Sunday, April 19th, 2009
Issue: 122   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue number 122 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Time seems to fly by as yet another week has passed, and the large Buzz team has done its very best to bring you an action filled Bootleggers Buzz once again. This week we have our action articles as well as some weekly segments and even some Freelance Articles for you to read. Despite our large team, we are of course still looking for new writers, though we will be more strict in who we hire for now.

Then, on to our main agenda, the Buzz itself. This week we saw a return of a few higher ranks as the State Don spots started to get filled again. With only a very small amount of State Dons previous week, we at the Buzz were glad to see the spots getting filled again at the start of this week, for the rank of State- and Nation Don has caused action in the past, and of course we are hoping for that now as well. However, we are still waiting for the State Don that will receive the invite that will make his or her profile turn from silver into gold, who the new Nation Don will be remains a secret for now.

Furthermore, the week saw a bloody day as The Syndicate awoke from its hibernation only to target Eternal Labyrinth. Despite the aggressive and merciless spree that left no survivors, Eternal Labyrinth was quick to return. It was decided, however, that the crew wasn't strong enough and thus the spot was sold to a crew of the old days, Virtual Reality. Alongside Virtual Reality, we also welcomed Maranzano Camorra and Chaos Soldiers to the statistics this week, although we were very quick to say goodbye to the last one as they were taken over and sold to the earlier wiped Eternal Labyrinth.

On top of that, Perpetual Elysium is under attack as this Editors Note is being written, but due to time shortage the Buzz will have to let this event go by for now and will give you all the ins and outs in next week's issue.

Of course we have our Weekly Segments 'A Year Back' and 'The Weekly Flash' for you to read, whilst 'Behind the Name' is still being revised and 'Telling It Like It Is' has absent in this issue as well. Moreover, we also have two Freelance Articles for you to enjoy. Keep sending those in, because we as Buzz team just love to read them.

Last but not least: Prize winners! I'm sure most of you will remember the Easter competition Nyxxie hosted previous week. She has been kind enough to pass me a list of the winners so that I can put them up here. All winners are to contact Nyxxie whilst she is online in order to claim their prize and arrange an Escrow for the points. If you have died and are a winner then please contact Nyxxie with your new account and mention your old account name so that she can cross check your accounts to verify you. Now without further ado, the winners:

PepperImp: First Prize Winner (Found Egg on: NyxxieV2)
Mikamon: Second Prize Winner (Found Egg on: EasterBunny)
Edexcel: Third Prize Winner (Found Egg on: April)
40OxSamurai: Fourth Prize Winner (Found Egg on: TheBootleggersBuzz)
USASLYER: Fifth Prize Winner (Found Egg on: News)

A sincere congratulations to the winners from the entire Buzz team. Hopefully you will enjoy your prize!

This would be all for this week, hopefully you will enjoy the read and will be waiting for next week's issue. For now, have fun with reading, take care and stay safe.

The Syndicate vs. Eternal Labyrinth TheDadMan

The Syndicate. Chances are you will have heard of them if you have been around since before this reset, or the early stages of this round. Like a mythical creature, this crew seems to appear, conduct its business and then disappear again. What we at the Buzz should mention is that crew’s business is killing, and for The Syndicate, business has been good this week.

Read the entire article...

Virtual Reality Returns! IAmAldarion

After having been away for about a year, Virtual Reality made its comeback this week, when the bosses bought the spot that was owned by Eternal Labyrinth.

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New Crew: Chaos Soldiers, but not for long! PerseveranceV2

With crews coming and going from the stats all week, the surprise factor may even of evaporated as Chaos Soldiers hit the stats. This however was not a normal coming to the stats as the crew had already been established for a short while as World Domination. The change of name prompted an article as we wondered what this meant for the crew.

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New Crew: Maranzano Camorra PerseveranceV2

The Buzz has seen a lot of activity on the statistics page this week. This included the sudden sale of the crew Green Street Elite, to underboss of the Vanguard and now boss of new crew Maranzano Camorra, Bonzo.

Read the entire article...

New Louisiana Ruler IAmAldarion

After last week’s spree, we kicked off this week with just two State Dons. This week, we witnessed several people accepting the invite to become State Don. One of them was ideadguns, who promoted to State Don of Louisiana. The Bootleggers Buzz contacted him shortly after his promotion, to ask him about his feelings.

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

This week's events in a nutshell!

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Chaos Soldiers Insided! Mikamon

In the same week that they appeared, Chaos Soldiers was taken off the stats by none other than WhosYourDaddy. The Buzz caught up with a number of players, involved and affected by the insiding, to see their reaction and plans.

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The Crown of New Jersey zTarquiNz

After the latest wipe of State- and Nation Dons alike, the positions have nearly been refilled. Latest addition to the ranks was xStash, new New Jersey State Don. The Buzz caught up with him to see how he came to his new position of power.

Read the entire article...

State Don: What is the Point? zTarquiNz

After the recent wipe of all State and Nation Dons, many questions have been sparked over the cause for people ranking to State and Nation Don, and whether or not it is a complete waste of time. The Buzz caught up with a number of State and Nation Dons, new and old, to get there opinion on the matter.

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Eternal Labyrinth – Gone and Back Again Mikamon

Only a couple of days after selling its own spot to Virtual Reality, Eternaly Labyrinth made its return by buying the taken over Chaos Soldiers crewspot. By doing so, the crew has defied the opinion that it would be gone for a while and has shown Bootleggers that they are never gone for long, as the blue of Eternal Labyrinth is on the statistics once again.

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Rani-Illinois new State Don ABVQv2

Yes, that is right, you’ve guessed it, we have a new Illinois State Don, Rani. Last Sunday, we saw him appear on the states page. We at the Buzz got in touch with him and asked him many questions about being a State Don!

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A Year Back Nyxxie

The status of the game this time last year!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Buzz Editors:

Head Buzz Writer:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles Mikamon

Eternal Labyrinth Wipe Out By The Syndicate 4MoreThisTime

it Was late At night Here in Jordan While me and friends were playing Bootleggers .. We heard Some shootings from outside. So we went out and checked What was happening !!! My Friend Saw KingdomCome Start The shooting at the first Crew member of EL So we didn't know what was happening As i contacted KingdomCome ASking him what are you doing :: he Answered Me truthfully We are going to wipe out EL The old Skool Way .

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Pirate Treason Meeeeyyyyhuuuhhh

It was a dark stormy night, rain lashing down, waves crashing against the ship as it bobbed around in the sea. Voices, the sound of a gunshot and a splash were heard. A sudden crack of thunder lit up the scene, the face of the person on the ship was visible. DrSyrrist was holding his still smoking musket as the body fell from the plank and hit the water. As the waves rolled towards me I saw the body, it was SexyTyzzan and he had been brutally murdered by his own crew. Was this an act of treason he was killed for? I decided to head to port to ask around, to uncover the truth.

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