MsNyxxie

Keep an eye on our current writers in case one attempts to contact you claiming to be one.

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Behind the Name MsNyxxie

A new week and three new victims! Could you be next?

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Bootleggers Buzz Report Card MsNyxxie

How are we doing? It's your turn to tell us!

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We Want You! MsNyxxie

If you wish to send in a freelance then please keep the following things in mind:

1. HAS to be in English.

2. Grammar, punctuation and spelling needs to be at your best level. If we cannot understand it, we won't publish it. Any minor things will be edited by Nyxxie.

3. If you include a quote from someone we WILL be contacting them for authorization.

4. The article needs to be FACTS if you are reporting about a story - no random things that you just made up to cause trouble.

5. If you decide to send in a more comical approach to an article, as something not too serious, we will still consider this at an equal par to the others. Please keep the above in mind and we will love to see it published in the Buzz.

Crew Honour- Meaningless? SexehKate

It's a question many crews ask. "Will you be loyal?" or "What will you do if a member is hitlisted for millions?" Of course, the same answer they get, and expect to get is any sign of loyalty. But is that loyalty empty promises?

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Freelance Articles MsNyxxie

These are the Freelance Articles for this week!

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