Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
Issue: 114   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue number 114 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Another Sunday has arrived, which means it's time for another issue of the Bootleggers Buzz! As always, we have covered all major events of the past week so those of you who missed it can read about them and find out and those who witnessed them can sit back and relive them. The Buzz has a lot in store for you today, from weekly segments and reports on all the action to a Freelance Article competition in which we will be giving away a total of $500,000,000.

Bootleggers has seen quite a lot of action this week as the crewspot owned by Ice came under heavy attack. Although the crew managed to be the first to found a new crew after their spot dropped, they couldn't hold it for long and were replaced by Winter Hill Gang. Several Notoriously Rich players met their end this week, as Resistance surfaced again and did a small spree to remove money from the game.

More news from the land of crews as three new ones came to the statistics this week. The Black Death, Save The Whales and The Empire found their way to the grand stats page and prove that the addition of five extra spots doesn't have to mean less action or changes.

This week also knew a new Nation Don, who kindly answered some questions for a Buzz interview. Alongside this interview are the interviews our writers did with several other State Dons, allowing you to get to know these players a bit better so you know what you're dealing with whenever you see them on the forums or States page.

The Buzz was sad to say goodbye to the two creators of Both JuanFran (JayEff) and Joris (FirstLieutenantJoris) decided that it was time for them to leave the Help Desk and become regular players after a long time as Help Desk Operator. The Buzz would like to wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Now, in the beginning of this note I mentioned a contest. This week, the Buzz will be hosting a Freelance Article contest. There will be four prizes to be given away and the total amount of prize money is $500,000,000. In order to find out more about this contest and to see how you can join you can read the contest article that has been published in this issue.

Al always, this issue is featuring the weekly segments you are used to see in each and every Buzz. We have 'Behind the Name', 'Telling It Like It Is', 'A Year Back' and 'The Weekly Flash' all lined up and ready for you to enjoy.

We seem to be repeating ourselves each and every issue, but we still welcome new writers with open arms. If you love to write and like to get to the bottom of things that happen on Bootleggers than you might be interested in becoming a Buzz writer. Please read the re-printed version of "So You Think You Can Write?" in issue 97 for more information. Submit a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event via selecting Application in the "Send a" located on the bottom of each Buzz and pay attention to your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Your articles will be reviewed as quickly as possible but please have patience, we won't forget about you.

As you've read, the Buzz is really jam packed this week and the Buzz Team sincerely hopes you will enjoy this week's read. Feel free to rate and comment all articles as our writers appreciate constructive criticism and general tips so they can keep improving.

So again, enjoy the read and best of luck to those who choose to join in on our contest.
Take care and stay safe. Till next week!

Ice's Spot Seized by Winter Hill Gang iSmurf

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Buzz congratulated Ice on their new crew spot. Now, however, it seems this spot was in popular demand as it switched hands twice in only a day.

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The Black Death arrives! iSmurf

The Black Death has arrived onto the stats in honour of The Plague, which was originally founded by LexinTheNipple, otherwise known as Lexin.

Read the entire article...

A Devil Spawned as Nation Don Mikamon

As our previous Nation Don, wasmand, died, Bootleggers was left to wait for one of other State Dons to leave their newly acquired State Don spot empty and trade it for one of the most wanted ranks in the game.

Read the entire article...

A Goodbye to Two HDOs Mikamon

During the week, Bootleggers was left to say goodbye to two of their Help Desk Operators. Both JayEff and FirstLieutenantJoris decided the time had come to tell their yellow lifes goodbye.

Read the entire article...

New State Don: NaturalBornKiller OvermindEV2

In the early beginning of this week, we welcomed NaturalBornKiller as our new California State Don. We caught up with him, and he was willing to give us some answers.

Read the entire article...

So You Think You Can Write? Mikamon

Do you? Tips that might help you win the article contest the Buzz is organizing this week. Read it! After all, it might help you winning a couple of millions.

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Reviewers Get Time To Shine MisterSquidee

On Tuesday the 17th of February, a little addition was added to the home page of Bootleggers. This addition is called Reviews!

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Telling It Like It Is... BrickTamland

LW talks about various issues and events with his own personal touch...

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A Year Back Mikamon

Check out what kept the game busy this time last year!

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Resistance Kills the Rich! JDv1

It was a rather busy weekend for one Resistance shooter, named Abigal, who shot those of high wealth, apparently, destroying $14 billion in the process.

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Welcome Save The Wales! IAmAldarion

In the beginning of this week, Save The Wales appeared on the statistics. As you probably know, they were on the stats before, when they merged with another crew to form The Constitution.

Read the entire article...

New Emoticons Added to Bootleggers IAmAldarion

This week, all players were in for quite a surprise. Thirteen new emoticons were added to the game. As the Elite Guard didn’t give away any of the codes, the players had to find them all themselves.

Read the entire article...

The Empire Returns. IAmAldarion

Last Saturday, The Empire returned. The Black Out sold their crewspot and therefore leaving surprisingly quick, as they only just returned this week.

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Buzz Freelance Competition Mikamon

The Buzz will be giving away a total of $500,000,000 to let you discover the joy of writing while joining in on our Freelance Article Competition. Info on the prices and how to join are in the article.

Read the entire article...

New Jersey State Don: GreindurVanviti iSmurf

Bootleggers saw the rise of yet another State Don, this time it was New Jersey that had its blank heading replaced with GreindurVanviti. His first words to the Buzz...

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Behind the Name Mikamon

Another issue and of course a new Behind the Name. This time thanks to parmo, DeadAngel and SlasherV4!

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

The main events of this Bootleggers week in a nutshell!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our little family here at the Buzz.

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