Sunday, April 26th, 2009
Issue: 123   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue number 123 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

The end of the month is coming closer, and as May is only a couple of days away, we bring you the latest issue of Bootleggers' very own newspaper. The coming months are those that are usually marked by exams, and therefor it is not a surprise that some of our writers are already being sucked into the dark cycle of revising for those exams in order for them to get the best possible result. However, because of that we see our large team shrink a little bit and sadly cannot bring you the large variaty of articles that we used to. We just just hope all the exams go well and that everyone who needs to make them this year passes with flying colors.

As always, this week has seen its share of action, however, as said our writers are occupied and thus we want to appologize for this somewhat smaller issue. Despite the absence of some writers, the team still did its very best to write interesting articles on recent events. As always we covered the State Don promotions and also bring you a report on the attack on Perpetual Elysium and the re-appearance of The Notorious Gangsters as a result of that. Furthermore we offer you an insight in another Bootleggers crew, Event Horizon, as well as a little peak into the world of Bootleggers' very own Administrators.

Of course the attack on Gentlemen of Fortune, organized by Club Boogie and The Clericuzio, has not escaped our attention, however as the Buzz was unable to find any sources that could give us information about this event from the side of The Clericuzio, we were forced to postphone this article to next week. Furtermore the Buzz was unable to report on a small spree by a Resistance shooter, who took the in-game money down a bit further, and the small attack of a State Don who targeted Eternal Labyrinth. Apologies for this are definetly in order and are hereby given.

Our weekly articles 'A Year Back' and 'The Weekly Flash' are there again as always, and altough we do not have a clear date for you we do hope to bring back 'Behind the Name' soon as the team understands this was a popular segment. Due to our large team there has been decided to stop our active search for writers. Of course, those who wish to become a writer may still submit an application article and these will still be reviewed, however unless we feel you have an exceptional talent, all applicants will receive a reply on their application when we have a new need for writers.
Despite our current halt on the look for new writers, we would like to encourage everyone to write freelance articles. They do not have to meet the criteria of applicant articles and can cover virtually every Bootleggers related subject. Writing a Freelance Article is perfect if you want to share your opinion about a recent event with everyone, or if you just want to write a funny, smart or informative article. The possibilties are endless, so please do not feel discouraged to send one in.

This concludes the Editors Note for this week, to all of you who are revising for their exams or will do so in the near future: Good luck! As always, enjoy the read, stay safe and see you all next week!

Total Wipeout IAmAldarion

In the very beginning of this week, even before the release of the previous issue of the Bootleggers Buzz, Perpetual Elysium was wiped by Gentlemen of Fortune. The Buzz had contact with both crews, to investigate this spree.

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Colorado Receives a new State Don OvermindEV2

In today’s issue of the Buzz, we saw another State Don stand up. After a total Organized Crimes of 294, we welcome MarcoPoloV2 as our newest Colorado State Don. The Buzz caught up with him, to ask him a few questions regarding his new promotion.

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The Crown of Pennsylvania zTarquiNz

Since the wipe of State- and Nation Dons, three whole weeks ago, the hierarchy is still recuperating. The latest to join the ranks was EndZonev2. The Buzz caught up with him to catch his reaction to his new position.

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A look Into Upper Management metaphysical

He is almost celebrating his three years of being an Administrator anniversary, Sabin still enjoys being at Bootleggers.

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A Year Back Mikamon

The status of the game this time last year!

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The Notorious Gangsters, Once Again! Mikamon

With the wipe of Perpetual Elysium complete, there was once again a spot for sale on the statistics after the dropped spot was picked up by London and a couple of members of Gentlemen of Fortune. This is not the first time TNG has returned to the statistics...

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A New York State Don Mikamon

With the State Don spots filling up, it was only a matter of time before New York would greet its new ruler. NationOfDomination was the Legendary Don who decided to select New York as his state when he received the famous and much yearned red invite.

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Behind Closed Doors: Event Horizon ABVQv2

Being one of the most popular crews on Bootleggers can be a hard job, well seemingly, but not for BellaBetty who says she is enjoying every minute of it! The Buzz decided to get in touch with Event Horizon members and council.

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

Check out what happened on Bootleggers this week, all events can be found in this article.

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our Buzz Team that brings you the Buzz, week after week.

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