Sunday, February 11th, 2007
Issue: 10   Editor: iAir

Editors note iAir

A big one this week with it being down to every writer searching for something to write on. Be sure to view next week's Issue where we conduct the Elite Guard Interview with Sabin. Wish to send in a question for him to answer? Send a question to and be sure to leave your account name - failure to do so will see your question not reach publication.

This week we cover an in-depth look into how you can become a writer, the resignation of a Moderator, crew issues, casino's and other topics of interest. And of course our freelance articles for this week.

We also start a new way of getting the public more involved within the Buzz as we now have a Behind The Name weekly article.

We have 3 new writers on the team this week, so be sure to check out the Buzz Team article for a list of who is on the team.

Harlem, Over and Out TheSnake

A random shock to the playing public as one of our staff members resigned from the Elite Guard position. What will he do now?

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Talking the Talk Broken

People threat and claim they will act on it, yet all we see is words - there are only a few exceptions, so why do people lie?

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To Buy Or Not To Buy - It's No Longer The Question LadyinGray

Buying a casino: 700+ points. Buying a Bullet Factory: 1000's of points. Buying bullets: $30+. Buying a crew: priceless.

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Moved or Removed? Rile

With the latest coding of the forum’s introduced in the past few months, it introduced a new bug. Here’s a way to erase the bug, without the help of the Administrators.

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Behind the Name NyxxieV4

Learn more behind the names of three normal Bootleggers players than just their rank and wealth status.

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L.O.V.E NyxxieV4

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie – that’s amore. When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine – that’s amore. When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet – you’re in love!

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Casino: a fraction of fame iAir

I quote: “I say RIP to the casinos. Not the same as they used to be. 90% of casino owners own their casinos just to show their name is under the casino.” It’s a shame to believe it is true.

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Newbie Vs. Noob mrpelli

There are so many ways to determine a new player from someone just trying to annoy you - so it's time to look at good, in-depth knowledge of how to spread them apart.

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Bootleggers Heroes Broken

What makes a player great? There are so many great players but yet there are so many different views on what makes a player great, so how can we tell?

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Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum NyxxieV4

The Bootleggers Buzz: whoa! Many people forget about what you should really be focusing on when applying to become a writer, so let's take a real in-depth look into how you can become one.

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Did You Know? NyxxieV4

There is so much you don't know about the moderators of Bootleggers! And we'd continue being so naive if it wasn't for them. Thanks boys!

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Buzz Team iAir

Our current team here at the Buzz - 3 new writers have been hired this week.

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Happy Birthday--The Plague! TheSnake

Two years now since Lexin's crew, The Plague was started. Congratulations guys!

The Plague: 11-Feb-05 to Present day.

Freelance Articles iAir

Below are our freelance articles for this week.

Change of Color iAir

Another view/perspective to look at on the resignation on a Moderator of Bootleggers. Some questions that pose unanswered reviews.

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English-Arabian Translation xxxcrazyjossxxx

A different kind of translation this week - appreciate the different languages that are spread around Bootleggers' players.

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The Use And Misuse Of The Off Topic Forum YellowCloud

So many people do it but why? The majority would claim it is for attention.

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Casino's: bought, won and hacked for Redgie999

Are casino's under threat of being hacked for? Usually it was a matter of winning them fairly but not all the time.

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Best Of The Best Casino Tactics nightfighterv3

A large list of various Gambling Strategies.

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What To Do With No Life Trapped

A random list of random things.

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