Sunday, June 24th, 2007
Issue: 29   Editor: MsNyxxie

Editors note MsNyxxie

Welcome to the 29th issue of the Buzz. We have come a long way and have seen the good and the bad side of Bootleggers and the players here! It`s been a busy week here on Bootleggers and the Game Forum has been filled with RIP thread after RIP thread as we say our peace to our fallen friends, crew mates, lovers and even enemies. I have to say, I haven`t seen the Game Forum like that in a while. Many love the site of a Game Forum when it`s like that as it means activity in the game, others, who despise dying, see it as an opportunity to run quick to hibernate in fear of losing their accounts. On behalf of the Buzz, Rest in Peace to all those who have fallen in the mist of crew wars and settling of disputes against enemies.

The Buzz this week has, as usual, it`s weekly articles, such as the ``Behind the Name`` and ``Bootleggers Sound Off.`` Both are, to our surprise, very popular and will continue to be as long as we have players who state their opinions and are looking to make a name for themselves usuing the ``Behind the Name.`` This will also serve as a reminder that the ``Behind the Name`` is a random choosing of three people, by MsNyxxie. Sending boot mails to MsNyxxie, will not up your chances of becoming part of the next week`s issue.

We also are discussing, of course, the events of this week. This includes the downfall of Mobb Figaz and other crews as well as the sell and purchase of EvolutioN. With only ten spots, a crew spot itself is probably the most sought after thing in this game as a spot equals power and strenghth, but how much power and strength are determined when tested. We are also discussing the new awesome ``prize`` the best of the best Freelance Articles get at the end of the week.

After the publish of this week`s Buzz, Air and I are both going to look over the loads of Buzz Applications we have gotten. We are promising to get through them all by the middle of this week and hope that we pick some great writers out of the few as we are lacking in writers.

A big thank you is in order for Contact who donated one million dollars to the Buzz this week. Thank you! Remember, you too can donate to the Buzz by going to the bottom of this page, pressing ``Submit A Freelance Article/Advertisement,`` and putting your name in the title, the word ``donation`` in the body and clicking the box that says ``This is an Advertisement.``

Freelance articles are what we strive for in the Buzz. We want you, the reader, to be able to have a place to rant and state opinions in an intellectual and mature manner. Have an opinion on something game-related? Dislike a new feature or are happy with the new staff? State so! It is FREE to submit your articles. All you have to do is scroll down this page and click ``Submit a Freelance Article.`` Remember to include a title as title-less articles do not make it to our database of articles and all your work will remain lost in the web-world for eternity. Sound scary? Then make sure your title your work!

If you wish to become a writer for the BL Buzz then please send in a sample article to keeping in mind your spelling, grammar, punctuation and your choice of topic. Also, please read the article ``Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum`` in Issue#10 for more helpful tips on how to become a writer. If you have already, please give Air and I one to two weeks to get back to you!

Going For The Gold JustDrew

Within 24 hours of shooting two members of Most Wanted, Revelation was no longer on the Stats Page.

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When Takeovers Go Bad JustDrew

Members of an underground crew went after the The Spartan Warriors, watched the plan backfire, and still got their spot.

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Behind the Name MsNyxxie

New week means three new victims!
Can you be Next?

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Our Readers! MsNyxxie

The Buzz is grateful for it's readers and this is exactly how we will show our appreciation!

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Bootleggers Sound Off MsNyxxie

Sound off your opinion about this week's Sound Off debate! Look for a GF thread to post your opinions!

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EvolutioN sold and bought by...? Arda

Jordan decided to semi-retire and sold EvolutioN but to which crew did he actually sell the spot?

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Federal Bank Air

A warning in the Game Forum and millions possibly lost, we see an old bug from last round appear again.

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Points Page Air

Updated! A new look with a new style, but what exactly does this new look offer us?

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Battle of the Sexes MsNyxxie

When it comes to our gender, is one-one step up the other? We look at Staff, State Dons, and the Exploiters and Spammers!

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Paid Freelance Articles?! MsNyxxie

Get paid for your hard work to the Buzz. That can't be a bad thing, can it?

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