Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
Issue: 66   Editor: Nyxxisaurus

Editors note Nyxxisaurus

WELCOME to Issue number 66 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

The Buzz is proud to present, yet again, a rather large and informative issue this week, jam-packed with a chock-full of information regarding events happening this past week. Articles include State Don Interviews, a Tale of the Mystery Lag, The Attack on the Order, and the Crew of the Week; as well as a ton of other articles for you to sink in and read about!

Help Desk Operator, Kayasaurus, was helpful enough to make version 3 of The Bootlegger's Buzz Poll two weeks ago and so far, we have 180 total votes in! But we want more! Since Kayasaurus is on a little vacation and unable to make her results and a new poll, we are going to let this one go on for ANOTHER week before another one is created and published for next issue. Can we reach 200?! Tell your friends and crew mates to take part and make sure you do as well!

"The Underground Crew Review" is another article in this issue. We took "The Gambino Family" and put them to the ultimate test. What really do their members think about the crew, its members and council? Find out by reading the article!

As always, we have our "Behind the Name." Featuring three players this week, the "Behind the Name" is a random choosing of players, so do not Bootmail me, Nyxxie, asking to be a "victim" or "next featured player on the Behind the Name." Your time will come eventually.

We are going to be holding our second annual Buzz Easter Egg Hunt on March 30th, 2008. This week we are letting the Bootleggers Bunny talk to you again to let you all know what is up so far. As promised, we have all the details you need (INCLUDING PRIZES INVOLVED) for the big competition! So read that article to find out how much the prizes are, and what exactly you need to do for next week!

We are, as always, looking for writers. Even more now that most of mine are being kidnapped by their teachers with excessive homework (ew!) and tests (ew!). So if you have what it takes to become a writer, feel free to read the article below titled "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum." Please send a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event to our email address at and I will personally look into it within two weeks. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Make sure to include your current Bootleggers' name. If you are dead by the time we contact you, we will do it via the e-mail you used to contact us, so keep checking on that as well!

Happy Gaming, Happy Easter and Enjoy the Read!

State Don Interviews MikaVerLeth

A new week, new State Dons and new answers!

Read the entire article...

Obscurity -- Out of the Woodwork MrHanky

This underground crew strikes once more, this time, doing their dirty work for themselves...

Read the entire article...

Tale of the Mystery Lag Nyxxisaurus

We too have been suffering from the lag and we wanted to know why. It's time to investigate!

Read the entire article...

The Order, Attacked! JDWv5

State Don goes postal! Killing 40 Boss+ players, leaving The Order rather weak.

Read the entire article...

The Undercover Crew Review Nyxxisaurus

Our first victim: The Gambino Family.

Read the entire article...

A Year Back Nyxxisaurus

Looking one year back, this time last year.

Read the entire article...

It's Egg Huntin' Time! Nyxxisaurus

Full information regarding next Sunday's fantastic Buzz Easter Hunt competition!

Read the entire article...

Crew Of The Week - The Deadly Alliance MrHanky

Time for a peek where Flawless Victory reigns...

Read the entire article...

A Update! Nyxxisaurus

An update to our bullet-winning vote!

Read the entire article...

Cavu's Column CavudogIII

An experimental opinionated/controversial column brought to you by Cavu(dogIII).

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team Nyxxisaurus

The team here at the Buzz.

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name Nyxxisaurus

A new week and three NEW victims!

Read the entire article...

Obituaries Succurro

Fallen players in the era starting 3.16.2008 and ending 3.23.2008

Read the entire article...

Freelance Articles Nyxxisaurus

Ultimate Scum Hunt Hippy

The OTF was decorated with some lively stickies this week, one of which was Annihilation's "Inactive Scum Hunt."

Read the entire article...

Legiment Crews Impossible? Deduction

With some many crews coming and going, can a Crew actually stay on the stats for longer than a week? So many crew's on the stats every other day, makes you think, do we need more spots?

Read the entire article...

Winter Hill Gang in the Spotlight Again. Hippy

Only after two days of Statistic Crew-dom, Winter Hill Gang was insided by who they thought was their very own.

Read the entire article...

The Forgotten Underground Crew Razure

Many have known this once successful underground crew. Only few know what happened when they disappeared.

Read the entire article...

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