Sunday, December 16th, 2007
Issue: 53   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Editors note Nyxxiekins

Welcome to issue number 53 of the Bootleggers Buzz. Not much has happened this week, we're assuming as everyone has become engulfed in the Holiday spirit and feel it too mean to kill anyone this time of year (we resent that!) So alas, another week full of our filler articles.

We did see some changes to the game, however, this week. The Help Desk has gone through a bit of a coding face-lift as the days have passed. Thanks to Dr.Sabin and Dr.BSF2000, the face-lift was a success-- aside from a few minor complications. Adding to the changes, is the new color background to the TOS page. This change is to allow easier reading, just incase anyone used that as their excuse in appeals!

Also, only noticiable by HDOs, DJs and Buzz staff, upon dying and registering via your 'dead.php' page, the person will be automatically added to their respected position. This allows HDOs to automatically be added to the Help Desk, writers automatically added to the Buzz writer list and give the ability for DJs to automatically re-join the team after their death. Thanks Sabin and BSF2000!

As always, we have our Behind the Name. I am still trying to figure out how to change our two other weekly articles such as the "Buzz Soundoff" and "Weekly Tidbits" to bring into the New Year. So look for a big change starting sometime on the start of 2008. If you have your own ideas on how we can add to either of these weekly articles, please bootmail Nyxxie (Nyxxiekins).

If you wish to be a buzz writer and think you have the experience and skills necessary (minding your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of article), please send your article sample to me through our email address, Please be patient as we look over them once very two weeks. Also, read the "Ticket to the Buzz Forum" article in issue 25 for a crash course on how to be the best writer you can possibly be!

Thank you for reading and enjoy

A Little Nip/Tuck for the Help Desk LadySylv

A little nip here, a tuck here and the Help Desk receives a new face lift!

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A Bootleggers' Christmas Wish LadySylv

What did some Bootleggers' players wish for this Christmas?

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Behind the Name Nyxxiekins

New week and THREE new victims. Could you be next?

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Buzz Contest Continued Nyxxiekins

Read more to find out how you can win a whopping $5,000,000 courtesy of the Bootleggers Buzz!

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Shooting range glitch MikaVerLeth

A little shooting range problem. Staying in the shooting range longer then you intended? No way!

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Casino Rush CharlesLuciano

The pumping adrenaline rush while playing or holding a Casino, for some, is what keeps them going on this game.

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Buzz Holiday Tree! Nyxxiekins

You still have another WEEK to get in your ornaments if you haven't sent two of yours already! Get to it! The tree is getting mighty full!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxiekins

Our current team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles Nyxxiekins

Mentors for Bootleggers ARTemiss

Here's an idea, a Mentor program for those new to playing!

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How MSN ruined Bootleggers bubbabubba

Mr.Bubbabubba's controversial article last week encouraged him to write another article this week!

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Bootleggers has changed...I HATE IT. JakeR

Scum, first day joined, no friends, nothing. A topic in the game forum: help plz. First reply: F OFF!

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Bootleggers Marry┬┤d? TheSoulKiller

Bootleggers Marriage, isn't what it used to be or tries to be what it never will be?

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